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Published on June 29th, 2016 | by William Charles


How To Remove Authorized User Accounts From Your Credit Report

Given that Chase counts credit/charge cards that your an authorized user of when determining if their 5/24 rule applies to you, I thought it would be helpful to look at removing these accounts from your credit report (DEM Flyers has tackled this before, but not all card issuers were accounted for). Obviously this isn’t necessary if you’re never added as an authorized user, but increasingly card issuers are offering increased bonuses for adding an authorized user so chances are you’ve been in this situation before.

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Before getting started you should first make sure that the authorized user account has been closed (no need to close the primary account, just the authorized user account), as it’s usually not possible to get it removed when it’s still open.

Ways To Remove Authorized User Accounts

To get started it’s important to know that there are two ways to get authorized user accounts removed from your report:

  • Request that the card issuer removes them (normally has to be done by the primary account holder)
  • Request that the credit bureau (e.g TransUnion, Equifax or Experian) removes them

In general it’s going to be much easier to to ask the card issuer to remove the account from a credit report first. This is because if they say yes then they will automatically contact all three credit bureaus and ask them to remove the account. If you contact the credit bureaus, you’ll need to make sure all three remove the account otherwise it might still show on some of your credit reports.

Specific Card Issuers

American Express

American Express is definitely the most difficult card issuer to get authorized users removed from credit reports. Using the chat function simply does not work and calling doesn’t have a much better success rate either, often they will tell you that this cannot be done due to legal reasons. I’m unaware of any law that prevents them from doing this and some represenatives will process it for you, so it seems to be a case of hanging up and calling again (positive data points: 1, 2)

The other option is a dispute with the credit bureau and that has limited success as well:

Bank of America

Calling Bank of America will work but the authorized user account needs to be closed before they will remove it (1). The Credit Karma dispute feature will also work for at least TransUnion according to this data point (1). Authorized user can call in as well and it will automatically drop off within 30 days: 1.


The authorized user account needs to be closed for thirty days before Barclaycard will consider removing it from your credit report. Once this time period is over, you should be able to just send a message requesting the card be removed from your credit reports. This message should come from the authorized user and not the primary account holder (only the authorized user account needs to have been closed for thirty days). Barclaycard state that this will be done when the next statement closes.

Capital One

Authorized user can removed themselves in the online portal. The account falls off your report within 30 days of doing so.


Removing an authorized user account with Chase couldn’t be easier (probably because they don’t even require a SSN for these accounts). All you need to do is send them a secured message and ask for the account to be removed. The message should be sent by the authorized user that wants the account removed from their credit report and not the primary cardholder. If the authorized user doesn’t have an account with Chase it should be sent via the primary account holder.


Citi will also remove authorized user accounts from credit reports if it’s requested, although only phone requests will be processed. Again this request should be initiated by the authorized user account holder and the account must be closed first. Citi states that your credit report should be updated within 30 – 90 days.


Update: Readers are reporting that Discover is refusing to do this now.

Discover allows you to get authorized user accounts removed from your credit report by sending them a secured message. For some reason sometimes this is done incorrectly and it’ll show as ‘Closed – Terminated’ on your credit report. Sending them another message should get this fixed.


Removing an authorized user account with Synchrony is very easy via secured message.

U.S. Bank

No idea, share experiences in the comments.

Wells Fargo

No idea, share the experiences in the comments.

Removal Via Credit Bureaus




Easily done through Credit Karma, using their direct dispute feature:

  • Pull up your list of accounts
  • Under each account there is a link to dispute that account
  • Click this link
  • Click “Ownership – I am no longer liable for this account” as your dispute reason




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DoC – I removed a Citi AAdvantage Platinum AU from my account via SM (phone not necessary), received SM confirmation and a PDF letter confirming. Haven’t checked to see whether EX has actually removed the AU; I plan to wait another few weeks and dispute with EX if necessary with the letter as proof.

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cristina buck

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Data point: I did this a few months ago for my DW through experian. Caused it to drop off them all. But her score was dinged harder than expected.

So if you don’t have chase card anymore how can you sm them for removal? Call is the only option I think.

I did this with all our chase accounts. I was required to send in a letter in writing to chase. They sent me the template. First I had them remove my husband as user from my 5 accounts. Then I had to,print off form letter they emailed to me and include the account numbers. I mailed that in a few weeks ago to the address they gave me. They said the letter was required to get them to request removal from credit report.

Not sure that I want to be dropped as AU because TransUnion and Experian with dormant AU accounts has available credit total higher resulting insignificant lower utilization rate than Equifax.
A couple of AU accounts have been closed a couple of years now. Primary card holder deceased .. accounts paid in full prior to death.
Result was lower total available credit on Equifax. Those closed accounts are still reporting on TransUnion and Experian.
My only actions were with the card issuers to close the accounts of the deceased. No action with credit bureaus.

This would’ve been great a month ago. Getting my wife ready for a Chase binge recently. Removed 5 AU CCs on her account the past few weeks. It usually only takes a week or less. Experian is the biggest pain to work with, but TU and EQ are easy. Just cancel the AU on your account and then file a dispute with the Credit Reporting agencies and bam, you’re done. My wife is now 3/24 and was 8/24. I think she will be applying for business cards and Chase the rest of the year so we can get all the Chase cards once at least.

Thanks for this information, did you remove the AU accounts from TU, EQ, and EX via their respective dispute portals?

Curious if you attempted to do so via the credit card issuer directly?

Thanks for sharing

Many thanks William for the.timely post, though I’m a tad confused on a key detail or two.

Happens my wife last month via SM to Discover had me removed as authorized user — from the card…. (I had been added about this time last year, b4 the chase 5/24 stuff) Appreciate your advice now that I/she ought still request that my status as authorized user needs also to be expunged from the credit bureau record. (Am I reading you correctly that she, as the primary account holder, is to do this on my behalf?)

Above, under the discover heading, you noted:

“Discover allows you to get authorized user accounts removed from your credit report by sending them a secured message. For some reason sometimes this is done incorrectly and it’ll show as ‘Closed – Terminated’ on your credit report. Sending them another message should get this fixed.”

How do you suggest that I (the former authorized user) or the spouse (the current primary account holder) word the original request? What status am I/she requesting? Or are we requesting that the previous AU status be removed?

Again, given that I’m no longer an authorized user on the account, I’m guessing I won’t be able to transmit a SM (even though wife is fine with it)…. and so again, is the request being made by the still current primary account holder — on behalf of the former authorized user? Or is that even possible?

I removed myself from being an AU on my wife’s American Express account, and it came off my credit report, but when I removed my wife from my account, it didn’t go away, and now she just got denied for Sapphire. Annoying!

Mordechai Gubitz
Mordechai Gubitz

I actually know somebody that knows how to add several AU with History (The amount of history will depend on your age, if one is 30 years, he’ll add AU with 5-12 years history. I’m sure you know if one has a credit card with 10 years history and adds a AU the AU will get the entire 10 years history {COPY & PASTE}) And than he has a way to close the AU card and make it report on your credit report as Terminated BUT not closed, in fact it’ll be in the Open section. So if you go to Credit Karma, Experian or Equifax, and you go to the section/category of “OPEN ACCOUNTS” you’ll see all the AU accounts there even it’s really closed! (Transunion doesn’t categorize open and closed accounts, unless your using a Transunion subscription). So although this article is very useful for certain purposes, keep reading to see when it’s worth “NOT TO REMOVE THE AU” So after he had 5-7 AU on his report with 6-12 years history, although they were all CLOSED they were still reporting as Open, he applied for a Capital One personal Venture card and got a instant approval for 20k, than applied for a Capital One Business Card and again Instantly Approved for 20k. Then applied for BoA Personal and was Approved for 25k after calling in and speaking a hour with a analyst. Then applied for a BoA Business Card and got a Instant Approval for 10k. Then Applied for Citi, Barclays, Chase, PenFed, Discover and some Department stores and were all DENIED. But than Applied for Amex Blue and got an Instant Approval for 19.3k (interesting #) Then applied for US Bank Business card which was approved for 2k, he called in to have it reconsidered for 25k (be aware, NEVER ask for more than 25k on a single card with US Bank since you’ll need to send in Financials, But if you do have Financials, the sky is the limit, also be aware when you request a reconsideration for a higher limit they’ll pull another HARD INQUIRY, but from Transunion) End result he received a counteroffer for 20k from Us Bank, so from no credit he ended up with 99.3k from this trick, because all the AU account were OPEN, although by the section where is says “Responsibility, didn’t say Individual, but nor did it say… Read more »

Mordechai Gubitz
Mordechai Gubitz

Removing AU through disputing it from the Credit Bureaus Directly can have SEVERE consequences. The main one would be, perhaps you removed a Bank of America AU, and a few month or few years later you got approved for your own Bank of America credit card, it will 80% of the time not report to that credit bureau that removed it a few month or years ago. And that’s BAD!, although some like it because they don’t have to worry about there score dropping when they max out. But there’s other ways around. For starters, let it report, and after a few month get a BoA business card which wont report, and enjoy both worlds. (BTW, with BoA the business analyst are able to move from your personal credit limit to the business, but not the other way around.{A few years ago, you were able to move from business to personal} If anyone knows or had success moving from business to personal in the past year please comment).

Mordechai Gubitz
Mordechai Gubitz

If one wants to add a AU for the sole reason of getting the extra points, you can add a random name, you can give a random address, and even the creditors who ask for Social and DOD perhaps Capital One or Bank of America, it can be done when you call it. However on the original application I don’t recall any creditor allowing you to add a AU without making you fill in the Social and DoB. (Actually State Farm doesn’t ask for social and DOB for adding AU on the original application, {Interestingly it’s a card I never see anyone mentioning, Nationwide Insurance also offers Credit Cards, which you have to call in to apply} I guess this site is more about the rewards) State Farm credit cards actually has an amazing feature where if you use the cash back to pay Insurance Premium it’s double, another great feature, lets say you get approved for 30k limit which is so far their max, and you wan’t to make a big purchase, lets say 12k, you can separate that from your bill, and pay it off without interest over a certain amount of years SUBJECT TO CREDIT APPROVAL!

How is the account added to the AU if the SSN is not provided?

I meant yo say, how is the account added to the credit bureaus if the SSN for the AU is not provided.

Mordechai Gubitz
Mordechai Gubitz

2 ways. If you call in and say “I would like to add my mother, since she moved to USAa, she came from Israel, and I don’t have asocial yet, they have a way to do it on their side, I’ve done it 100 times. 2nd way is, just give any number, so lets say your social it 128-44-8156, give them 182-33-8656, that’s it. They really don’t check!!

What about removing an AU from your credit report when you are both the primary account holder as well as the name on the AU account? I recall reading reports elsewhere of people doing this successfully while keeping the AU account open, since the holder of each account is one and the same. Anyone have experience with this?

DP: My Amex additional card was closed in 2013 and without any request from my side the card was removed from Equifax and Experian. I had to request Transunion and they did it without any issues.

Just a DP – I activated my wife’s new MB Plat card over Amex chat, and then just for curiosity sake, I asked if my husband’s (me) authorized user cards could be cancelled on her other cards. The rep had no problem doing it. No need to call in or to open an inquiry with the credit agencies!

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