Posted by William Charles on November 8, 2018
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Published on November 8th, 2018 | by William Charles


RoomiPay No More – Autopayments All Stopped

Users of rent payment with a credit card service RoomiPay should have received the following e-mail:

Hey there,

I’m Alex, COO of Roomi, and am writing to let you know that we’ve gone ahead an canceled your auto-payments to RoomiPay. As a startup we’re constantly evaluating all of our products and have decided to put RoomiPay on pause for now. Thank you all for your continued support and we will let you know if/when we decide to start this up again!

Please feel free to get in touch with me directly with any questions.



Make sure you set up another payment method to pay your rent.

Hat tip to reader Denis


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haha. is anyone surprised by this? i guess it was fun while it lasted. same for many things in this game. except for TPM. that shit was unacceptable.

This is closing down a product line while TPM was the failure of a business. I’d expect this to go much smoother. In all honestly TPM didn’t seem to have too much fallout (haven’t seen any lawsuits but maybe I’m just not informed).

frank. closing down a major “product” for a small startup solely based on finding roommates is a major blow. we are not talking about Google shutting down Google+ which was a “feature”. Roomi is in trouble and is about to implode in total failure. not surprised as many startups before it have already crumbled. Roomi is going down.

as for TPM, clearly you didnt get hit with shitload of bad checks…

I don’t use it regularly but I used it 10 days ago, i haven’t received any email from them though.

Oh my. I was just doing research on this three days ago while trying to find more ways to meet MS.

good. roomi is about to disintegrate.

More reason to continue to treat Plastiq well instead of trying to minimize fees all the time totally. Let’s keep that service going!

+1: RIP to an ill-conceived startup with an unsustainable business model and viva la Plastiq!

How the plastiq is different? Same business model, isn’t it?

its a totally different company and execution. leadership team is also totally different. you dont have an idiot running the company.

VC funds are proping these businesses up. We can enjoy the ride while it lasts.

I was wondering why I was getting an error message yesterday and today.

Got a payment in on the 3rd so service went down somewhere between Nov. 4 – 7.

It was great while it lasted.


Hmm, wonder if my payment made on Nov 1 is going to be delivered before this Thanksgiving turkey of a company calls itself bankrupt . . .

Did you make an ACH transfer or send a check?

ACH – and it still isn’t there (granted it’s a banking holiday weekend)

dont pay off your bill until it does.

Update: they refunded me at my request

Refund email issued tonight for payment made on Nov. 3 so looks like they’ll be refunding any payments that were made first few days of this month.

yep just got my refund for Nov 1 payment too

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