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Published on March 13th, 2018 | by William Charles


RoomiPay: Pay Your Rent With A Credit Card, Now 3%

Update 3/13/18: They actually opened on the 13th. Not sure why they said it would be the 15th. Either way it’s always super difficult to be one of the first 50.

Update 3/13/18: Looks like they’ll be opening officially on March 15th, but it’s showing a fee of 3% which means Plastiq is cheaper. There is a promo this month where the first 50 users will get a 0% fee. Try being up at midnight on the 15th and see if you can get in on the 0% fee offer. (HT r/churning)

Update 02/21/18: They charging 2.5% and $30 shipping fee now

Update 02/13/18: Deal is back. You must use this link. Thanks to MilesTalk for providing it. Update now 2% again. Sign up for instant notifications so you don’t miss another deal again.

Update 02/13/18: Free again, won’t last goodluck! Free period has now ended, it’s now 2%.

Update 2 January 16th, 2018: Despite it saying the fee is 2.5%, only 2% is being charged.

Update January 16th, 2018: Earlier this morning the form returned with no fee. I missed that, but it’s back again with a 2.5% fee. Hat tip to Miles Talk.

Update: December 21st. Dead again even with the 2% fee. Looks like they are also restricting people to one payment.

Update December 20th: They are now accepting more payments again, this time with a 2% fee. Keep in mind that this has been coded as 3x on Citi AT&T Access More for some people so might be worth it in that regard or for meeting minimum spend requirements.

Welp, that didn’t last long:

  • Hello! Thanks for your interest in RoomiPay. This feature is still in beta so unfortunately we have already reached our maximum number of participants for this month. Please try again next month as we’ll be expanding the RoomiPay program each month! Cheers, The Roomi Team

The Offer

Direct link to offer

  • RoomiPay is offering the ability to pay your rent with a credit card with no fee.

The Fine Print

  • Rent must be paid by December 20th in order to be paid by the 1st of the month.

Our Verdict

I have no experience with Roomi at all, they seem to be a roommate listing market place that also offers the ability to pay your rent via their RoomiPay service. It looks like they are currently charging no fee when paying with a credit card and you can pay landlords not using Roomi as well. I have no idea how reliable Roomi is or how it codes. They have raised almost $17 million, so it should be relatively safe to use the service but YMMV as always. This is a path that RadPad went down as well and it didn’t end particularly well for them. Other options for paying rent with a debit or credit card can be found here (although most likely needs a significant update)

Obviously no credit card fees isn’t sustainable, so we will see how long this one lasts.

Hat tip to MilesTalk

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How do these guys verify landlords?

I might give it a try, but I’m sure this will be dead very soon…

yeah, too soon.

Was able to snag a $1000 payment. Wish I did a higher amount 🙂 Landlord has no problem of taking pre-payment and I have no problem living here for a couple more months.

Hmm, very ymmv.

Just tried to pay SO with this to pay mortgage. Lets see what happens.

People like you are the reason why these services run out of money.

Oh thanks you are here for the good of the banks i believe which is why you follow DoC which provides info on how to churn credit cards.

We found the Roomipay employee (aka former RadPad employee).

No, offering promos that are easily taken advantage of and buying unecessary tech (i.e. Oculus Rifts) are the reason these services run out of money.


Whats SO

Significant other

How did this work out?

it worked out fine i had requested bank account transfer but they did a wire transfer and got charged 15$ wire transfer fee. they reimbursed it

did it again today, no option other than check this time

Just made a $1000 payment into god knows what. They have asked for 3-5 business days.
There is no way to check for status.
I see a pending charge of $1000 on my amex and I got an email that payment was accepted and I will get another email when the payment is deposited by the landlord.
Lets see… Will update when I know more.

Update: Just got email that payment check has shipped. They also provided a tracking number. So far I’m impressed. Will update again when my apartment leasing office receives it and payment is posted to my apartment account.

I give it 3 days tops.

Looks like you were 2.9875 days too optimistic.

Plese no kill

Just made a $1000 payment into god knows what. They have asked for 3-5 business days.
There is no way to check for status.
I see a pending charge of $1000 on my amex and I got an email that payment was accepted and I will get another email when the payment is deposited by the landlord.
Lets see… Will update when I know more.

+1 did the same as you

I’m using my CSR and hoping that it codes as Travel! The charge went through a-ok instantaneously so I’m hoping that it should be fine. I’m having the check come directly to my house and then I’ll deposit to my landlord’s WF account because luckily the landlord doesn’t like dealing with paper checks at all.

Let us know if it works!

Did it code as lodging?

I’m learning more and more that a big part of churning is to drain misguided and naive startups of all their venture capital…

This would still be screwing the banks over, so it very much has a place in this game.

I run 3 businesses, and so I don’t have respect for out and out fraud.

But I often say “it’s not my job to make your business model successful.” If the business model says they’ll do it for free, expect everybody and their brother to make them do it. If you haven’t learned not to work for free by the time you raise $17MM (20 years after the first dotcom bubble), then I don’t know what to tell you.

Shooters shoot

I paid actual landlord with Marriot Biz hoping it may code as utilities. Hope it stays for a bit! Even if a fee comes up, would seem to have less restrictions for Amex for a bit.
Email and confirmation screen are a bit scarce of info though. Hoping tracking comes through soon.

Coded as COMPUTER SOFTWARE STORE on Citi AT&T Access More

Coded 3x?

Who the hell did I just allow to charge my card. lol.

If Jan is successfully cashed, all my friends and relatives are going to suddenly “move” into a lot of expensive apartments…

That’s a good question. This could all be a scam, you know…

Paid $3k on AMEX Platinum. Transaction shows pending, no cash advance alerts, no extra fees as of now.

Got the regular 3-5 business days alert. Mentioned Dec 21st as the last date, they were accepting for payments to be delivered by Jan 1st. Customer Rep mentioned the fee may change to somewhere at or near 1% sometime next year, but only after acknowledging the same with customers.

I have expensive “rent”. My $5000 charge is pending

I live in Manhattan, you’re not far off bud.

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