[Rumor] Delta SkyMiles Program Making Changes On 9/14

According to a reddit post (with a picture of an internal document regarding onsite training for Delta SkyMiles changes) Delta’s SkyMiles program will be making changes on September 14, 2023. At this stage it’s unclear what these changes will be but some other rumors include:

Feel free to share your guesses in the comments below.

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Jack (@guest_1689236)
September 8, 2023 18:45

I’m not sure why everyone is complaining about Skypesos, Delta has recently strengthen their value if you have a Delta CC. The danger here are potential downgrades to the Sky Lounge access, and requirements for loyalty status.

chris (@guest_1689268)
September 8, 2023 19:29

strengthened the value? how?

Jack (@guest_1689280)
September 8, 2023 19:54

15% discount on point redemptions.

DWT (@guest_1689316)
September 8, 2023 21:29

Which basically takes the valuation from 1 cent per mile to 1.3 cents per mile… better but nothing noteworthy

nonozone (@guest_1689324)
September 8, 2023 21:49

A constant 1.30-ish cpp redemption rate on all flight is not bad. Plus, Delta often have award sales. I just snapped 4 ATL-ICN DL One Suite tickets for less than 100k each, which is pretty sweet.

LNK (@guest_1689547)
September 9, 2023 11:29

when is your flight? I took a quick search until next Aug and the lowest for DL One suite one way is 340K

nonozone (@guest_1689794)
September 9, 2023 19:31

@LNK, The sales started around mid-night Sep 5 and last for about 3 days, for flight from ATL/DTW/SEA/MSP to ICN on selected dates in Dec/Jan/Feb.

parrothead (@guest_1689323)
September 8, 2023 21:49

Yes they give you a 15% discount after increasing prices 18% LOL

Jack (@guest_1689468)
September 9, 2023 06:11

What’s your airline doing to curb inflation?

Chad Dankbutt
Chad Dankbutt (@guest_1690154)
September 10, 2023 12:41

Just keeping point redemptions constant for the same flight is curbing inflation.

Jack (@guest_1690349)
September 10, 2023 18:51

Which airline? How long have those point redemptions been locked, and how long before they reset? Is the earning of those miles constant, or are you benefiting from inflation at the airline’s loss?

chris (@guest_1689472)
September 9, 2023 06:40

IMO, Delta is responsible for many of entire industry’s price gouging and miles devaluation behaviors.

Nobody devalues as fast as delta and increased price as fast and as much as Delta. 15% back on points on flight that used to cost 25k and now 40k, isn’t enough to redeem itself.

Jack (@guest_1689539)
September 9, 2023 11:09

My cruises are up by 50%. Food, rent, postage, and of course the other airlines, who isn’t taking orders from Delta these days?

Chad Dankbutt
Chad Dankbutt (@guest_1690153)
September 10, 2023 12:40

A discount on an arbitrary price that fluctuates based on the whims of Delta, gee whiz what a deal versus what it would have been!!!

Jack (@guest_1690993)
September 11, 2023 15:40

I think you’re missing the point. The changes are towards their lounge access and loyalty tier earnings. You believing that Delta overcharges for flights is subjective, and unrelated. What brings you to that conclusion anyways, are the planes takin off half empty?

chris (@guest_1689199)
September 8, 2023 17:22

Delta is going downhill. Operation is just so so, ATL airport is a mess, and prices are insane.

Joe (@guest_1689363)
September 9, 2023 00:02

Lol what?

Dan (@guest_1689191)
September 8, 2023 17:04


ali (@guest_1689148)
September 8, 2023 16:15

Can’t wait to see that FrequentBloaters or whatever they called themselves now, write up an angry blog post, followed by several posts, never to travel again in DAL operated flights with hidden AMEX links.

Josh (@guest_1689078)
September 8, 2023 14:54

SkyPesos will become SkyZimbabweDollars?

frogger (@guest_1689195)
September 8, 2023 17:14

Sky Rubles

Cate the MSer
Cate the MSer (@guest_1689067)
September 8, 2023 14:43

fk UUUUU Delta!!!

Wander (@guest_1689054)
September 8, 2023 14:31

Im so happy I spent up all but 15K of my sky pesos in the past 1.5 years. Down from about 350K

Derrick The Wanderboy
Derrick The Wanderboy (@guest_1689258)
September 8, 2023 19:05

thats right. All these Amex Biz and NLL Delta offers feeling good to burn sky poopoo. None of these airlines got our backs.

Baron (@guest_1689045)
September 8, 2023 14:25

In line with inflation, each qualifying level will increase by 50%. (Un)popular opinion…. thanks Joe Biden 🙂

PeteB (@guest_1689551)
September 9, 2023 11:35

I must’ve missed the part of the US Constitution that delegates the management of airline frequent flier programs to the POTUS, interesting

Another Jeff
Another Jeff (@guest_1689038)
September 8, 2023 14:11

I predict I will still not fly Delta

Matt Katakis
Matt Katakis (@guest_1689019)
September 8, 2023 13:56

As others have eluded to, how can you make bad worse?

frogger (@guest_1689197)
September 8, 2023 17:15

I used up 120k Sky Pesos for a 2 night hotel stay in Venice in a suite on the Grand Canal. So I got some use out of them. Maybe they will end the ability to use them on hotels.