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Published on October 23rd, 2018 | by William Charles


[Confirmed] Hyatt To Move To Dynamic Pricing For Points + Cash Stays & Premium Suite Upgrades Changes

Update 23/18/18: Hyatt has now confirmed these changes. Updated post to reflect this.

Hyatt is making a number of changes starting November 1st, 2018. Let’s have a look at these changes.

Points & Cash Rates

Currently the points & cash award chart is as follows:-

Under the new program the points portion will remain the same but the paid cash portion will change to 50% of the nightly standard rate for that property. In most cases this will make points + cash stays significantly more expensive than they are now. They will also be adding the ability to use cash & points for standard rooms at MGM Resorts Destinations in Las Vegas and Hyatt Residence Club resorts.

It will also be possible to redeem points for standard suites Hyatt hotels and resorts and Hyatt Residence Club resorts. The rates will be as follows:

Premium suites will also be an option, with the rates as follows:


There will also be an option to redeem points directly for premium suites:

And you can upgrade to a premium suite for 9,000 points per night:

Our Verdict

Overall I see these changes as a negative. Cash & points rates are ‘best value’ when cash rates are high, you’re going to lose the ability to get that outsized value now. It’s nice having more options for premium suites but I’m typically happy with standard rooms so won’t affect me personally but for those that like that extra luxury that’s a positive change. What are your thoughts on the new changes? Let us know in the comments below.


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Awww. Worst news for me this year

It’s not that bad. In some cases it will probably help people.

In what cases? Just name one occasion.

The ability to book suites with points is helpful for those with children (and little cash).

Hmm– I have Andaz Tokyo booked for 1 night in mid November using points (25k). I should be able to cancel that and rebook with the 12.5k + $150 instead after Nov1 then, correct?

No, that’s the current prices — the chart is the current way cash+points work.

Ah you’re right, I’m dumb. Yeah the hotel didn’t have a points + cash option available, thought it may have been a Hyatt thing not to offer it. Thanks for pointing out my error 🙂

The problem with points + cash bookings in my experience is that you still have to pay all the taxes, fees, and resort/destination charges. So very rarely are they are good deal at all. Dynamic pricing could occasionally give a better deal than the current system…but probably not.

Can you give an example or use case where dynamic pricing would be beneficial? I’m just having dificulty thinking of a scenario where it could be a boon.

If the Hyatt point system go dynamic, I will get rid of it. Point plus cash? They are screwed to begin with and no big deal.


For points rich guys, this is good news. Some properties allow you to do club level bookings with points, which I personally find great value in.

How do you get points rich? 🙂 My Method is usually spend on CFU then transfer to Hyatt at 1.5x, definitely not points rich here though.

Your transfers are 1.5x? Or are you saying the CFU earns you 1.5x URs which you then transfer points there to Hyatt?

GC to MO using your CFU from Simon or your Ink from OD


I earn faster than I can burn, so I end up going for quality over quantity. Also, having multiple currencies (Marriott Rewards, Membership Rewards, United Miles, Southwest Rapid Rewards ect) you can pick good redemption values and make your points go further while having upgraded experiences.

How do you get points rich? Signup for credit cards. A LOT of credit cards. It’s the quickest and easiest way to become points rich.

But with Hyatt for example it’s not very easy. To me “Points Rich” would be 300k+ Hyatt Points.

You get 60k for SUB, plus figure 6k to meet SUB so that’s 66k.

Add in let’s say CSP at 60k (increased SUB) and 5k to meet that SUB.

You’re now at 131k by opening 2 Chase Cards and meeting SUB.

Let’s say by some miracle you’re still under 5/24, or you did this ahead of time and are able to open a Freedom or Freedom Unlimited Card too and get a $200/$500 Spend SUB. Which I believe is paid in UR so + 20k.

You’ve now opened 3 Cards and amassed 151k Hyatt Points (this is assuming you’ve transferred them all to Hyatt). After all that work and months of spreading out these 3 new Chase Cards you’re still only halfway to being considered “Points Rich”. 😉

Not exactly an easy task IMO.

I’ve worked hard MS’d and opened several Chase Cards and I’m only about Halfway to being “Points Rich” or at least what I consider it to be.

You have explained in good detail how to become points rich. The World of Hyatt is a lonely place for only player 1. So add player 1 and player 2 together and there’s your 300k points. If my wife and I did nothing more than each 5x category spend quarterly on Freedom, that’s another 60k Hyatt per year. 30k per Freedom per year.

That’s true, but adding those 3 cards to two profiles within a year isn’t exactly easy especially as 2 of them are 5/24 cards 🙂

You make it sound easy …. teach me sensei

The other alternative being what I did: get shutdown by Chase on your 11-month mark, and move all your URs to Hyatt. Quick 350k.

since a large majority in this game consider hyatt and their redemption reward chart ultra valuable, this deval creep should be a major concern to all. not surprised though. everybody knows this is a race to zero.

airlines have been dynamic for awhile now. next will be all hotels.

If Hyatt deletes the fixed charts and goes dynamic for all redemptions, then I’ll likely leave Hyatt (and probably UR as well) and just focus on Amex points. It will be a future where we book airlines at end of calendar and then paid hotels at the last minute!

I agree. If they get rid of fixed points chart I’m done with them

You do understand that the dynamic pricing if for points and cash stays only right ? Stays paid in full with points would be unaffected.

this is why its called deval creep. u dont see it because ur only looking at the full pt award chart. but u should look beyond today and think about tomorrow.

Oh pooh, I had a feeling this was coming after those aquisitions. You want more hotels, the money has to come from somewhere….. I’ve used this option from time to time but not enough for this to REALLY upset me but it worries me about the rest of ge program. Hyatt is the only hotel program I mess because of the fixed chart. Otherwise I’d just go with buying discounted Airbnb + gift cards and go for best value there.

I agree with others, that does it for me. I upgraded my card and had planned on putting most of my spend onto it. Better to put it onto a MR earning card now. RIP Hyatt.

I thought you couldn’t MS MR cards???? I’ve read countless threads about people being clawed back for MS’ing with Amex, and not just the SUB.

You easily can. I have done it plenty of times.

That is true about Amex, I was talking about organic spend though. Could still MS with Chase but I always wonder how long it will last.

Really? This seems like it could even be a positive change since you can get better deals on cash + points sometimes.

What does this mean? 2x the points for an award stay in a suite? 9000 points on top of an award booking, or revenue booking?

Redeem double the number points required for a standard award night
Redeem 9,000 points per night for an upgrade

Hyatt updated their website to reflect all of the Points/Cash/Suite Upgrades

So this turned out to be true. Just got the email explaining that Cash + Points will be 50% the price of the room for the cash portion. Email heading: “New Ways to Use Your Points” – Hyatt tries to make it sound so exciting.

I am on Hyatt’s marketing company feedback panel. I will raise some hell. Let them know that people are unhappy

Cue all the bitching and moaning.

It appears that Cash + Points is currently unavailable.

I have used a 3-night suite in Paris (Vendoming it) because regular rooms are limit two people. They comped a very nice roll-away and we got a suite for 48k/night. Although some hotels do allow a second room for kids 1/2 price or half points, which would be 45k/night, I’d rather keep the family together in a suite. Also some hotels offer Club & breakfast to all suite guests even if you have no status.

For anyone with DSU’s planning to apply to points + cash, this just got more expensive.

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