[Confirmed] Hyatt To Move To Dynamic Pricing For Points + Cash Stays & Premium Suite Upgrades Changes

Update 23/18/18: Hyatt has now confirmed these changes. Updated post to reflect this.

Hyatt is making a number of changes starting November 1st, 2018. Let’s have a look at these changes.

Points & Cash Rates

Currently the points & cash award chart is as follows:-

Under the new program the points portion will remain the same but the paid cash portion will change to 50% of the nightly standard rate for that property. In most cases this will make points + cash stays significantly more expensive than they are now. They will also be adding the ability to use cash & points for standard rooms at MGM Resorts Destinations in Las Vegas and Hyatt Residence Club resorts.

It will also be possible to redeem points for standard suites Hyatt hotels and resorts and Hyatt Residence Club resorts. The rates will be as follows:

Premium suites will also be an option, with the rates as follows:


There will also be an option to redeem points directly for premium suites:

And you can upgrade to a premium suite for 9,000 points per night:

Our Verdict

Overall I see these changes as a negative. Cash & points rates are ‘best value’ when cash rates are high, you’re going to lose the ability to get that outsized value now. It’s nice having more options for premium suites but I’m typically happy with standard rooms so won’t affect me personally but for those that like that extra luxury that’s a positive change. What are your thoughts on the new changes? Let us know in the comments below.


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P (@guest_662599)
October 24, 2018 16:04

Don’t most suites – standard or premium – have only one bed? Which properties offer suites with two beds or two bedrooms?

P (@guest_662610)
October 24, 2018 16:24

Whoops, never mind. I just looked at Hyatt Centric Waikiki.
They have a City View one king and City View 2 queen beds.

These are just standard suites. Certainly not worth 32,000 when the rate for the Suites is only $246 plus taxes and fees so $300+ so just about break even except you earn points on the cash rate.

howard (@guest_662510)
October 24, 2018 13:30

I am curious how “premium suites” are really defined…i.e., are all upper end suites at any given property considered premium suites and redeemable through points? if so, this is incredible and i am totally willing to burn lots of points for a once-in-a-lifetime experience…
Also, any restrictions on redeeming suites (standard or premium)? As far as I know the current standard suite redemption (requiring a minimum 3-night stay) is not always available for points redemption, even if the room is available.

mec (@guest_662342)
October 24, 2018 07:00

One thing this may allow is using points on 1-4 certs or the more rare 1-7 certs to upgrade to suite or club level room. That could be useful, though it’s not clear to me that that will be allowed.

Overall it’s a negative for the program though, as, as has been said, the points + cash redemptions in high season did offer some of the best points redemptions, not just with Hyatt, but with any hotel program. Hopefully this isn’t a precursor of further devaluations on the horizon. The standard redemptions are still pretty great.

ihg newbie
ihg newbie (@guest_662228)
October 23, 2018 21:02

the UR points are looking less and less attractive. i’m glad i switched to spg from hyatt 2 years ago.

parrothead (@guest_662222)
October 23, 2018 20:46


Sam (@guest_662205)
October 23, 2018 20:02

So technically I can get a cat 7 premium suite for 39k a night if an upgrade is available?

Dan (@guest_662262)
October 23, 2018 22:19

I think the upgrade is only on paid stays? otherwise that pricing structure (60k vs 30k+9k upgrade) wouldnt make much sense at all

Spencer (@guest_662197)
October 23, 2018 19:42

I have used a 3-night suite in Paris (Vendoming it) because regular rooms are limit two people. They comped a very nice roll-away and we got a suite for 48k/night. Although some hotels do allow a second room for kids 1/2 price or half points, which would be 45k/night, I’d rather keep the family together in a suite. Also some hotels offer Club & breakfast to all suite guests even if you have no status.

For anyone with DSU’s planning to apply to points + cash, this just got more expensive.

Brett (@guest_662119)
October 23, 2018 17:52

It appears that Cash + Points is currently unavailable.

Dan (@guest_662117)
October 23, 2018 17:51

Cue all the bitching and moaning.

SP (@guest_662094)
October 23, 2018 17:06

I am on Hyatt’s marketing company feedback panel. I will raise some hell. Let them know that people are unhappy