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Published on January 11th, 2018 | by William Charles


American Express/Chase SPG/Marriott Cards – What Should You Do

As you probably already know Marriott/SPG have signed a new deal with both Chase & American Express and both card issuers will continue to issue cards when SPG/Marriott’s loyalty programs finally merge in 2019. A lot of readers have been e-mailing me asking me what the best strategy is in terms of signing up for cards/cancelling cards. When the announcement was made they stated the following:

  • Marriott expects to introduce new, co-brand products starting in 2018 with enhanced member benefits – super-premium consumer and small business co-branded products from American Express and mass consumer and premium consumer co-branded products from JPMorgan Chase. Additional details on the future products will be shared in 2018. In the meantime, both companies will retain their existing portfolio of accounts and continue to offer their current products.

As you can see the important points are that American Express will issue a super-premium consumer card and a small business card. Chase will issue a mass consumer and premium consumer co-branded card. I asked a source at Chase and they said an internal announcement was made that:

  • We will continue to offer all of the products currently issued including:
    • Marriott rewards premier card
    • Marriott rewards premier business card
    • The ritz carlton rewards card

This contradicts a reddit comment stating the Ritz-Carlton card would be discontinued and converted to a CSR. View From The Wing states that Marriott told him that “both companies will continue to offer their current products and even after the new products are introduced, members may continue to use them.”

What I Think Will Happen/What You Should Do

American Express:

  • They will continue to issue new Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card cards. This means there is no rush to sign up for this card, especially given American Express’ once per lifetime rule.
  • They will stop accepting new applications for the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card from American Express (personal card). Existing cardholders will be able to continue their card. If you’ve never had this card before, it might make sense to sign up for it. That being said the current bonus is only 25,000 points and it has offered up to 35,000 points before.
  • They will offer a new super-premium Marriott/SPG card. I expect this to be similar to the new Hilton Aspire card. Yay, another card we can get the bonus on.


  • They will continue to issue both the Ritz-Carlton Card & Marriott Rewards Premier card (plus the no annual fee version). I’m not 100% sold on the Ritz-Carlton sticking around, especially after they stopped matching to three nights. I’m somewhat worried they consider the Premier card to be a premium card and when they refer to the mass consumer card they are talking about the no annual fee version or some new lower annual fee product.
  • They will stop issuing the Marriott Premier Business & no annual fee card. This card is not subject to the Chase 5/24 rule, fingers crossed we see a nice bonus on this card before it disappears.

I hope this helps answer some questions readers have. These are my thoughts, you should always make your own informed decisions on what you think will happen and plan accordingly. Let me know your own thoughts in the comments.

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Thought about jumping on the RC card last year, just never had a trip planned with RC nights. Kicking myself a little bit now that 3 nights has gone away, but still no trips that could utilize them. Maybe if it’s announced it’s dying I’ll grab it. Also, I paid the AF on my SPG Biz just to be able to keep MS’ing Starpoints.

I’m still wishing for the 140K Ritz Carlton offer to return. But probably it won’t

That was a sweet deal. But I agree, it’s unlikely to come back.

Hadley V. Baxendale
Hadley V. Baxendale

Agree mostly with what you wrote; however, I do not think that the Super Premium Marriott Rewards AMEX will offer Platinum status like the Hilton Aspire.

If what you say is true with respect to the Ritz Carlton card and its at least temporary survival, Marriott has never offered Platinum status as a function of just owning the card, and I think it will continue to follow this trend unlike Hilton that first pioneered elite level by just holding the card (Silver status with basic card; Gold status with AMEX Surpass or Citi Reserve with Gold status). Marriott only offered Gold status as a result of holding the Ritz Carlton card.

I fully expect that the Super Premium AMEX card will look a lot like the Ritz Carlton card which it will eventually replace, and the Amex Marriott Business will look a lot like the Marriott Business card. Chase’s existing Marriott products will likely carry on as before.

In addition, at some point this year or definitely by the next, we will see AMEX Membership Rewards once again offering transfers into the Marriott Rewards program.

I don’t fully expect you to know the answer to this…but food for thought.

Do you think Amex will issue a “new, co-brand product” small business card? i.e. a new Marriott/SPG small business card. Or, will they simply continue supporting the SPG Biz Amex (maybe just send out a new physical card tied to the same account)? If it’s the former, maybe cancelling the SPG Biz Amex is a good idea at some point this year in preparation for a new product (I’m thinking of those of us with 4 Amex’s already, or with only 1 small business such that we’d be applying for a new business card product for the same business).

Since SPG is disappearing, I would think SPG cards will as well

Hadley V. Baxendale
Hadley V. Baxendale

Agreed, but eventually.

Whereas the SPG personal will disappear, the SPG business may morph into a Marriott Business and hence I have decided not to get this now as it may not offer a sign-up bonus when it morphs — like the Surpass into the Ascend.

Further, there are only so many AMEX cards one can have, and since I am interested in the AMEX Premium Marriott card and the AMEX Marriott Business card, as well as the Hilton AMEX Aspire card, I have decided that the SPG business is not in the cards, especially since it required a higher spend to get the bonus points.

Wife and I are planning a SE Asia getaway with Alaska, Delta and Marriott/SPG miles this year so this is superhelpful. Thanks DoC. We have the airline miles but we’re going to use some combo of Marriott Biz, SPG Biz plus we can also get a Canadian SPG Biz Amex. We’re not going to wait for a larger bonus on the Marriott Biz though. Going to apply any day for the 80K so we can get on our way.

Hadley V. Baxendale
Hadley V. Baxendale

How can you get US and Canadian credit cards?

Have dual residency/citizenship and work in both countries. I’m pretty sure AMEX actually doesn’t require a Social Insurance Number (Canada’s SSN) for credit applications but you need a Canadian credit history and an address.

one of them is Canadian or has dual citizenship, most likely.

“They will stop issuing the Marriott Premier Business & no annual fee card. This card is not subject to the Chase 5/24 rule, fingers crossed we see a nice bonus on this card before it disappears.”

so you recommend we wait before applying? if so, how long?

This goes against DoC but I wouldn’t wait. Get the 80k while you can and is not subject to 5/24. Chase is good matching higher offers if one comes out.

Should I cancel my Amex SPG personal card?
I currently have 4 Amex personal credit cards and cannot justify paying the $95 AF. I am assuming that I don’t lose the SPG balance if I close the card.
Maybe apply for Marriott Premier Business & no annual fee card to accumulate points before this card is no longer available?

I’d say wait to see if the winter SPG promotion comes around for 25k + 10k on the SPG Biz and apply for it.

I already had an SPG Biz card years ago.

How many years?

Does it matter since it’s a once in a lifetime bonus?

I believe there have been a few DPs saying that an AMEX “lifetime” is 7 years.

Interesting…….I’ll call them and ask.

You can also chat to ask them if you’ve had the card previously.

Amex will give retention on SPG

I just applied for Marriott Biz. And am probably gonna hit SPG personal.

Hadley V. Baxendale
Hadley V. Baxendale

SPG personal is no brainer since it likely will go away and the first year is free! If the Marriott AMEX seems better, cancel the SPG personal upon renewal notice, before being assessed an annual fee (if it survives that long)!

Am I delusional holding out hope for a SPG personal 35k?

Welp, this is what I get for jumping on the SPG Biz last night…

I just did the same thing!

Any chance we would see a decent retention offer on the current SPG card. Mine is about to due in 2 months.

Call AmEx and ask. I recently received 7k SPG points for $1k spend on SPG Personal; but nothing on my SPG Business.

Same, had the personal SPG for 3 years

I’m wondering is it possible that the new card is just “Marriott” brand? like all the SPG and RC will retain the same, only separate Marriott to different tiers to test if that’s a good idea? If they find out that the result is not so favorable they may not migrate the 3 brands’ credit cards together…..

Debating whether to apply for Ritz in the event the discontinue and convert to CSR since I’m over 5/24 like the Fairmont to csp I missed out on

Got confused about one point. Are there any no annual-fee card for the Marriott personal & business cards?

Any sense of when the SPG personal disappear?

Do you think Chase will have a higher signup bonus for the Marriott business card before stopping issuing new accounts?

“They will stop issuing the Marriott Premier Business & no annual fee card. This card is not subject to the Chase 5/24 rule, fingers crossed we see a nice bonus on this card before it disappears.”

Like many who are way over 5/24, I had the Marriott Business on my list to get. But, with the recent run of Chase shutdowns, particularly those triggered by a new application, I think that even if this card is seeing it’s last days, it might not be worth the application.

Agree with Jim. Just recently dropped below 5/24 but already have the most desirable Chase cards (IMHO) so I’m going to chill with Chase for that very reason. Most of our spend goes on our Freedom, Reserve, Unlimited, and SPG Biz cards. We are careful to use our Marriott, Hyatt, and IHG cards a bit here and there to be safe and might risk the Chase relationship if another “Reserve” like offer happens in the future. Thanks for the best blog ever, DOC and associates!

You’re not alone. I’m very happy with my personal Chase credit card situation and don’t want to screw that up. Also, they’ve extended 90% of my stated income to me in CLs and I don’t want to drop that as it’s helping stabilize the credit card utilization part of my credit score…

Same here, I am happy with the Chase cards I have, don’t want to risk a shutdown to apply for another.

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