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Published on March 28th, 2018 | by William Charles


Wells Fargo Propel World Being Discontinued On March 31st? & Wells Fargo Propel/Propel 365 Revamps

If anybody can confirm if this card has been discontinued that would be great.

Reposting as I don’t want readers to forget this might be the last chance for this card, along with the American Express Mercedes-Benz Platinum & Chase IHG card.

Update 02/11/18: Wells Fargo propel and Propel 365 are no longer available for sign up.

Update 02/08/18: Additionally according to a usually reliable source starting February 10th the Wells Fargo Propel and Propel 365 won’t be available for in branch sign ups (and I assume online) as they are being revamped. Wells Fargo Propel World will still be available until March 31st, 2018 when it will be discontinued.


The Wells Fargo Propel World card hasn’t been available for online applications for some time. It’s still possible to apply and get a 40,000 point bonus on this card either in branch or by phone. I’ve been encouraging readers to sign up for this offer for some time, as usually when a credit cards online links are pulled it’s not long for the world and points are worth 1¢ each and it also comes with $100 in annual travel reimbursements with a waived annual fee, giving you $500 in value first year. Reddit user unepoire just applied for the card over the phone and the rep had an issue finding the application & bonus, eventually the rep was able to find it but in the process they also found a memo that the product would be discontinued and the last day for applications would be March 31st, 2018.

Now obviously this is just a rumor and nothing has been confirmed, but I thought it was worth posting as I know readers get upset when they miss out on an opportunity to get a sign up bonus. This card is also listed on our best credit card bonus page, so even if it doesn’t disappear it really doesn’t hurt to get it sooner rather than later.

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Any confirmation of getting a personal card bonus if you’ve had a business card bonus in the previous 16 months?

the two are not connected. i am going to wait until mine is 16 months old though to get the added 50% value since ive used the card more than just the min spend. effin wouldnt aprove my business card tho i hate how conservative they are. guarantee u just like with my propel app, if i reapply for thebiz in 2months they will approve it.

I tried to apply for this card in-branch (Washington DC) in January and the banker couldn’t find it in his system and had never heard of it, even after I showed him a picture of the card.

I applied in a WF branch in Manhattan and it just took the banker a few minutes to find it. They advised me against applying for it due to the card’s annual fee (from the second year onward).

Are these the same points that the Merrill + (another BoA offering) uses?

This is Wells Fargo, not Bank of America.

duh, thanks

You wrote “doesn’t appear” but meant “doesn’t disappear”.

Just called and applied and was approved with 9K limit. Didnt know this came with 0% apr for 12 months. that was sweet along with the 40K pts. It was a easy process.
Didn’t want to hol further after seeing this post. Thanks DoC for nudging me :).

What’s interesting is i locked my experian. So only see a attempted inquiry there. No inquiry report in Equifax either. Transunion also none based on Credit Karma. Did i escape a pull?.

CK is slow with EQ hp . It took me 3 days to receive EQ hp notification from CK

Ok. Thanks.

– yes, this card is still in branch. make sure the bankers go to their internal system
– airline credit still works as unintended 😉

Was there a problem with the airline credit not posting if the charge was more than $100?

I was able to get 2 airline credits. one for my first card member year, and one after the annual fee posted. No problem to refund annual fee within a month of it posting and cancel card.

Do you mean within a month of the annual fee posting you got the 2nd $100 airline credit and cancelled the card?

Did the $175 credit come automatically after you cancelled?

Yes, and yes.

Thanks for sharing this, Guy. I wanted to get the travel credit again before cancelling my card, but my letter warning that the annual fee was coming up didn’t say anything about it being refunded if I closed within 30 days. So your info is very helpful.

How long ago did you close your card?

Are they sensitive to 20+ inquiries and cards in the past 24 months?

I got declined with 6/12 because of low balance/credit-extended ratio even after recon. My score at the time was around 780 across.
If you carry balance on your credit cards you might get this one, but my guess would be that you won’t.. Sorry!

just applied via phone and got the pending message.
any DPs on how long it takes to receive a final decision?

William Charles
I quick search showed that this card is still available for online applications but with a reduced bonus of 20,000 points.

that’s the propel card. this post is referring to the propel world card (2 different products)

That’s a completely different card. Will is talking about the Propel World possibly being discontinued.

In the email alert for your comment it shows that you wrote “William Charles I quick search showed that this card is still available for online applications but with a reduced bonus of 20,000 points.” but here it shows “William Charles” with his gravatar.

How did the system know to apply William Charles to William Charles? Or did you actually write something else and the email showing “William Charles” is wrong?

Disregard this. I see what happens now.

William Charles,

I noticed that Chuck, you and a few other people have custom @ names (instead of guest with a bunch of numbers like I have). Is there a way for us to change that or do you control that?

Does anyone know what is Wells Fargo policy for applying for a personal card with Wells Fargo during a pending business card review application? I doubt the Wells bank system is the giving a hard time to the mere mortal who just wants a last minute app.

I applied for the Propel World in branch after opening a biz checking and getting a biz credit card. I had previously had a personal checking account for about 4 months. Got both cards.

Is it possible to get the travel credit twice before canceling? Thanks.

After a cardmember year, yes.

actually its credited per calendar year. but i think it would be more wise to keep the card to leverage future products/etc, pay the 175 at 12 months, thusly allowing you to get the $100 a third time, and making your points worth 50% more by adding their visa post 16 month mark.

Have you personally had success with the credit being calendar year? I’ve never been able to find a hard DP for this, just seen it discussed. Thanks.

jf is wrong. It’s not per calendar year.

jf, thanks for the tip on the 50% more points. Where are you seeing that it’s credited per calendar year? Per the terms of the card:

Airline benefit:
Your Account will be eligible to receive credit totaling up to $100 per year for domestic or international airline transactions that constitute Qualifying Charges (the “Airline Benefit”). Your Account is eligible for one Airline Benefit, regardless of the number of Cards or users on the Account. For purposes of this benefit, a year will be measured from the date the account is open (“Account anniversary year”). The benefit will renew on the anniversary date of the Account each subsequent year.

So glad I tripled dipped WF a couple of weeks ago, thanks to your advice. Was able to get the Biz checking ($300), the Biz Plat CC ($500) and the World Propel ($500). All for about an hour/1.5 of my time and a patient banker. Thank you!

I was in branch today to deposit a check and I asked for the Propel World. It took a while to find it. I had to encourage the associate to keep searching. When it popped up the 40,000 point no AF offer was still available and I applied for it.

Approved with 4/24 and FICO of 855. $15,000 credit limit.
Thank you
(I know 4/24 doesn’t apply to WF, just sayin’)

What FICO model was that, having a range that includes 855..

So if we have this card but were planning to cancel before the annual fee hit, should we keep this card now?

No, not unless you have some benefit on this card you are worried about losing. If I had this card I would still cancel it.

The main purpose of this post is to remind people this is their last chance to apply for the card and get the bonus.

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