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Published on February 24th, 2017 | by William Charles


Wells Fargo Propel World 40,000 Point Bonus Also Available Via Phone

Wells Fargo used to offer the Wells Fargo Propel World card online, then that stopped being publicly available, then our hidden links stopped working. Recently it’s still been possible to still get the 40,000 point sign up bonus by going into a Wells Fargo branch, but even that hasn’t worked for everybody.

Readers K F & Darv have shown us that there is another way to get the bonus and that’s by calling in. The process seems to be fairly easy:

  • Call Wells Fargo
  • Ask to apply for a new credit card
  • Specify the card you want to apply for (Wells Fargo Propel World)
  • Confirm the bonus & other details

Signing up by phone is almost as tedious as signing up in branch (they read a lot of disclaimers and other information out to you and I imagine Wells Fargo are very cautious when it comes to account openings now). The reason why people might want to consider this card is because of the following:

  • Earn 40,000 bonus points with $3,000 in net purchases in the first 3 months.
  • Earn 3X points on Airlines, 2X on Hotels, and 1X on other net purchases.
  • Get up to $100 in reimbursements each year for qualifying incidental airline charges like airline lounges, baggage fees, and more
  • Annual fee of $175 is waived the first year

Points are worth 1¢ each so this bonus is worth $400 + $100 in reimbursements. You can read our full review of this card here. This card is also on our best credit card sign up bonus page, mostly due to the fact I don’t think it’ll be available forever.

75 Responses to Wells Fargo Propel World 40,000 Point Bonus Also Available Via Phone

  1. Leana says:

    Just called Wells Fargo using this number 1-800-932-6736. The rep put me on hold and came back to tell me that only those with existing Wells Fargo relationship can apply over the phone (I don’t have any WF accounts). So it seems that going to branch is the only option for people like me.

  2. JTSFN says:

    Can you get this card again if you have had it before?

    • Gary says:

      Yes, card is churnable.

      • MR. SPECIFICS says:

        Meaning what exactly? I got the card in October and got the bonus already. At what point can I apply for another one? Or, do I need to cancel this one first? Please specify if you know. Thanks (also please indicate if you or anyone you know has actually done it or if it’s based on theory due to other products it was done with)

      • Jamie says:

        i believe the offer said you can’t have had one in the last 15 months and be eligible for any bonuses

  3. Ferris says:

    Just a word of warning for people: When I signed up for this over the phone, they offered the option of emailing the disclosures and accepting. Being naive, I thought it would be a hassle to get on my email. I was wrong, the disclosures took 25-30 minutes to read. The whole thing took nearly an hour, but I guess for this card may have been worth it.


    • Darv says:

      My call took about 25 minutes total, so yeah a little involved. The disclosures came within 10 seconds of when my banker said they would arrive, I skimmed and saw the bonus details and saved as PDF for records.

  4. CJ says:

    Just called and got approved. Had previously stopped in branch 2 times with no success. They still only had preapproval for Cash wise card, but even without preapproval was still able to get 40k propel offer over phone.

  5. CJ says:

    Also one note about disclosures – make sure to do email option but you have access to computer because you have to open and verify receipt while on the phone.

  6. savemesf says:

    I would say they are still pretty stingy. I applied for the Propel in branch a couple weeks after opening the checking account for the $250. No instant approval and a few days later got a letter in the mail saying denied. I think they cited too many inquiries lol. My first denial EVER. Won’t feel too bad closing the checking account now

  7. Darv says:

    Perhaps I should have made it clear I am a Wells customer. Also, bonus details are verified in writing because they send you disclosures to electronically sign while you are on the phone, and those disclosures include the bonus details, so you can review before the application is submitted. Mine was instantly approved, I am way over 5/24. My wife also applied and hers went pending but was approved yesterday, she too is way over 5/24 (no notification but appeared in her online profile). They hit EX for us, our scores are 790 and 800.

    This seems like a no-brainer for anybody doing the current checking promotions. But yeah, you can call in for the app, no need to go into branch.

    The banker who helped me was fantastic too by the way. And she followed up the next day with an email.

  8. tide bama says:

    i called and spent 15 minutes total and got approved for 10k line, they emailed the disclosure to me and i confirmed receipt even though i did not see the 40k point some where, rep read the bonus 40k to me 2 times and assured me its 40k point within 3 month spending 3k, he was super nice and said i will receive card within 10 days?

  9. Ravi says:

    Is this card eligible for Amex offer?

    • Ha_Ka says:

      Yes, but only the ones that you can add via Twitter.

    • Tom says:

      there is a portal you go through in the login, and you will have access to a lot of amex offers. However, the very best offers did not usually show up for me when I had the card. Not true about the twitter only. I had the card for a year and I got the airline credit bonus twice. I also got several amex offers through WF. They are seperate from the amex sign in bonus offers so you will get some offers on both sites.

  10. Ha_Ka says:

    Is this card available to non US citizens?

  11. Charles says:

    Anyone getting this already have a card with them? I have one of the 5X points cards already. I don’t believe this should effect the bonus, but Wells Fargo is pickier than some.

  12. Mark says:

    Wells fargo terms say you are not eligible for bonus if you have received bonus in last 18 months. Does this mean bonus from any card or same card? For e.g. if I received bonus from WF rewards card 4 months ago, can I also get bonus from propel?

    • Mark says:

      If you opened a Wells Fargo credit card account during the last 15 months from the date of this application you will not be eligible for the introductory APR(s)

      This is the exact language, does WF CC mean any WF CC?

  13. dan says:

    declined due to the frozen EX; called recon dept. requesting to pull TU, was told to wait 1-2 days for a review..will see

  14. Mark says:

    DP: Declined due to “too many inquiries”. Picked-up the biz AA Citi card a few hours later…

    Both pulled from Experian.

  15. marcmsj says:

    For those of you getting the card, you’ll have to be really patient to actually get the bonus. took me about 3 months after completing the spend for the points to post.

  16. dan says:

    after a review, banker insisted that EX freeze get lifted, was told that once a report was pulled from an agency, that has to be used; can’t or won’t pull 1 from another agency

    have folks got this same answer or may depend on different recon rep?

  17. Lew says:

    Walked into my branch today and approved $15k credit line in half hour. I have had accounts at the bank for many years. Amazingly, the manager who took my application doesn’t have the card even though they are eligible.

  18. Kevin says:

    DP: Called last Tuesday. Took about 15 minutes to banter with the CSR. Got approved on the spot, and got the card today.

  19. Evan says:

    DP: Approved for the card today! Wells Fargo checking customer (as of a month ago) called over the phone, wasn’t instantly approved, personal banker called back 45 mins later and said I was approved.

    Pulled TU (MI) 7 pulls were already on account

    Thank you Doctor of Credit!

  20. Shawn says:

    Applied for card over the phone. $250 checking account customer. Was not instantly approved. Called recon after an hour and was approved, representative confirmed 40,000 pt bonus. Pulled EX (NY). 7/24

  21. Maggie says:

    Approved instantly over the phone for $8K credit line. Two new credit cards opened in the last month, and only a Wells Fargo checking customer for about two weeks. Thank you DoC for being so helpful!

  22. jd says:

    There was mention of the offer for 40,000 bonus points with $3,000 in net purchases in the first 3 months in the terms that were emailed to me when I applied over the phone but there is nothing in the terms or the letter that came with my card. Should I be concerned?

  23. joe says:

    applied.. pending…

    last 6 months applied and approved for;

    CSR, Barclay Arrival +, Merrill+, amex EDP, JetBlue Plus… we’ll see.

  24. jf says:

    anyone have a suggestion on how long to wait before reapplying if denied? all reps said last 6 months were what mattered the most, i do see some random cc offers in my checking account but not the propel world. i applied in Jan so I guess its not too crazy to try again in may or june?

    • jf says:

      got approved saturday after applying, wasn’t instant approval, no recon required!, tu hard inquiry, applied in jan after opening checking, denied, reconx2 as well. rep said new tradelines from last 6 months are what matter most. this is 14 inquiries now on TU, and have only opened discover and merril+ since then. $2500 limit though, which I am ok with. Rep said to call when card comes and they can use the same inquiry to recon the limit. Hoping for 5-10k total limit.

  25. MontyFC says:

    How long does it take for the bonus points to appear? Do they show-up under Go For Rewards?

    DP info:
    – opened checking account in Feb
    – applied in branch
    – 6/24 on Experian
    – 800+ score
    – went to pending and then approved automatically in 10 mins
    – non US-citizen

    • payyoutuesday says:

      They will make you wait the full 90 days.

      • Johnny says:

        Thank you. I was a bit concerned after $3K+ net purchase, first statement, only 3xxx points under my Go For Rewards.

        • payyoutuesday says:

          IIRC, after the 90-day countdown timer (in Go Far Rewards) goes to zero, the bonus points will show as pending. You should get access to the bonus points after the following statement close.

          One thing I have read is that you have to spend something during that last statement period to generate a statement so that your points will post. Not sure if this is true or not, but FYI. Wasn’t an issue for me, because I pay my phone bill every month for the cell phone insurance.

  26. dizzy says:

    Unsure on whether to pull the trigger here…in last 6 months I got PRG, PRG biz, Delta gold, IHG, UF, SPG, Barclay’s AAviator, Citi AA Plat. Sounding like this is too many? I only have one other card (BoA) in last 2 yrs. I would be calling tomorrow.

  27. Jon says:

    DP for phone application calling 1-800-932-6736:

    – Existing WF checking account customer (received $250 bonus in March)
    – Called in and spoke to a PB and asked about the “Propel World Bonus”
    – Personal Banker immediately informed me of the 40,000 / $3k spend offer
    – 25 minutes for application with e-mail disclosures (you must acknowledge receipt in e-mail link while on the phone with the banker)
    – Instant approval @755 creditkarma score
    – very pleasant experience speaking with banker

  28. Zoe says:

    Call WF CC phone line and was instant approved for this exact offer. ~800 experian FICO, they pulled Experian and I’m in Oregon. Roughly a 20min phone call.

    Thanks DoC for keeping this info posted.

  29. charles says:

    Have WF acccount from previous checking promo. Instant approval for this offer. CA-Experian pull ~770. Call was about 20 minutes. Ask them to email the forms to you, or you’ll be on the phone forever.
    I had her check if I could use an international phone bill for the insurance, she said she didn’t see why not. If anyone has more info on that.

  30. Phong Chau says:

    I recently applied for the Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa® Card a month ago and got the card. I have a checking account with WF. Anyone know if I can apply for this card right now and get accepted? Or do I have to wait a few months?

  31. Gtrnitro says:

    Just called to apply for Propel and the rep told me there is no bonus on the card and referred me to the website to apply. As background, I’ve got no relationship with them.


    • Pat says:

      DATA POINT #2: Same result as Gtrnitro for me. Tried calling in and after giving some info they said I need to have a relationship with them.

    • Nick says:

      DP#3: In contrast to the two comments above, I do have a checking account relationship with WF, albeit a short one (<1 month), but when I called in on the phone, they have no bonus on the card. Will try to apply in-branch and report back.

      • Nick says:

        I just successfully applied in-branch with the 40,000 point bonus after a failed attempt over the phone. I’m venturing a guess that phone is dead and in-branch is still alive.

  32. Peter says:

    Datapoint have a current WF checking, called in and was told there were no current offers. Not even 20K. Could be he just didn’t know where to look. Or could be dead (at least over the phone)

  33. AZ says:

    The offer is still available over the phone, SO just applied. When you call ask specifically about the 40K offer.

  34. Nancy says:

    I applied over the phone on 5/26 and was connected to a lovely banker. She had no issue finding the product and bonus offer. I have my company’s retirement plan with Wells Fargo. I called the status line yesterday to find that I was declined due to no existing relationship. I went online to open a checking account and called recon immediately after. Today (5/31), the banker called me to confirm that I had been approved.

    I specifically chose my billing address in CA as a previous poster said they pulled TU (I reside in NY). They indeed pulled TU. Thank you! My TU is around 743, approved with $8K credit line.

  35. Scott says:

    Just called in and talked with a rep, said there is no 40K point offer. But I don’t have an account with WF.

    • Raymond says:

      I have a cc and checking account with Wells. Just called and the rep said there is only a 20K offer, not 40K offer available. Anyone else with Wells accounts not getting the 40K offer on the phone?

  36. Tracy S says:

    Signed up at branch today. Approved and received 40,000 points offer, no relationship previously with Wells Fargo.

  37. Pat says:

    I could not get it in the branch. Anyone else have success this week?

  38. MontyFC says:

    My points finally posted today. 90 days after completing the minimum spend. Slowest among all the credit cards minimum spend that I have worked upon.

    Will cash out the points and keep the card around for 2nd airline credit dip.

  39. jtizzle says:

    Just called and the rep immediately found the offer. Done in less than 15 minutes. I received the terms electronically. 40,000 point bonus was in the terms and fee being waved. Note: I do have a mortgage with Wells Fargo

  40. Dillon Welch says:

    Called in and the rep was able to easily apply. Done in about 20 minutes. I received the terms electronically with 40k point bonus confirmed. I have a checking account with Wells Fargo. I tried to get them to expedite it but they were unable to.

  41. SC says:

    Called in and the rep and applied the card for about 20 minutes. Confirmed 40k (3 month, 3000 purchase) in both phone and email link. Very positive experience talking with PB.

    The application is under pending status….

    – no relationship with Wells Fargo
    – 800+ credit
    – PB to search “AMEX card with 40k offer, 3X pt for Airlines”

    Thanks DoC for keeping this info posted.

    • SC says:

      A quick update (past 2 days):

      – Called yesterday at 1-800-967-9521 to check status, and application got denied due to too many queries and credit card opened.
      – Transferred and talked to CR on phone and discuss my travel need on [No FX Fee], [Airline 3X reward], and [800+ credit] to trigger reconsideration process

      – Called today again and application approved with $8k credit line.

  42. Jonathan says:

    I’m in Texas and it was not available at my local branch, so I called last Thursday (6/22) and this offer was available over the phone. I did not currently have a deposit account with them, so it went into pending.

    Called Friday, and said I needed to open a deposit account. I opened a savings account and parked $300 to keep it fee free.

    Called Saturday and said I had to submit my pay stubs.

    Tuesday, 6/27 I was approved for 8K and confirmed the signup bonus again.

    I’m thinking of trying to get the Visa Signature rewards for the 50% bonus on travel redemption. Does anyone know if getting the bonus on the Propel World would make me ineligible for the bonus on the Visa Signature?

  43. Alex says:

    I applied over the phone on 7/3/17, and logged into my wells fargo account on 7/6/17 and I see the Propel World card next to my checking account that I opened in January. This is my 11th personal credit card approval of the year. I checked my Experian report yesterday which was pulled by Wells for this application. I currently have 9 hard pulls for credit cards of which 5 were in the last 6 months. Also I live in Illinois.

    The banker did not try to sell me on the sign up bonus, I had to confirm that it was still 40k points. When skimming through the terms and conditions I did see the 40k points mentioned so I know its still available.

    Thanks for this site Doc, its the best!

  44. Ian says:

    I just called 1800-932-6736 and asked about the propel world, and the guy didn’t seem to see anything about a sign up bonus at all on this card. He checked several times too. Should I try calling back and talking to a different person or using a different number? Or is this dead?

    I have a checking and basic credit card with WF if it matters.


  45. Laura says:

    I called tonight for this card and the first CSR I spoke with was very nice but unable to find the offer, said it wasn’t showing up anywhere. I called back 15 minutes later and spoke with a different CSR. I told him I wanted to sign up for the Propel World card and asked if it came w/ a sign up bonus, which he confirmed as 40k pts after $3k/3mo spend. HUCA FTW

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