Posted by William Charles on August 13, 2017
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Published on August 13th, 2017 | by William Charles


Safeway/Vons: $10 off $150 Visa/Mastercard Gift Card [Randall’s, Albertson’s, Tom Thumb]

The Offer

Direct Link 

Check your Just4U for the following coupon:

  • Get $10 off $150 Visa or Mastercard gift card

The Safeway deals are usually at Albertson’s, Randall’s, and Tom Thumb too. This time also working for Acme & Shaw’s.  I don’t have an account with all of those, let us know if you are or are not seeing it there.

The Fine Print

  • Expires 9/2/17
  • One-time use

Our Verdict

These often work on variable load gift cards (e.g $500) as well (share your datapoints in the comments below) making them a lot more useful when using a card that earns at a high rate on grocery store purchases.

Hat tip to @1hktrader

48 Responses to Safeway/Vons: $10 off $150 Visa/Mastercard Gift Card [Randall’s, Albertson’s, Tom Thumb]

  1. Edward says:

    no luck for my Vons account…

    only found one offer — “EARN 5X GAS REWARD POINTS on Express Gift Cards”

  2. Dick Bupkiss says:


    This doesn’t seem to eb a thinkg.

  3. Yev says:

    Don’t see them on any of 3 family accounts.

  4. Vic says:

    Didn’t see it on mine either.

    Usually Safeway J4U are not targeted and everyone can sees them. I wonder why this one is different, or maybe the source wasn’t accurate?

  5. Michael C Belisle says:

    I see it on mine

  6. Sorry needs to be after 12AM local time for it to show up.

  7. Excellent….these seem to come around every other month at Safeway it seems….and I gots no problem with that.

  8. Anse says:

    Is this offer only for $150 gift card or I can buy for $500 also and get $10 off

  9. captainsave says:

    Yess been waiting for these.

  10. Jacinto says:

    Are any of the stores located in the Northeast?

  11. Chris says:

    I think Shaws is part of this group also. I was able to find this coupon in the Shaws app.

  12. Daniel says:

    Worked this morning on variable old Visas at Safeway.

  13. BlueEyes_Austin says:

    So for Safeway what is the best version of a GC to get between Metabank/Visa and US Bank/Mastercard?

    • Chris says:

      Visa. The US Bank Mastercard gift cards will result in you having your money stolen, because criminals have figured out the algorithm they use to generate cards. Just search on here (or any churning website) for the stories. US Bank doesn’t care because the cost of fraud is borne by merchants, not them. On another note Visa GCs are also easier to unload via money order at WalMart.

  14. AP says:

    Works for Shaw’s and acme

  15. Justin says:

    I can confirm it shows up in Randalls app.

  16. chaseaholic says:

    Works for variable $500’s.

    thanks for the heads up

  17. Kenny says:

    Just added the offer. I assume one of the big advantages is that you can purchase with credit card?

  18. feelgood says:

    Same offer on my Jewel Osco MyMixx (our version of Just4U).


  19. Mike says:

    You might also earn fuel points but I have found it is completely random. And it’s not necessarily what you think. I earned hundreds of fuel points on a variable load MC purchase. But the time before that I did NOT earn any on a fixed denomination $100 MC gift card.

  20. Rob says:

    Purchased a $500 variable load in AZ with Amex BCP and received the $10 off. Cashier asked for and verified ID.

    • Daniel says:

      I also purchased a $500 variable load card at an Albertsons in CA using my Amex BCP and the $10 came off, but no fuel points. Cashier asked for and verified ID.

  21. Vic says:

    Somehow the banner in store shows a different end date. (Photo below)
    I recommend treating 8/25/17 as the end date, just to be safe.

  22. Amanofwords says:

    Does anyone know if you can use this offer multiple times by going to different Safeways? I used it at one, changed the store in the app and the offer popped up again.

    • Wyle says:

      I used it yesterday and just tried changing the store. No luck on offer popping up again.
      I have seen the coupon take hours to disappear once its used, but you won’t get multiple uses even when its lingering. I’ve never seen the offer work more than once per account.

  23. Tonto says:

    I tried a different account and a different store, but I’m not seeing the coupon any more.

  24. Kien says:

    Looks like this is back again for this week, Nov 1 to Nov 7. Check your account.

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