Posted by William Charles on October 5, 2017
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Published on October 5th, 2017 | by William Charles


Share Your American Express Business SPG 35,000 Point Referrals Here

American Express has increased the sign up bonus on the business SPG card to 35,000 points, referrals are also showing this 35,000 point bonus so if you’re interested in the card why not use a another readers link. If you already have the card then feel free to share your referrals in the comments. You can use this link to generate a referral.

Read This First

If you want to share your referrals then please read and follow the rules below. Everytime it amazes me how few people actually do this properly.

  • Retweet this tweet 
  • Leave a comment with your referral link and your Twitter handle. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE! Your comment should look like this:


Try to use a code/link from somebody you recognize as providing helpful comments around the site, this builds a better site for everybody and helps solve the referral link problemAlso remember it might be possible to get these offers with no lifetime language, more on that here.



192 Responses to Share Your American Express Business SPG 35,000 Point Referrals Here

  1. Julian Banks says:

    I did not follow directions…
    Pleasa delete above, sorry!

  2. God you’re all awful at following directions, removed everybody who failed so far. Please be more careful.

    • Tyler says:

      Sorry William, I definitely failed on this one… I appreciate you giving us the opportunity to share our links.
      I try to be a part of the community and share thoughtful responses to help contribute. Sorry if I made you’re job a little harder today…

  3. Jay says:

    GDI, accidentally pulled the referral for the wrong card (personal, not biz). Please ignore the above post (or please delete it if you see this, moderators).

    I’ll post my biz referral in a separate post, to prevent confusion.

  4. Matthew says:

    Whoops, this is for the biz card:


  5. Karen says:


    Thanks Doc & anyone that uses my link!

  6. Cornelius says:



  7. Erik says:

    Apply for the Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card with this link. We can both get rewarded if you’re approved!


  8. Elena says:

    Can I share my link if I don’t have Twitter account..?

  9. Trent Steele says:


    (new link due to the fact that all old links are now expired)

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