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Published on November 24th, 2017 | by Chuck


[Expired] [Now Live] Shoprite: Buy ANY $100 Gift Card and Get $20 Shopping Credit [November 24-25 Only]

This deal has expired and is no longer valid. Click here to sign up for notifications to never miss another deal.

The Offer

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  • Shoprite will offer a free $20 shopping voucher with the purchase of $100 in gift cards on November 24th and 25th


The Fine Print

  • Limit one per customer
  • $20 coupon will print on the receipt and will be valid 11/25 – 12/2
  • Minimum $20 in regular shopping purchases required when redeeming the $20 voucher (at least that’s how I interpret the terms)
  • $100 gift cards must be purchased in one transaction

Our Verdict

They put this deal out each year during holiday season. Since it works on any gift card, most people are able to take advantage of it, whether with a Visa/MC/Amex gift card, an Amazon gift card, eBay gift card or some other.

If you value the voucher near face-value, it would be an easy $20 off an Amazon gift card. Or buy $100 Visa gift card with $5.95 activation fee and net $14.05. There is the pain of having to come back in the store the next day/week to redeem the $20 voucher, but still a good deal for Shoprite customers who are there regardless.

There’s also a deal now to get a $10 shopping credit with $50 in select gift card purchases. That deal works well with this $100 deal since the $10 voucher will be valid 11/19-11/25 coinciding with when you’ll be going in to do this deal. These deals are typically tied to the Price Plus card and really aren’t repeatable, as the terms state.

This also stacks beautifully with the Shoprite Amex Offer deal if you were targeted for that.

Hat tip to SD

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Lots of work to get $14 in groceries… Limit 1 really kills it.

Does “Minimum $20 in regular shopping purchases required when redeeming the $20 voucher” mean the $20 cannot be used to buy another GC?


It works great if u have two or more price plus cards, you receive $40 in free groceries. It works especially great if you have a amex blue cash credit card, you will get back an extra 6 percent. I would purchase $100 Amazon get cards at two different registers and receive back $40 and $12 back on my amex card

Well said

Do ShopRite gift cards count?

They have Shell gas gift cards.

You can stack this with the Amex shop rite offer.

The $10/$50 gc’s deal: isn’t this over?

worked great this am . bought the regular deals every week plus 4 25.00 Shell gas cards. $20.00 cert printed on receipt starting Sun. Got 2 20.00 cert with 2 PP cards. Now have 8 25.00 shell cards. Don’t know what GC to buy starting Sun for the next 15.00 off groceries order. Probably more Shell cards.

Did you buy anything else other than the gift card? I am asking you this because the top of the flyer says that you need to make a min purchase of $10 for items discounted on 24/25.


I bought just the GC only and it printed. Cashier warned me that I won’t get the coupon unless I buy additional $10 groceries but apologized after seeing the coupon print out. So it works even if not for the $10 in groceries.

Are the gift cards only purchasable in-stores? Or can I order a GC online? Thank you!

In my local Shoprite (Old Bridge, NJ), offer is on “selected” gift cards only. Those are the ones in the picture. And they don’t carry Amazon (or Target which I was interested in).

I used it on Shell gas cards
I took home a stack a few days ago 🤪

Same here (Maryland), only selected gift cards, not applicable for VGC

Got 8 $20 coupon vouchers 🙂
All you need is your friends/relatives cellphone number associated with their price plus card and you type that in at the register. Although you have to do each in a different transaction. I went to different registers. I also used twice 2 amex cards that had the shop rite offer so thats 4x 2,000 mr points. Thanks William.
Shop rite everyday low prices was today even lower 🙂

The Shop Rite here in Brooklyn has all kinds of gift cards from Home depot to Subway and all Visa and Vanilla gift cards
The only exclusion is on Shop Rite gift cards.
I keep texting friends if they have a shop rite card and if i can use their number. Lol.

Just remember when you redeem the $20 code at checkout the coupon has to match with the price plus number the gift cards were bought. So you have to keep track which number you used and use that nunber for your future order.
(Write down on the gift card/receipt where the $20 coupon is printed the price plus number or the cellphone number you used and use that number next week at checkout).

“Just remember when you redeem the $20 code at checkout the coupon has to match with the price plus number the gift cards were bought.”

Thanks for that reminder! good to know.

Did you buy anything else other than the GCs in the transaction? The fine print seems to require a $20 minimum purchase but a comment above seems to say it isn’t enforced.

Had it on 4 Amex cards (so 8 timesx75) and had 3 SR numbers. So did 2 x150 vanilla in seperate transactions and each transaction was split across 2 amex (covered 4×75). Then did another $300(2x150GC) in GC on the third SR and split across 4 amex x 75. All said got $132 back in free money after fees (160-28) and $60 in free grocery. Not bad. If they had carried $500 GC, it would have been awesome.

Super easy…in S Philly today the clerk knew about the offer as soon as I got to checkout with a VGC so I guess people were hitting it up. I had offers for 1.5k and 2k (supermarket rewards; and Shop Rite) on my PRG, so that plus the $20 voucher really made this a big win.

could not find any amazon cards at shoprite. a bunch of stores that aren’t nearly as useful or as valuable (i.e.: lowe’s cards are so often 10% off).

Ended up forgoing the $20 shoprite bonus and just bought 2x $75 shoprite cards + something else to get the amex mr bonus

Clarification / correction: the posted screenshot shows that the $20 Shoprite coupon is valid for redemption beginning 11/26, not 11/25 as this post states. So would preclude buying and redeeming the coupon within the same day/trip.

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