Shoprite: Get $10 Credit For $50 Gift Card Purchase, Includes eBay

The Offer

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  • Purchase $50 of select gift cards at Shoprite and receive a $10 in-store credit for groceries. Eligible gift cards include: eBay, Toys R Us, Darden, TGI Friday’s, iTunes, Children’s Place, Applebees, and Xbox.

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The Fine Print

  • Offer valid August 23 – September 5, 2015
  • One NSO coupon per customer
  • $10 coupon will have a two-week rolling redemption from issue date

Our Verdict

Personally, I’m loaded up with eBay gift cards from the recent Target deal (which seems to be at least partially dead now). If you need eBay gift cards or any of the other eligible gift cards, this is a great deal for Shoprite shoppers.

The deal still has its limitations since you can only get one coupon per transaction (“one NSO coupon per customer”). There’s no mention in the ad of needing a Shoprite card for this deal and I’m pretty sure the limit is really meant as a transaction limit; you should be able to buy a bunch of $50 gift cards in separate transactions and get the $10 coupon for each one. You’ll have to use up the $10 coupons in separate transactions as well.

Ultimately, the deal makes the most sense for someone who does their regular grocery shopping is Shoprite, as it won’t be that difficult for them to maximize this deal.

Remember, of course, to use a credit card which offers bonus points at the grocery. See also Five Ways to Purchase eBay Gift Cards at a Discount.

HT: mistercheap on Fatwallet

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