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Published on April 18th, 2018 | by William Charles


Should You Sign Up For The American Express SPG Cards Now? [Bonus Now Changed]

Update: Bonus is now only $200 in statement credits.

Update: Frequent Miler has been told the current deal will end tonight. That also lines up with when the Canadian bonus will change so I’d recommend getting the personal bonus today if you haven’t gotten it before. Make sure to use incognito mode to try and get the 30,000 point offer (and keep trying if it doesn’t show).

Marriott just announced details regarding the merger with SPG. We’ve already shared details regarding the new Chase & American Express cards. Earlier today we also shared rumored details of what will happen to the current SPG credit cards American Express offer. Those rumored details have been mostly confirmed here.

One of the biggest differences is the sign up bonus, currently you can get 25,000 SPG points after $3,000 in spend within the first three months (you can also get 30,000 SPG points after $3,000 via incognito mode on the personal card). The rumor stated that the sign up would be changed to a $200 in statement credits. My source has stated that the sign up bonus will change within two weeks, but possibly even by tonight. This is an extremely reliable source, so I doubt this information is incorrect.

It’s possible this will only be a temporary change, we’ve seen different American Express SPG bonuses over time. Personally if I was eligible for the American Express SPG bonuses I’d definitely be signing up for the 30,000 personal offer if I could get it to trigger. The 25,000 point offers are a more difficult choice, but I’d still prefer 25,000 SPG points over $200 in statement credits. Obviously there is some risk involved as we have seen these offers as high as 35,000 points, but hopefully most readers jumped on those opportunities as they became available.

Small update: It’s also worth remembering that the person version of these cards will not be accepting applications in the future as Chase secured the rights to issue these ‘basic’ cards. Existing cardholders will keep their cards though, so it’s possible American Express will launch a big bonus to try and lock cardholders in. Personally I don’t see that happening as I believe they will want to push people towards their new premium card but something to keep in mind. I assume the SPG business card American Express issues will be the same card they currently issue, in that case I’d wait for a 35,000 bonus on that card.

Another update: The $200 statement credit offer is coming to both the personal & business version.

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You are a good man doc.

Information Booth
Information Booth

+1… Jesus loves you!!

+1 So does Allah

Adding to the dilemma, if you are under 5/24
Is it worth losing a slot for the SPG 25K/30K offer?
Credit card decisions can drive you nuts.

I would, unless you need a Sapphire card. Of course I’m so LOL/24 my pov is likely a bit skewed.

No. Get the Biz card tho

I think it is, Chase is overrated, SPG is underrated, and you’ll have 2 months until Amex reports the new account to the bureaus. In that time get CIP or whatever if under 5/24.

Max, the information you have provided regarding Amex reporting to credit bureaus is false. They appear instantly now just like any other card.

Instantly is absolutely wrong too. Every card aside from BOA has taken a week or more in my experience. To suggest it shows up the samee day/a few days is way too over the top

Nope. I have 2 AmEx cards that I’ve opened 2.5 months ago and none of them appeared yet on my reports. (All personal cards.)

This has been ymmv recently with more DP of it taking less time.

Chase is overrated how

I stupidly got the MB credit card (not Plat) on the last day it was available for the 10k MR points, which makes me ineligible for the SPG personal under 2/90 until June 1st… So I traded 30k starpoints for 10k MR points. Sigh.

10k or 100k? I don’t think there’s a plat with 10k mr for a bonus

Apply for it. As long as your 1st card in 2/90 in the rolls off in the next 30 days, you can call back to recon the denial. Was in a similar situation last year for the 35K personal.

Opened SPG Biz on March 2, MB cc on April 2. I did apply for the hell of it to see what happened, instant auto denial. Even called recon & played dumb, CSR told me that 5 Amex CC’s is the limit & no more than 2 could be opened in a 90 day period, no exceptions. I have no one to blame but myself, maybe I’ll get lucky & the SPG personal will stick around til June.

The best credit card blog. Period. Not up for debate.

Seriously. Answering the real questions while certain other (affiliate) blogs are trying to spin the daily spend devaluation as not a big deal.

Finding it a little difficult to understand if you are talking about the SPG Personal and Business or just the Personal?

Had the same question.

But most of us (who didnt have the business before) got the business when it was 35K couple weeks ago.

Waited too long to refer my fiance. Missed out on 32,500.

Now desperately trying to get the 30,000 in incognito. No luck so far…

Same here. Trying for spouse. But only 25K shows.

Try using Microsoft Edge, it works for me.

try using Microsoft Edge. It works for me.

Hi will the SPG business bonus also change to $200 or is it only the Personal? Thanks!

I blindly believe in your advise doc,

“Personally if I was eligible for the American Express SPG bonuses I’d definitely be signing up for the 30,000 personal offer if I could get it to trigger.”

this made me to

tried and got 30k spg offer. applied approved and got temp number as well.

Keep up your unbiased advise ….

Nice! Where did you find the 30K
Can you share a link pls? Ty.

Ditto – can’t get it to show 30k and referral expired.

i am able to see the 30k signup as well on my computer. but i already got the card

Standard link would work.

You might need to try different device, browser, session, or IP to get it.

standard link with multiple attempts got me to show up the offer, i think i got it when i checked business cards then personal on chrome . couldnt get on other browsers

Can confirm I also just saw the 30K offer when visiting this link in incognito.

Special thanks to divitic and Vic for providing the links for SPG 30K and yeah it showed in incognito mode after deleting cookies, Applied for spouse for the 30K SPG, she was instantly approved (only 660 credit score) then tried to sneak and double dip a Hilton Business card (Officially 1 Amex card per 5 days but maybe Personal&Business works) but it went to pending.

I got the Hilton Honors and Surpass last May in the same day so definitely possible.

I just got it on incognito in chrome. Temp card number too!

Hope you got a screenshot.

Thanks! Doc + your comment motivated me to try the same…pulled up the 30k, insta-approved and got card number!

I’ve been avoiding personal AmEx cards like the plague in hopes that I’ll be targeted for the 100k Plat bonus. I should also mention that I’ve had two business AmEx cards (SPG & Blue Biz Plus.) If I sign up for the SPG Personal AmEx, will that ruin my chances of being targeted for the 100k Platinum offer? Or have I already ruined my chances by having two biz cards?


Data from friends and family indicate that the Amex Platinum 100K offer is targeted to people with excellent credit and no Amex relationship. All my friends and family that got the offer in the mail fit that profile. Not sure about getting the offer on cardmatch or other online methods, but the mailer seems to target the above group.

I’ve been an Amex card holder 10+ years & got a personal plat 100k offer in the mail so I’ll have to disagree.

You already have an Amex business card so your chances are pretty much 0. I haven’t seen any reports of someone getting a 100k mailer with an existing relationship.

Not to be greedy, but can we get a similar write-up on getting the current marriott card/waiting for the new one/getting both?

From the Chase Marriott card website: “Cardmembers can have either the Marriott Rewards Premier credit card or the Marriott Rewards Premier Plus credit card. We will be offering points to upgrade to the new Marriott Rewards® Registered Trademark Premier Plus card. Check back on May 3rd.”

Doesn’t seem like you can double dip with the old/new cards and get them both.

so i am hearing different things. will the current amex personal spg card earn star points or Marriott rewards points?

Dang, was able to pull up the 100k plat but not the 30k spg personal using microsoft edge and misspelled name trick. If only I didn’t already have the 100k plat..

Got the 30k/3k offer to pull up. Got player 2 approved, but I was declined as per usual. 1/2 ain’t bad I guess. Player 2’s CL is only 2k, but one cycle should do the trick to get the 30k.

Saving my 5/24 slots for CSR/CSP double dip. Also, working on 7k MSR for wife’s SPG biz now. Also saving slots for SW CP

Can’t Double did on CSR/CSP anymore only one CS…

When did this change happen?


You can’t get one Sapphire if you already had another within the last two years. But if you never had either, you can sign up for both on the same day for a double dip. But it must be the same day.

Yup. Time for a new source. Come on man!

Do you think its worth keeping the SPG Personal if my AF is just hitting now?

I am in the same situation, thinking of close. Basically you paid $95 AF now for nothing. You can close to free up a slot for the new luxury card which launched as new prod that you can get signup + free night certificate.

Is there any chance that the personal SPG will be switched to a Chase card like how Citi Hilton switched to Amex ?

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