Posted by William Charles on February 12, 2018
Credit Card Offers

Published on February 12th, 2018 | by William Charles


Increased American Express Credit Card Bonuses (Incognito Mode) Are Back Again + List Of Offers [YMMV]

It’s possible to get increased sign up bonuses on many American Express cards again, these are often referred to incognito mode offers as it’s possible to get them to show up by using incognito mode. If that doesn’t work, try one of these methods instead. Here are some of the offers:

It’s really the AmEx EveryDay 25,000 point offer that I’d be most excited about if you haven’t had that card before.

Hat tip to Miles to Memories

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I can see all the offers. Tried to see 100k on platinum but no luck

I always see it on

Thanks! Got the ED 25K!

Where do you live?

Green card 250MR also shows up. I haven’t had any luck getting Everyday Preferred 300k offer to pop up yet (or any offer over 150MR). =/ The other offers above I am seeing.

Why do you add an extra 0 to every offer?

He doesn’t know that 1k = 1000

Thank you Doc! Just got approved with the 25,000 offer on the EveryDay card 🙂

Got 30k on everyday preferred – no idea if that’s high or usual though…

Did you see you were prequalified for the 30K EDP or are you seeing it in incognito?

Filled the prequal form, sorry should’ve mentioned that

where is the prequal form? Cardmatch? Or on AmEx website? Thanks~

Amex website with misspelled name but dunno if that makes a difference

Could you share me the link? I need one EDP. Thanks~

>There have been offers for 75,000 points in the past, so might be worth holding out.

Eh, how often have those really come around for public consumption? For the BGR I think waiting for a 75k offer is a good idea since those are constant, but taking a 50k offer for the PRG is fine IMO.

I agree. Last time I heard about PRG 75k was 2013..

I agree. The common advice i’ve read is to hop on 50k/1k PRG if you see it. 50k/2k is more common, but either spend amount is still good for 50k

I can’t get anything higher than 15k on the AmEx Everyday. Cleared browser cache, removed cookies, tried incognito and regular, even the Chinese search engine.

Anyone have success with other methods? Or just keep clicking and they show up eventually?

Yeah I can’t ever get the platinum to show up even at 60K much less 75K or 100K. This is the only one I am really after. Also wondering how many times I should submit some variation of my address and name since I am sure it is logging somewhere right?

Straight incognito worked for me. Maybe try mobile browser as well as various on you pc? Don’t think going as far as the Chinese search is necessary. Keep trying, try another day.

Try a different browser, and/or a different device.

My understanding is Amex really likes to geo-target. You may be in an area they, for some reason, don’t offer higher bonuses. Try using a VPN. My very limited DP on this: I’ve had luck with bay area, Portland, Seattle, and Minneapolis. I get the offer every single time in the bay area but only occasionally with the others.

If I can get platinum 100k and everyday 25k to show, which should i take?
possible to do both?

absolutely both. You can app for a credit and a charge card in the same day.

I’m trying but can’t get anything more than 60k for platinum (even though I can see the 50k for example for the PRG) is there any recommendation other than keep trying?

I had to use a VPN to get 75k Plat to show up recently. I was able to get 75k to show up last summer without VPN. It seems some of the incognito offers are sometimes targeted by location. I’ve never had any luck pulling 100k as an existing Amex member.

Any chance Amex will match the 25k offer if I already applied for 10k offer last month?

AmEx doesn’t match.

The Green card is one that people above 5/24 should take advantage of. For example, the Gold card was discontinued last year. The Green is their iconic card so probably won’t be discontinued, but they could eliminate a signup bonus for it. 25k MR for 1k spend is a great offer, actually it’s better than the Everyday offer.

Thanks for pointing this out, I don’t think there is even a typical signup bonus for the green card. But I’m curious why you say people above 5/24 should be looking at this one? As a charge card, the green card would not have any impact on your 5/24 status, correct?

Yes, charge cards do impact 5/24 status.

I understand Amex restricts sign up bonus offer’s to once per card per lifetime.
Does this go across business and personal? So if you have the Gold Business or Platinum Business you won’t qualify for the sign up bonus on the Gold personal or Platinum personal?

In my case I’ve gotten bonuses on every different card(business and personal). I think I’ve reached my limit though. Waiting for new cards.

Are you sure? I thought you could get both the Plat and Plat Biz MR sign up offers

Appreciate the reply!

You’re able to get the bonus on the personal AND business variations. You can also pick up Platinum bonuses on all the different Plat flavors.

Translation: You get the bonus on Amex Plat, Business Plat, Schwab Plat, Mercedes Plat, etc.

Appreciate the reply!

You just mentioned 4 cards so that would be 4 bonuses.

Even though existing cardholders generally don’t get any pre-qualified offers, I was able to get a 100,000/$5k Platinum offer to show using AmEx’s online pre-qualified offer tool around November last year.

Live in Washington D.C., tried both methods, no luck. But I went to Miami two weeks ago, and found 50k offer for PRG and 25k offer for Green. But I used VPN to change my ip to Miami at home, but I couldn’t see both offer…

Was trying for the Everyday last week, no luck after 15min of trying, only got 10,000 offer. But tried again a few days ago and pulled up 25,000 on the first try. Instant approval, stoked!

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