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Published on August 3rd, 2016 | by William Charles


Sprint Lets Existing & New Customers Earn American Airline Miles & Why It Can Be A Bad Idea (Bonus Increased To 30,000 Miles)

Reposting again as the bonus has been increased to 25,000 miles + 5,000 miles (previously it was 20,000 + 5,000 miles). Keep in mind Sprint also has a one year free deal.

Reposting this because Sprint has been sending out mail outs about this offer. This post was originally posted back in February of 2016.

The Offer

Direct link to offer

Sprint has teamed up with American Airlines to let new and existing customs earn American Airline miles. Here’s the break down:

  • New customers will earn 25,000 American Airline miles paid out in a lump sum
  • Existing customers will earn 417 miles per month can be earned for a total of up to 5,004 miles after 12 months


The Fine Print


  1. Sprint account holder must register at with AAdvantage® number to participate in the Offer.
  2. Sprint account must remain active and in good standing for 30 days to earn miles.
  3. AAdvantage® account name and Sprint account name must match to be eligible and account must have at least one phone active on the account.
  4. Miles are earned per account, not per subscriber.
  5. The offer is not combinable with the Sprint Discount Program. The SDP discount does not apply.
  6. Allow 8-10 weeks after registration for miles to be added to your AAdvantage® account.

20,000 New Account Bonus

  1. New Sprint account must register within 30 days of new line activation.
  2. Adding or transferring a new line of service to an existing Sprint account does not make the account eligible for 20,000 miles award. Existing Sprint accounts are only eligible for the Sprint Monthly Loyalty niles offer.
  3. 20,000 miles are deposited in one award.
  4. Only one 20,000 miles award per AAdvantage® member.
  5. Only one 20,000 miles award per new Sprint account.
  6. New Sprint accounts qualifying for 20,000 miles offer can also earn monthly Loyalty miles as long as they participate in the offer and remain active and in good standing.

5,000 Monthly Miles

  1. If an existing Sprint customer chooses to participate in the offer and they currently participate in the Sprint Discount Program, the SDP discount will be removed.
  2. Loyalty miles earned are awarded monthly. An award of 417 miles per month can be earned for a total of up to 5,004 miles after 12 months when the account remains active and in good standing.

Our Verdict

As we said in the title, for most people this won’t be a good deal. The reason being that enrolling in this excludes you from the Sprint Discount Program. Most people will find that they are able to save well over $5 per month by being enrolled in this, meaning you’d effectively be purchasing your miles for more than 1¢ per point.

The new user bonus might be more interesting, as I can’t find any new user bonuses of $200+ (this one is for $100 and eBates offers up to $187.50). Let me know your thoughts about this new partnership in the comments.

Hat tip to TPG

39 Responses to Sprint Lets Existing & New Customers Earn American Airline Miles & Why It Can Be A Bad Idea (Bonus Increased To 30,000 Miles)

  1. Carlos says:

    What is SDP please.
    Is that the program where you get dicsounts for being with a certain employer??
    If so we dont get that anymore anyway because we rejoined Sprint under the cut your rate in half plan.

    • Yeah it is: in that case this would be a good deal for you

      • Carlos says:

        Thanks Will appreciate it.
        Just wanted to be sure I wouldnt lose the cut your rate in half plan.
        I went from $120 a month for 2 phones with Verizon to $60 a month with Sprint.
        2GB data on each phone.

    • Brian says:

      Yeah, I’m confused about this too. I’m on a pretty cheap unlimited data plan ($55) because I paid full retail for my iPhone 6. Obviously that’s a discount, but the Sprint Discount Program seems to be what you mentioned based on an FAQ I found about it.

      The only thing throwing me off is that he said this wouldn’t be a good deal for “most” people. I wouldn’t think most Sprint customers have a plan under the Sprint Discount Program, though I’m sure most customers are on some sort of discounted plan. I’m probably going to call Sprint before signing up just in case.

      • Carlos says:

        Let us know Brian please.

        • Brian says:

          I ended up getting a confirmation via chat even though I’m pretty sure we are all correct about this being the employee/student/member discount thing. At the very least I have a chat transcript to get my discounted price reinstated if something goes awry. I’m going to sign up for the promo and see how it goes.

  2. Carlos says:

    Actually scratch that.
    Brian the link Will just posted describes it all.

  3. Nate8 says:

    fam you got a stray apostrophe in your lets

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  5. Mike says:

    As a former Sprint customer, I’d need a lot more than 20,000 American Airlines miles to go back.

  6. Digitalpop says:

    Eek, fix that apostrophe in the title! The grammar nazi in me is cringing.

  7. Let's Hater says:


    My eyes, my eyes, I feel like I just saw stared into the sun! Lets (third person), not let’s (let us).

  8. Iz says:

    “Sprint Let’s”? Really? 😉

  9. Sam says:

    Would it be worth it to open a new sprint account for these miles and just pay the one month service. The only downside I can think of is the credit pull

  10. snoptro says:

    @Mike second that. In fact I don’t think there can be enough miles in the world to get me back to Sprint. Switched to Pink and never looked back.

  11. Carlos says:

    Had sprint for 15 years, thought maybe someboy else was better.
    Tried Verizon, Tried Tmobile, Tried AT&T, and finally went back to Sprint as none of the others were any better, in fact found Verizon to be worse with customer service and signal quality.
    Sprint now has Spark network and when your on it its like no other.
    Not an advocate of Sprint but they arent much worse off.
    If they want to offer me free miles for being a member then im all for it.
    Sprint rep told me its every year also.

  12. Andy says:

    Awesome info. You would think Springt might want to inform me of these types of deals to keep me as a loyal customer, but alas I have to rely on DoC! Great stuff.

  13. Jeff says:

    Sprint dropped my sister from the SDP without notice some time back. We ended up with AAA 10% but only applies to base plan cost equal to about $11.00 per month on a $300.00 monthly Sprint bill.
    This may be worth it for her.

  14. Margaret says:

    Being an American Airlines employee w/ the 25% (corporate) discount excludes me from this offer, bummer.
    They said I had to choose between the SDP or the miles. I get a much better/ higher discount than the miles they are offering!

  15. Aby says:

    Quick question. I was previously on the Sprint Employee plan via a friend. Then when he left Sprint – I was moved to SERO plan, which is around 50$ a month for everything unlimited. If I sign up for the miles – will I lose the SERO plan ?

    • Aby says:

      I just checked online with Sprint and they said that I wont be removed from the SERO plan. But just double checking if anyone has a first hand experience

  16. Carlos says:

    Ok this is a bunch of bull.
    Decided to sign up and they said I would lose the cut your rate in half plan if I selected this.

    • Brian says:

      Is “they” the website or someone you spoke to on the phone? The terms don’t appear to have changed on the signup page and they only mention the Sprint Discount Program, so theoretically you should still be eligible. I have a different discount plan that I got confirmation would not be affected and it hasn’t been. I’ve gotten 417 miles the past 2 months. With that said, I can understand if you don’t want to risk it.

  17. Carlos says:

    Received an email from them thank god.

  18. Jeff H says:

    You may be able to match that Sprint Discount Program more ways than many people realize.
    Besides employment, there are programs for AOL paying customers (under $10.00 / monfh ), AARP, AAA and other affiliations.
    Pull on line form and then the pulldown menu to see if you can find some connection to your life.

    The Sprint Discount Program has been seriously damaged by several changes over the years. When we first had it, the discount was for the whole bill. Currently for our plan, the Sprint Discount Program only applies to the plan base rate. …. not all the addons nor extra lines on family plans.

  19. Frugaltraveller says:

    This deal is perfect for those with carrier free phone (no contract/not tie to a carrier). You can get plans a plan as low as $45 per month . I just did this two months ago. I brought in my own phone, choose the lowest contract less plan, and paid $30 for the activation fee. 1.5 months later, I received the 20K AA miles. In September, I plan on leaving them and sign up with a different career while taken advantage of any airline shopping portal bonus for that carrier. 20K AA miles for $30, I think is a good deal.

    • Mike Miller says:

      So just to make sure I understand what you did, you had an old iphone, took it in, selected the cheapest plan, kept it for about a month or two and then closed it? $30 activation fee and the monthly fee and that’s it? Not sure how you got it for $30…

    • Rojer says:

      Can you help me where to buy the Sprint used phone online to make this Deal.

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  21. Rojer says:

    I figured it out and made the sprint deal.

  22. John says:

    Received a letter from Sprint saying the AAdvantage miles offer.
    Went to Sprint store, salesman said need my ssn for a SOFT pull on credit report.
    Got declined and received a letter after a week from Sprint saying the reason was unable to identify my identity. Checked Experian, they did a HARD pull!! Felt very bad.

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  24. adam d says:

    Public offer is now extended to 12/31/17 per sprints website.

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