Staples: $15 Gift Card with $300 Mastercard Gift Card Purchase (10/30-11/5)

The Offer

Direct Link

  • Buy $300 in Mastercard gift cards and get a $15 Staples gift card via Staples Easy Rebate


The Fine Print

  • Valid from 10/30 until 11/5
  • Limit 1 per household
  • In-store only

Our Verdict

There’s also a similar deal going on this week for Visa gift cards. When that one ends, this one starts.

The Visa deal is better than this one, but both are good deals if you like buying gift cards from Staples for credit card points as these rebates help cover the cost of the activation fees. You can also stack these deals with the current (highly targeted) Amex Offer at Staples of $25 off $100.

Here’s All You Need to Know About Staples Easy Rebates.

Hat tip to mistercheap on Fatwallet

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barrytuneup (@guest_310909)
October 31, 2016 19:03

this offer did not work for me today!! Bought 2 200.-00 MCGC, and no receipt for the 15.00 staples card printed.Managers searched the web site and some ad book, but this offer in not available at least in CT/NY. Ca’t be returned but at least I use an Ink card. Where was this ad posted?

Lantean (@guest_311800)
November 3, 2016 09:36

it definitely does work in NY… i did it.
did you buy both in one transaction?
you should submit the rebate anyway, all you need is a receipt number.

barry (@guest_312706)
November 5, 2016 23:03

thanks for the advice Lantean, it worked. I just used the receipt # and worked like all the rest. That’s what these blogs/forums are for, to give out useful info!!. Thanks again.

StevesMiles (@guest_310578)
October 30, 2016 11:30

ALSO: Mastercard demanded that I fax copies of the front and back of the cards and fax affidavits that I hadn’t made the purchases…I told them I always had physical possession of the cards and was not going to spend hours writing notarized docs and travelling to pay for a fax service at an office store……It’s not as if I lost the cards or had them stolen…My credit card issuer agreed with me and reversed the charge….Told Mastercard to investigate the hack and that I would provide any needed information.

Beth (@guest_309781)
October 27, 2016 16:14

Use them quickly or at least save your receipt. two mastercards I bought from officemax during last deal were hacked within about 3 weeks of purchase (which I learned when tried to use one). I usually buy these and then use them for organic nonbonused spend–in this case for doctor bills. Anyhow, getting funds reinstated required proof of purchase and copies of the fronts and backs of the cards, and in my case, the original packaging–as they had not even been opened before somebody in another state drained them.

b (@guest_309879)
October 27, 2016 20:52

Did you check where they were drained? Walmart or a gas station?

Beth (@guest_309898)
October 27, 2016 21:50

Albertsons in California
First a $1 charge and the next day everything –all the while the cards in my Midwest drawer

Lily (@guest_310011)
October 28, 2016 09:16

It happened to me too! Mine was within a week of the purchase (from office depot) when i tried to use it at grocery store i learned the fund was gone – all amazon charges (amazon wouldn’t tell me what state the thief is at but told me they’ve closed his accounts now). What’s so crazy about is that the thief even registered my card under the name of James Jay (not sure if it’s fake name or what) while my card was sitting in my kitchen drawer all this time.

TYRONE (@guest_310509)
October 30, 2016 02:53

I was at the Office Depot the other days and realized a lot of VGC has their package scratch off and their bar codes exposed. I turned them back to the cashier and she shredded them right away. I think someone been skimming those cards and as soon as you loaded them those skimmers will drain them all at once. Watch out.

StevesMiles (@guest_310576)
October 30, 2016 11:22

Yes, 2 mastercard gift cards I purchased at Staples were hacked…mostly Amazon purchases…

Tim (@guest_309741)
October 27, 2016 14:17

So many 200$ GCs. I’m gonna keep cranking this week and chill next week

iahphx (@guest_309730)
October 27, 2016 13:59

No! Please don’t give us anymore “free” points. It’s too much work. 🙂

Lantean (@guest_309700)
October 27, 2016 12:24

i wonder how long before someone comes here to ask if they can use gift cards, coupons, or rewards to buy these… probably 5 more min.

John (@guest_309709)
October 27, 2016 12:43

You forgot to mention “is this deal available online?” 🙂

If you are about to ask any of those questions. The answer to all of them is No.

Lantean (@guest_309710)
October 27, 2016 12:46

OMG you’re right!
I totally forgot about those folks who think that big red banner ‘IN STORE ONLY” is there just for fun or has a hidden meaning. 😉