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Published on January 1st, 2015 | by Chuck


Staples $20 Visa Rebate with Purchase of $300 Visa Gift Cards

Here’s another Staples gift card deal coming soon. These deals seem to now be coming out regularly. Let’s hope it keeps up.

The Offer

Direct Link (Go to “Upcoming Ad”, then go to page 4.)

  • Spend $300  in Visa gift cards and get a $20 Visa rebate card via Staples Easy Rebate.

[Read: How to get more than one staples easy rebate]

staples $20 visa


The fees for the $200 Visa gift card are $6.95, and for the $100 Visa gift card it’s $5.95. And, of course, these can be liquidated by loading Bluebird/Serve.

The Fine Print

  • Deal valid from January 4 – January 10 (so it doesn’t start until this coming Sunday)
  • In-Store only
  • Limit of one rebate per household
  • Must complete a Staples Easy Rebate to get $20 Visa Rebate card

Our Verdict

It’s nice to see these deals come often. This deal is best if you have a credit card which earns a bonus rate at office supply stores, but it may be worthwhile doing even without that. The cost will be $12.90 for one $200 Visa gift card and one $100 Visa gift card. You’ll get back a $20 Rebate card. Plus, you’ll be earning your regular credit card points.

I may grab a couple gift cards if I’m passing by Staples.

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i just recently found your website which is so informative (i’ve bookmarked it now).

i read in a related post here that the easy rebate is based on per address instead of name. so i’ll be using my house add under my wife’s name and office address under my name. That said, i would like to know if we can use the same credit card for both purchases? i would like to use my chase ink for the 2 easy rebates that i have to fill. thanks


Thanks! Is there a way to cash out the Visa Goft Cards?

William Charles

Just the usual manufactured spending techniques


What is a “manufactured spending technique”?


I’ve used the same CC and gotten more than one. Use different name, address, email, and phone number on rebate form.


1 rebate per household


Any data on how long it takes to receive the GC in the mail after the rebate is submitted (I realize it says 8 weeks on the ad but usually it is much quicker than that)?

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