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Shane (@guest_1638573)
June 20, 2023 17:58

5.35% for 12-month CD, but now requires $100k minimum deposit

Jack (@guest_1515294)
December 20, 2022 15:54

The guy in their website looks like Daymond John

The Man
The Man (@guest_1515207)
December 20, 2022 13:58

I’m seeing 4.65%

elephantboots (@guest_1515197)
December 20, 2022 13:46

website showing 4.65%

Peek (@guest_1515356)
December 20, 2022 17:13

Maybe they weren’t ready for the thousand DOC readers all trying to sign up at once.

Lucy (@guest_1515904)
December 21, 2022 12:00

Exactly. I saw the 5% just 2 days back. This is the second bank that I saw has changed the rate so fast.

Woori (@guest_1515196)
December 20, 2022 13:46

5% sounds good now, but it’s expected that the Fed will continue to raise rates, increasing the benchmark rate to around 5.1% next year. So T-bills will probably also be around 5% in the near future.

“On Wednesday, Fed officials forecast a total three-quarter point more in rate increases next year before they pause, bringing the benchmark rate to a peak of about 5.1%”

B (@guest_1515200)
December 20, 2022 13:53

Sure, majority of liquid money is tied up in
iBonds + Stock Market + T Bills in addition to HSA/401K etc

I have about $30K in liquid available, so putting $25K leaves me $5K, I am thinking Jan 1st next year putting another $10K in iBond, and $6K in IRA, which is why i am a bit hesitant to put the money in now for the CD

Matt (@guest_1515290)
December 20, 2022 15:49

there will be interest accounts with 5% in the next few months. Not a deal. 6% now is probably when I’d bite, and I would be shocked if that happens.

Lucy (@guest_1515905)
December 21, 2022 12:01

Waiting for the next hike.

B (@guest_1515194)
December 20, 2022 13:41

seems tempting, does anyone have experience w this bank?