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Stop&Shop/Giant/Martin’s: $15 Shopping Credit with $250 Visa Gift Card Purchase [3/17-3/23]

The Offer

S&S Link Giant Link Martin’s Link (ad p8)

  • Buy $250 in Visa gift cards at Stop&Shop or Giant or Martin’s and get a $15 shopping voucher

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 1.33.34 AM

The Fine Print

  • Valid Friday 3/17 through Thursday 3/23
  • $15 shopping credit will print on receipt
  • $15 shopping credit will expire on April 6
  • Fine Print indicates that you must use your shopping card to get the deal
  • One offer per transaction
  • You can’t buy a gift card with the $15 coupon, you’ll have to use it on regular groceries

Our Verdict

Great deal being that buying VGC at the grocery can be profitable to begin with if you get bonus points there. Either put exactly $250 on the variable-load card or what I would do is just buy the full $500 amount to increase my MS.

What’s really incredible is that the fine print indicates that this deal is repeatable, so you can buy multiple $250 or $500 cards in separate transactions and get another $15 voucher for each. It remains to be seen whether you’ll be able to redeem all of those vouchers in one big shopping trip or if you’ll have to use them one on each shopping transaction.

Update: In the comments, some people are reporting success with doing this deal multiple times with the same shopping card while others are reporting failure.

Hat tip to FWF and DDF

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I assume of you purchase a gift card over $250 it also works?

Don’t see why it wouldn’t

Can you use the voucher/coupon on the same day/shopping trip

Yes. Go to Customer Service first to buy your gift card, and your receipt will have the coupon. Then buy groceries and use an ordinary human-manned checkout to use the coupon. I did this today with no issues.

I think my local S&S now only accept cash or bank issued debit card for Visa gift card purchase. Remember to have seen such sticker on register during the check out. Haven’t tried in person though. Might not hard coded.

Where is your local Stop and shop?

How recently have you checked this? Someone on redditt posted that his S&S just started taking cc again for vgc and a bunch of people had a chuckle. They started it back up again last fall. But I don’t know, you could have a vigilante manager at your place or something. It should be hard coded but he might have trained people to deny. You can find pictures online advertising they take it now and see if a cashier will let you try.

A lot take credit card again, so check if you haven’t been there recently. They have even had signs up saying as much as some locations.

This deal is going to wipe the shelves of VGC inventory. I sure hope they don’t use it as an excuse not to restock.

I went today and there were about 7 racks with about 10-15 cards each. Way better than the Staples that was completely empty.

Can you guys let me know where you are liquidating these Meta VCGs? I havn’t been able to get rid of them since USPS blocked it, and the people in my local Walmart are meaner than people that denied soup to Oliver Twist.

If you rather email me, my email is Thanks in advance!

Walmart and local grocery stores have been taking metas.

Which grocery stores have been taking metas? I have Stop & Shop and Shoprite near me. Are there any limits? Thank you in advance!

The cashiers in my local S&S always asks their manager to use a key whenever I purchase a gift card there, and that makes the waiting time very long.

I don’t have AE so the following CC is what I’ve been using to MS there:

Santander Bravo 3% with $5000 cap per quarter
BofA Cash Rewards 2% with $2500 cap per quarter, or 2.2% if deposit into BofA bank account
Consumers Credit Union cash rewards CC 3% with $6000 cap per year

The $15 is basically merchandises that worth $15.

One thing I don’t understand is that what if I or someone else with the same idea, grab all the visa gift cards and pay them all separately at check out.

Visa gift cards sold at S&S by gift card mall so they should be pin-enable. However, for the VGC I bought on GCM in the past, I never successfully buy a money order with PIN at post office. Please share your method of liquidating those VGC too. Thank you

The service desk has the key and that’s where you should go to buy VGC. Don’t make the cue behind you wait for a cashier to call the manager on duty.

Glad I have plenty of bandwidth left on my OBC! I’m guessing the terms of the $15 shopping credit will exclude alcohol though? Still a great deal.

Cmon guys,this isn’t really that great a deal. It’s not easily scaleable… sure you can repeat but it’s time consuming to do these one at a time, I don’t want to put 10 of these on my favorite credit card, and it draws attention in a negative way.

I can see individual people doing one of these, but it’s not going to wipe out the shelves.

Not a great deal? It’s at least a $20 money maker, more if you do it multiple times, which you should.

To be at least a $20 money maker you have to be using better than a 2% card to account for purchasing fees and money orders/cashing out. Not to mention it’s not cash, it’s groceries that you have to spend quickly (which you lose out on your percentage spend for also.)

For me the problem is that if I have a 5% card that I want to use (I do), but I do not want to do 10 $500 transactions on it.

I don’t like things that draw attention to myself. Going to customer service to make 10 transactions in a row does that. Only buying 1 or 2 of these nets me a few bucks, hardly worth the effort unless I’m already going to the store, in which case I want to be buying $5000, not $500. It’s not a bad deal, but it’s certainly not the deal of the century.

It is actually less than $20 unless you use a card that gives you 5% back.
As Dave said earlier due to separate transactions required, the chances being flagged for repeat similar transactions is a risk that I won’t personally take. I will spread a few over different cards and that’s pretty much it. Liquidation is also becoming more difficult, at least here in metro NY.
It is still a good deal, but I doubt people will wipe out the shelves given that it is right after a gas promo and everyone must have done high numbers. Around Christmas they had $20 credit for $100 and there was still plenty of inventory in my 2 local S&S.

Where to liquidate? I buy my MOs right at the same store! Never in the same trip of course. Plus we have a bunch of these in a small area so I hop around. It is one stop shopping.

Did anyone notice at the service desk the register wants you to enter your phone number but if you wait the cashier does something and it clears it? Kinda spooked me at first. I don’t want them tracking my mo purchases.

Just did two separate transactions. Got $15 on first tx, but zero on second. Message that prints on receipt: one per household. I suggest you test the first purchase by reading the fine print on your receipt before you buy amy subsequent gift cards.

I have Amex EDP. Bought 4. Got 4 coupons. Used them all.. had to do separate transactions for them though. Thanks DOC. Liquidated all GCs to pay federal taxes.

JOe… did you used separate giant cards?

no…. just input my ph#. Anyone think hitting 4 swipes on 1 card is too many.. i hope not.

wouldn’t mind to see this promo again in April for the chase freedom quarterly… bonus.

Did you buy all 4 in the same visit? I would think it would be very awkward to make that many purchases at CS.

Confirmed I was able to use the $15 coupon immediately. Also confirm it is one per Stop&Shop card #, as my 2nd purchase did not print another $15 coupon. Bummer.

location: Stop & Shop in Edison NJ on Route 1 South.

In the past the coupons said “one per transaction”. Do they now say “one per household”?

Is the $15 coupon on a $15+ purchase?

They say both “one per household” and “one per transaction”, at least at my Giant in Maryland.

I believe it specifies a $15+ purchase but I can’t confirm that because I no longer have the coupon. Regardless, there is no cash back, so redeeming for a slightly greater than $15 purchase is optimal.

I was able to buy 4 cards and received 4 coupons at Giant. Coupon can be used with no minimum level of purchase. So this deal is great!

Giant-PA: Used Giant Bonus card,made first $250+ Visa GC purch, got $15 coupon; made second $250+ Visa GC purch, and got $15 coupon again. SAME Giant card used. Therefore, “One offer per transaction” confirmed at Giant in PENNSYLVANIA. NOT limited to one per household, in which case Giant bonus cards within the household can be linked (and limited in some cases).

Keep in mind: Giant-PA is a separate division from Giant-Maryland, Martins, and Stop and Shop, even though all are owned by AHold, sometimes different rules apply.

I’m confused. My Stop & Shop doesn’t have any $250 dollar gift cards. I bought a variable load Visa gift card for 500 + 5.95fee. No coupon printed out. Purchased with Amex PRG.
Any ideas?

Nevermind, I didn’t use a Stop & Shop Card first

Say Chuck, just what fine print are you referencing that led you to believe we can get more than one $15 coupon? Just tried this tonight at a Virginia Shenandoah Valley area Martin’s (a very nice store I hadn’t visited in a long time), and the folks there were very attentive and helpful to me in getting a new Martin’s card, then buying my first Visa GC with a credit card there….. (and yes, it did require a manager’s approval and checking)

I was already hesitant about getting a second one on the first visit — but then I too saw the clear bold print on the receipt — just above the code for the coupon: “One per household.”

I didn’t try going for a second tonight…. (I am grateful for the $15 worth of “free groceries” — all the while knocking out another chunk of my CSR spend.)

Footnotes: 1. yes, I was able to use a credit card to make the visa gift card purchase — which seemed to surprise the cashiers there. (Yet there’s a bold, apparently new sign at the base of the gift card display, clearly indicating, to the effect that “Martins is now pleased to accept credit cards for purchases of Visa Gift Cards (et. al)

2. Did not earn any fuel points for use at the Martin’s gas pump. (same apparently as the Kroger policy, btw, for not earning fuel points on variable load gift cards)

3. and yes, you can buy up to $500 on the card up for promotion here.

4. In the Martin’s I was visiting, they seemed to have a good supply of these cards. (my hunch there’s not much ms going on in that part of the Valley)

Chuck, think I see it now, “one offer per transaction.”

Fair reading of that indeed would suggest multiple transaction should garner multiple $15 coupons…. Be curious to see more data points from others on this… Maybe it means one or the other of the two promos in the ad per transaction: — for the $15 OR for the lame 5x points on the two featured gift cards. (but that’s a guess)

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