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Published on June 13th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] Subscribe To Barron’s For 8 Weeks For $1 & Get 900-1,200 Miles

Looks like the $1 deal is dead sadly.

Reposting as deal is back, keep in mind similar deal available for Wall Street Journal as well.


The Offer

The Fine Print

  • Only eligible on paid subscriptions.
  • Only eligible on first month for pay by month subscriptions.
  • Subscription must be active for at least 45 days
  • Eligible on one subscription per household.
  • Get 8 weeks for $1: Rewards will be issued based on an eligible Member’s purchase of a subscription to Barron’s, starting with one (1) 8 week trial subscription for $1.00.
  • The trial subscription purchase must remain active (i.e., may not be cancelled) for at least 45 days.
  • There are no refunds of the $1.00 trial subscription fee.
  • If the Member does not cancel the trial subscription by the end of the trial subscription period, Member’s subscription will automatically convert to a monthly subscription, and Member’s credit card will be charged based on the terms found on the Barron’s offer page.
  • Offer is limited to one (1) trial subscription per loyalty account.
  • Void where prohibited by law.
  • Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site.

Our Verdict

Keep in mind you need to keep the subscription active for at least 45 days and if after 8 weeks you haven’t cancelled you’re automatically enrolled in a month by month subscription. Pretty sure you can only cancel by phone and it’s not the easiest subscription to cancel. Please make sure you set a reminder to cancel to avoid the ongoing fees unless you actually want the subscription (in which case I’d look for a better deal first) otherwise they win. I used to do deals like this a lot, but now I know there is a good chance I’ll be to lazy to sort it out properly so for 1,200 miles I’ll just give it a miss. If I needed the extra miles for a specific award then that would probably be enough to get me to do it. Still I know some readers love these deals and are better organized/more motivated than I so this one is for you.

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Can you order it with a virtual account number (city or bofa) and then it doesn’t really matter if you cancel or not?

You probably could do it with a visa/master/Amex gift card. By the time the 45 days are up you would hopefully have drained the gift card.

ya i did it with virtual account number last time, and now they dont let me to subscribe again as i never cancelled their first subscription lol

Thanks. I signed up for 900 Alaska miles.

Is this is a good deal for 650 miles for United or should I wait for a better deal? Or have there been better ones? I just recently started to follow these kinds of deals a month ago. Thanks in advance.

Hi, need some advice. I hate calling to cancel subscriptions but I do like this deal. If I use a virtual account number with a $2 limit, will they be able to go after me after the trial period ends and charge me?

I successfully used a virtual CC account number through on the WSJ journal airline mile trial offer and had no issues closing the virtual card and never calling the WSJ to cancel.

But don’t they keep sending mails requesting payments to your home?

Can you “churn” these? I got and received my points a couple months back and canceled my accounts. Can I just do it again?

Can you do it multiple times per portal (assuming you have multiple addresses)? Or once per portal?

Long time Barrons subscriber here where I move back and forth under signup deals etc. It can be a real nightmare to cancel, used to have to call in, not sure it’s that way still, my latest move is soon so probably will do this

The last time this was offered, Barron’s was RELENTLESS in billing the full price after the trial despite confirming cancellation. Had to have them banned as a merchant from my account — which was easily done since there were multiple reports of their abuse.

Woah. Hard pass on this then, thanks.

Use a virtual card service. If you have a CapitalOne card their “Eno” feature lets you create a virtual card and cancel it right away (I believe BoFA and citi have similar options

Thanks for DP.

Weird. I’ve done these deals about once a year for the last 3 years and have never had any issue canceling. As a matter of fact, I just cancelled a trial subscription a month or two ago without issue. YMMV, I guess!

Do not remember trying this in the past…
so tried it with AAdvantage eShopping — hope to see 1200 Miles for $1
– hope to cancel the subscription between 45-56 day window 🙂

I was able to go through the airline portals and subscribe via AA, Alaska, and Southwest, but when I tried to go through United, Barron’s wouldn’t let me complete checkout (they ran a $1.00 authorization on my credit card and then said that the payment could not be processed). Oh well. 650 miles was the lowest of the four offers.

Can we dip all 4 at once?

I see the WSJ for 900 points as well on southwest. Can we do it if we just did it with the united promo with a different WSJ account? I would have rather had SW points than United.

How do they count “households”? Is it shipping address or billing address?

Anyone have a DP on how long until the miles post?

Same question~

Just tried this for Barron’s. At the Barron’s create-account page, it keeps returning a “user does not exist” error, then endless cycle when I try to create the account again. Tried via Southwest and then AA, but get stuck when they re-route to the Barron’s page.

apparently they share the same login as Wall Street Journal through Try your WSJ login should work!

Ditto. Turned out that error actually meant “you already have an account but are using the wrong password” for me.

If I use a different address from the one I used for WSJ, will it go through?

Didn’t read the household thing before signing up. Used a southwest portal and a United portal, I guess we’ll see if it posts!

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