Posted by Chuck on February 5, 2018

Published on February 5th, 2018 | by Chuck


Swagbucks $10 Moneymaker + Free 1-Year of McAfee Antivirus Protection

The Offer

Direct Link to offer

  • Signup for a McAfee Antivirus subscription and get 3,500 Swagbucks

The Fine Print

  • SB will appear as pending for 32 days.
    SB will be revoked if order is invalidated or cancelled.

Our Verdict

The cheapest McAfee subscription is $24.99 for the year, making this a $10 moneymaker. Just keep in mind this is an annual subscription, and be sure to cancel the auto-renew. Best deal if you can actually make use of the antivirus protection – no advice from me on whether they offer good protection or not.

Judging from Slickdeals data point, it seems like the SB are hitting within a few minutes for this deal. Just keep the risks in mind since people occasionally have issues with Swagbucks tracking or with Swagbucks deactivating their account.

If you’re new to Swagbucks then please read our review. You can also get a bonus of up to $13 by using a referral link.

Hat tip to DDG and SD

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For new members of McAfee only?

Doesn’t say you have to be a new member in the T&C

Seems like everything is for new members only. Contacted Swagbucks and their response was NEW members only.

Went through the SB link, signed up for a new McAfee account with my SB-associated email, bought the $25 version, 4 minutes later had an email from swagbucks informing me my 3500 SB are pending until March 8 (31 days). Didn’t bother to even download it, will never use it, will disable auto-renewal after 30 days

Were you a member of McAfee before you did this offer?

SALE: 35 US dollars for $25!

Don’t mind if I do!

McAfee is mediocre in terms of protection offered, definitely not on par with something like Norton, Kaspersky, etc. It does its job ok and should protect the PC from normal threat. However, be prepared to see a lot of false alarm……

Freakin tax in NY

Success. Same experience as emergdoc. Only took a few minutes of my time. Highly unlikely use it myself but working in technology I do review software. Final price with CO state sales tax was $25.85. Will pickup a gift card next month for everyday online shopping. Thanks Doc!

Did you have a McAfee account before?

Swagbucks never paid out several of these “moneymakers” for me, so I quit even trying. Good find, but YMMV on actually getting paid

I also tried a couple of times with Swagbucks. Never got anything from them. Sticking with ebates and upromise. I can count on getting my bit from them.

I tried this one also and it never even showed up in Swagbucks. I cancelled the purchase today, I could have waited until 2/28/2018 but was afraid I might forget. Next time I will read everything carefully and try to figure out what I did wrong.

Optimistic about this one, FWIW I’ve had some bad luck with Swagbucks in the past (mostly dumb 20 cent trial pay offers… now I’m glad I refuse to spend my time on anything but deals like this!) and I think they still suck at tracking offers, but I immediately reached out a week or so ago when I did the 13 dollar MM Hulu offer posted here and hadn’t received payment within 24 hours. And their customer service seemed to be much improved, kept responding immediately, Hulu must have been nice though. Hoping to make this easy 8.13 money maker (darn MN tax) 🙂

pending until March 9, hope it’s easy to cancel thereafter!

Were you a McAfee user before?


That’s good. NEW members only(contacted them). Why can’t they spell this out in plain English? Deceptive.

Ohhh wow, no kidding… They really can be, good call contacting them.

didn’t use my sb associated email when i signed up, did i screw myself?

i got the email saying my points are pending and i see them listed as pending, hope i’m okay.

Did you have a McAfee account before?

i did but i forgot my password but was too lazy to reset my password. keeping my fingers crossed.

Anyone know how easy this is to cancel the autorenewal?

there’s a button where you can disable autorenewal.

Macafee as an antivirus is useless. Many of us in the PC building community consider macafee as the actual virus.

I’ll do this for the moneymaker though.

Nice! SB confirmation email came within minutes

warning to everyone who consider this this:
SB just removed credit of 2000 posted for purchase from a few days ago, no explanation. I took a risk for the second time, after they screwed me with Home Chef. Beware, these are borderline fraud!

Doesn’t say on the website SPECIFICALLY but I contacted customer service and they said for NEW members of McAfee only. With Swagbucks I’ll always contact first to be sure. A little deceptive.

Thanks John. I figured this but wasn’t sure.

No need to remember to cancel. Go to My account in McAfee, and turn auto-renew off.

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