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Published on November 9th, 2018 | by Chuck


[Deal is Back] Swagbucks: Earn up to $35 with Dollar Shave Club Subscription

11/9/18: Deal is back.

9/6/18: Deal is back. 7/8/18: Deal is back again. 2/20/18: Deal is back.

Dollar Shave $15 Moneymaker

Direct Link to offer

  • Signup for a Dollar Shave subscription for $5 and get 2,000 Swagbucks
  • Stay subscribed past two months and earn an additional 1,500 Swagbucks


The Fine Print

  • Must use email address that is associated with your Swagbucks account to earn SB.
  • Initial 2,000 SB will appear as Pending for 3 days.
  • After month 1 normal rates apply.
  • Must stay subscribed past 2 months for additional 1,500 SB to award.
  • Please allow at least 75 days for additional 1,500 SB to award.
  • SB may be revoked for invalid or canceled orders.
  • Swagbucks members will only be awarded (1) one time per user for the offer that is completed.
  • Members will not be eligible to receive SB on this offer if a previous Dollar Shave Club offer was completed via Swagbucks, or for any future Dollar Shave Club offers on Swagbucks once this offer has been completed.

Our Verdict

The DSC offer is a very generous starter offer (prior Dollar Shave Club promotions were much less) and it should be an easy $15 moneymaker since Swagbucks are worth at least 1 cent each. Looks like the cost is $9/month after the first month – paying for two month’s subscription will cost you a bit more than you get back from the SB (though there may be workarounds). Note, if you previously did a Dollar Shave offer the Swagbucks system will error out when you click on the offer.

  • Remember to cancel you Dollar Shave subscription if you don’t want to continue it. I imagine there’s an online cancellation option.
  • Bear in mind that some people end up having problems either with the portal tracking or with Swagbucks deactivating their account for reasons which aren’t clear, keep the risks in mind.

If you’re new to Swagbucks then please read our review. You can also get a bonus of up to $13 by using a referral link.

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Wish Walmart in Hawaii was cheaper. This is a money loser for me. Lol

There is another moneymaker deal for Kiwi

Purchase one (1) Kiwi® product at Walmart and earn 500 SB!
Or, purchase two or more (2+) Kiwi® products at Walmart and earn 1,500 SB!

I have something similar with Mypoints – earn 750 points for one Kiwi product purchased or 2250 for two. Must spend at least $4/product. Seems a bit better.

I did the MyPoints offer that you mentioned a few days ago and already received credit.

If I delay the subsequent month subscriptions (and not get charged the $9), will SB think I’m still subscribed and award the additional 1k points after 75 days of delay?

I envy you guys that make money off Swagbucks. Nothing ever posts for me. I occasionally get swagbucks that just show up from deals but no rhyme or reason to it. I don’t mind doing it for things like Dollar Shave or Gillette on Demand where I will actually use the product but the Kiwi one or the $9.99 video game one are just too much of a crapshoot with a company that doesn’t seem to have a great history of honoring their deals.

Well, I got my Swagbucks for both Kiwi deals posted in 3 days.
Also, it is Walmart – so if Swagbucks doesn’t honor the deal, you can always return it.

strange, i did the dollar shave deal via swagbucks before but when i click on the link here, i can still see the ad and proceed. so safe to do it then despite terms?

anybody else have same experience

The 1500 offer on kiwi at walmart, that renewed overnight with different effective dates.
I just did that last night, got the receipt input and voila, had points in acct this morning.
With the new dates, can I do that deal again ??

That is a great deal for those of you who can use / gift the kiwi shoe cleaners ($5.46 each in Chicago mkt)
I have a son who is the Imelda Marcos in high school, just loves his shoes, so this will be a nice surprise gift.

thanks doc, offer worked perfectly. SBs are already pending (for 3 days)… jumped in now but coulda swore there was a 2500 offer as well. oh well no AOs lately so might as well get this over with.

SBs not showing as pending for DSC – anyone else?

Same, still hasn’t posted.

What a crock of shit. Submitted a ticket three days ago and still no pending SBs OR even a response. I hate these bastards.

Purchase doesn’t track, have no trip ID, that’s normal thing with SB. They don’t reply and you can’t open ticket without trip ID.

Sweeet! Signed up and received Swagbucks confirmation email right away

Be careful with swagbucks my account got shutdown for no reason, i read that if you do too many of these offers and nothing more they may shut you down

If you already have a DSC account assigned with your SB email, you can ask them to delete your account, and then do it again with SB!

While I have not done this yet I have done a few of these in the past. Some advice to make sure that things go smoothly for you.
Clear your cache-Honestly this is simply overkill.
Use supported browser. I use Chrome with SB offers not my standard Opera. Opera does not track well at all. (Finding out the hard way with the Gillette offer still 3 months later. But my own fault for using the wrong browser.)
Save everything, do not delete emails or accounts until you have the credits. I do not delete the accounts so I can go back in and take needed screenshots if there are issues.
Get Photoscape to take screenshots. Takes 10 seconds to document, worth the hassle if you are trying to make $20+.
Be courteous when you send tickets. SBs is glitchy, no one is going to deny that. I have sent in at least three dozen tickets over the past five months and have never had one rejected, account frozen or stopped from surveys. From my extensive reading about SBs banning people is they are simply ignoring the terms and skirting the rules or simply flat out being dumb and having multiple accounts.
For me, it is easy money and easy to do as I work from home. Not going to complain about pulling out $900 for really not a lot of effort.

Was that $900 mainly from moneymakers? I thought my $100 profit was good

I signed up and 2000 Swagbucks showed up as pending right away.

They manually added my 2000 SB but I still see the offer showing up again and it doesn’t error out. Do you guys think I can do it again or safer not to?

I got my initial bonus on 3/14 which appears to be 78 days ago, but no second bonus? Should I contact them, and who?

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