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Dollar Shave $22 Moneymaker with Swagbucks and Amex

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[Originally posted on 3/17. Repost and update on 3/21 since the offer got $2.25 better. (HT: Elias)

The Offer

Direct Link

Swagbucks is offering the following bonus for signing up to the Dollar Shave Club:

  • 700 475 Swagbucks (worth $7.00) for the initial signup
  • Another 1,500 Swagbucks (worth $15) after remaining a member for 2 months

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 10.02.42 PM


There’s also a targeted Amex Offer at Dollar Shave which we’ve reported. There are two versions:

  • Spend $10 or more at Dollar Shave and get $10 back as a statement credit
  • Spend $10 or more at Dollar Shave and get 1,000 bonus Membership Rewards points

The Fine Print

  • Must use email address that is associated with your Swagbucks account to earn SB
  • Initial 700 475 SB will appear as Pending for 3 days
  • After first month, normal Dollar Shave rates apply
  • Must stay subscribed past 2 months for additional 1,500 SB to award
  • Please allow at least 75 days for additional 1,500 SB to award
  • SB may be revoked for invalid or canceled orders
  • Swagbucks members will only be awarded (1) one time per user for the offer that is completed
  • Members will not be eligible to receive SB on this offer if a previous Dollar Shave Club offer was completed via Swagbucks, or for any future Dollar Shave Club offers on Swagbucks once this offer has been completed

Our Verdict

With the Amex Offer, you can get the Dollar Shave costs down to $0, which leaves the 2,200 1,975 from Swagbucks which are worth a minimum of $22 $19.75.  In the past, Swagbucks had a similar deal, but if you did that one you are not eligible to do this deal again (though you can still take advantage of the Amex Offer deal).

If you use the Acorns app, you can get an extra 10% (?) back on all your Dollar Shave purchases which will be $3 in our example below. (HT: AMAnd if you’re a member of FoundersCard, you get free $18 there so this should stack.

Just bear in mind that some people have had problems either with the portal tracking or with Swagbucks deactivating their account for reasons which aren’t clear, so keep the risks in mind.

If you are signing up for a new Swagbucks account, I’d appreciate if you use my Swagbucks referral link. You’ll also get a $3 + 2 bonus at the end of the month if you earn 300 SB.

Step by Step

Here’s how I’ll go about doing this deal:

1) Go through Topcashback and buy a $10 Dollar Shave gift card with a registered Amex card; select ‘Other’ to get a $10 card (double check that the gift card amount is $10 before clicking Purchase; trust me on this one). Use Safari if Chrome is glitching out.

2) Repeat step #1 with a second Amex card; repeat step #1 with a third amex card

Do not create a Dollar Shave account yet. You’ll do that later.

I’ll now have $30 in Dollar Shave gift cards which I got free after Amex credit. Hopefully, I’ll also have $3.60 from the portal cash back, though based on the comments it’s more likely this won’t track.

4) Go through Swagbucks and signup with Dollar Shave for an initial $5 fee; during the signup, they’ll allow you to apply a gift card to pay, you won’t have to use a credit card at all. At this step you also create your Dollar Shave account. Make sure you use the same email that you use with Swagbucks; I forgot to do this, though it seems to have worked anyway.

5) After completing signup, go back to your Dollar Shave account and apply the other $20 in gift cards so that you won’t be hit with any fees for the next two months of service. You need to leave your Dollar Shave account open for two months to get the Swabucks.

After the initial $5 cost for the first month, the next two months cost are $9 each. Since you have a $30 account credit, that’ll more than cover the $5 + $9 + $9, plus some sales tax. (It’s possible that you can get away with paying just $5 + $9 and cancel before the third fee hits, but assuming you have three Amex cards you might as well be conservative and apply them all to avoid any doubt.)

At the end of the day, you’ll have some razors stuff + $6 left in Dollar Shave credit + the 2,200  1,975 Swagbucks.

6) Remember to cancel your Dollar Shave subscription (Link) during the third month if you decide you don’t want to use Dollar Shave anymore. Mark it down on your calendar. After the three months of fees, you can also downgrade the account to a cheaper package of less than $9 until you use up your Dollar Shave credit. If you have the Amex Offer on many cards, you can keep getting razors for free for quite some time.

The truth is that using our method here there isn’t any major need to cancel since you never gave them your credit card, only gift cards; when the gift cards get used up they’ll probably auto-cancel the subscription. That said, it’s probably worth cancelling the subscription for the avoidance of doubt.

Hat tip to reader daxihe

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Thoughts on switching from The Executive Blade ($9) to The Humble Twin ($3) after the first month?

Was just thinking the same thing. The terms don’t seem to specify that you need to stay at the $9 package. But you never know with Swagbucks as they have changed terms in the past…

have the same thoughts. Will the 1500SB sill awarded?

You can keep the two month subscription and have the razors shipped every two months.

Any way to use SB for merchandise instead of the razors? Or is the best bet there just to use TCB and try to double dip with a GC?

Does anyone know if DSC ship things by USPS or UPS? How many days does it take? And I presume it comes in a small box that can fit into a regular metal mailbox?

Wanting to do this deal now, but away from home next week and dont want some random package sitting outside front door for days


I ordered mine early this morning (17th) and got an email to expect it on the 22nd via DHL.

Dollar Shave just shipped my box- listed as DHL, but tracking link on DHL says “delivered by USPS.”

Dammit, I just signed up for DollarShaveClub yesterday with the Amex. You think there is any chance I can get the swagbucks promo now?

This site is becoming to cheap,,, low level promotion.

What don’t you like about this post? It’s a pretty easy $20 and good way to use up those amex offers.

Ignore the naysayers. I appreciate the offer being posted.

I found the detailed (step by step) description of the offer useful. Thank you!

I agree, Will. I enjoyed making the $20 and trying out DSC “FOR FREE” that I see over and over on TV ads. Sure, the $300 bank bonuses are great, but I can’t make one of those every day. So, in the meantime, I’ll take every free $20 you find. Thank you!

I was able to get $80 in free products plus $19.95 SB Happy Fathers Day!

Well, what is your expectation sir ?

What sort of crazy person has 3 Amex cards to get all the $10 gift cards for free? This doesn’t seem worth the trouble if you only have one Amex card. Having to cancel the service at just the right time – then, worry about the SB being credited. I guess there are worse deals; best of luck.

Lots of people do, some people have a lot more than 3 ;).

Wife and I have 9 AMEX. So I got $90 worth of stuff from DSC and $20 for free. Pretty sweet deal. Thanks for positing.

Between my wife and I and AU, we easily have 20 Amex cards and got the offer on almost all of them. With having Schwab plat this offer is worth $250 for us!!

The right kind of crazy!

can we just enroll for the blades and get the Swagbucks ?

CAUTION: There is a bug in their website that if you purchase two gift cards back to back, please retype amount number again, in our case “10”, when purchase the second one, or they will charge you for a $65 egiftcard by default even “10” displayed on page. I just got charged for a $65 giftcard and I am pretty sure it was display as 10 in the text box.

This happened to me as well!

Me too! I got so mad at myself for not carefully checking the gift card amount.

OMG this just happened to me too!! However I chatted and they voided the transaction.

Can’t for the life of me sign up for swagbucks. I am located in the US. I have tried 3 different browsers, 5 different email addresses, and with/without VPN. Errors out every time and then says email address has been used already.

Thanks Chuck!

I have used your referral for Swagbucks and above instructions to place my first order on Dollar Shave club.

So is it 2 months after the first month, 3 months all together? If i signed up today 3/18 when can i cancel? Thanks

Can we downgrade it to $3 after the first month. So it be only $5+$3+$3?

Don’t think anybody knows for sure unfortunately

The offer was on 6 of my cards and 5 of my husbands. Followed your step-by-step instructions. Free stuff + cash back makes me happy.

Thank you for writing about these opportunities. Ignore the critics…

Glad you found it helpful 🙂

I can’t find anything against this but if i do this, then refer my wife to swagbucks to signup as well. Would they deny at either swagbucks or DSC for having two offers to the same address?

FYI – I did this with past dsc offer.

Wife used home address for dsc.

At least in order to get 1st month for $1 on dsc after wife signed up, I had to use my work address. If I entered my home address, dsc told me I had to pay full price for 1st month.

My word of caution: Swagbucks NEVER get rewarded on their own. When it says “Wait N minutes/hours/days for SB to be awarded” I always wait beyond that and they never turn up on their own. I always have to contact SB support and then they apply it manually, to their credit.

The only exception is those offers for which SB are pending instantaneously. Or just awarded instantly.

So I don’t think it’s browser issues.

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