[Expired] Swagbucks: Complete A DoorDash Delivery & Earn 17,500 ($175)

Update 2/19/24: Now $175.

Update 2/12/24: Deal is back at $125 now (it’s been $100 or $150 in the past). Hat tip to @addingpennies

The Offer

  • Swagbucks is offering 10,000 points when you complete your first DoorDash delivery order

The Fine Print

  • Swagbucks may take up to 32 days to post

Our Verdict

From what I’ve read being one of these delivery drivers is absolutely awful money, but I guess it could make sense for some people to just do the one delivery to earn the $125. Not sure how involved the sign up process is. I’m not a big fan of the Swagbucks offers that don’t instantly post and lots of people have reported this one not posting properly and requiring manual intervention so I’m going to give this deal a miss. Can still see it being useful for some readers though. Apparently this offer has been as high as $200 in the past, so might be worth waiting for a bigger offer to come along.

If you’re new to Swagbucks, please read our review. You can also get a bonus of up to $13 by using a referral link.

Deal History:

  • Update 8/23/22: Deal is back, but at 10,000 points rather than 15,000 points. Only posting as deal is expected to end or decrease further in September.
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Pratham (@guest_1802189)
February 23, 2024 15:38

Would doing just this deal or a similar one and only one delivery, essentially less than $10 perhaps result in a tax form or a 1099 from DoorDash?

Churn_and_burn (@guest_1801264)
February 21, 2024 21:45

Seeing 7500

phrost (@guest_1800718)
February 20, 2024 17:29

signed up for the offer when it was 17,500 on 2/13.. just did my first and last delivery. i drove for 40 minutes and only made $11 + $4 tip. makes me feel bad for people who have to do this full time

Slick Nick
Slick Nick (@guest_1802840)
February 25, 2024 11:50

phrost This was me today except I did not get a tip… I would recommend users avoid grocery store deliveries and go for an easier restaurant one. Did your SB go to pending? It’s been a few hours for me and I am not seeing anything

phrost (@guest_1802893)
February 25, 2024 13:59

nothing yet. i already reached out Swagbucks and they told me to wait the 32 days

Kyle (@guest_1800617)
February 20, 2024 13:56

Seeing 15,000.

I would totally do this but SB hasn’t tracked very well for me lately.

The Man
The Man (@guest_1800557)
February 20, 2024 12:10

Seeing 7,500

bluri_rs (@guest_1800512)
February 20, 2024 10:29

Only shows as 5000 SB ($50) for me

slanky (@guest_1800456)
February 20, 2024 08:39

has anyone in NYC done this without a car or bike?

JohnDoe (@guest_1800407)
February 20, 2024 02:11

Only 5000SB for me

Jason (@guest_1800295)
February 19, 2024 20:57

Why I am still showing 5000 SB only

adam (@guest_1799768)
February 18, 2024 23:32

Does anyone have a data point on how long this took to go pending? Completed first delivery today. Shows “visited” but not “pending”

Doggo (@guest_1800584)
February 20, 2024 12:56

Same. Might submit a ticket on SB in a few days

Highsky (@guest_1803854)
February 27, 2024 14:21

Still not showing ‘Pending’…