Posted by William Charles on October 23, 2016

Published on October 23rd, 2016 | by William Charles


[Targeted] 50% Transfer Bonus: American Express Membership Rewards To Starwoods Preferred Guest (2:1)

The Offer

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  • Receive a 50% bonus when you transfer your American Express membership rewards points to Starwoods Preferred Guest (SPG). For example, transfer 1,000 American Express membership rewards and receive 500 SPG points.


The Fine Print

  • Must transfer a minimum of 1,000 points
  • Valid until November 17th, 2016

Our Verdict

They offered a similar transfer bonus last year, there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason as to who it’s targeted to (e.g some Platinum cardholders will be eligible, others won’t be). A 50% transfer bonus is as good as it gets for SPG, so if you’re thinking about transferring then now would be the time to do it. I still don’t think this is a good value of MR points due to the low transfer rate (even with the bonus) although you could effectively get 3 Marriott rewards points per 2 MR rewards points (still terrible value IMO).

Marriott travel packages might be worth considering though, you’d 180,000 Memebership Rewards points and for that you’d receive a seven night stay at a category 1-5 property and 152,000 United Miles (with this bonus), 142,000 American Airline miles (with this bonus) or 120,000 miles with other programs.

American Express have the current transfer bonuses:

You can view a full list of historical bonuses here.

Hat tip to subintima1 on /r/churning

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Marcus Narvaez
Marcus Narvaez

I only see this as being decent for topping out a marriott account to get a travel package. I have about 82k SPG and 3k marriot, leaving me 21k marriott or with this, 14k MR short of the package.


I just need 500 additional SPG points and I don’t have the cc but i’m not targeted for this transfer bonus.


for 17$ you can buy 500 SPG points. might be with it if u really need them


Where do I find out if I am targeted or not?

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