Posted by William Charles on May 22, 2018

Published on May 22nd, 2018 | by William Charles


[Expired] [Targeted] Chase Pay: Load Starbucks & Get Up To 325 Stars

Deal has expired, view more Chase Pay deals here.

The Offer

Offer sent out via e-mail, subject line is ‘Collect up to 325 Bonus Stars when you reload with Chase Pay’

  • Now through July 4, collect Bonus Stars each time you reload $25 or more (up to 3 times total) with Chase Pay®, a safe and secure mobile wallet. Bonus is as follows:
    • 100 stars for first load
    • 100 stars for second load
    • 125 stars for third load

The Fine Print

  • Valid from May 21st until July 4th

Our Verdict

Shame it’s targeted, this would be useful for the Starbucks fans. Not as good as the previous offer of 300 stars for a single purchase though. Keep in mind every 125 stars is worth a free item at Starbucks, so almost free item per $25 load and can be done three times. Doesn’t really make sense to do unless you actually like Starbucks and go there often though as you obviously need to use the credit up at some stage.


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I got this but it’s actually 100 stars / 200 stars / 300 stars for 1/2/3 reloads of $25+

The offer is100/200/325 with only the last reload getting 125

So can I use this link and get the bonus stars even if I wasn’t targeted via email?

Free stars item works on the expensive but tasty “Protein Boxes” (what a silly name) basically a lunch.

um. ok. star rewards works on almost any item at the store. also, theres nothing wrong with the name “Protein Boxes”. sounds legit to me. i guess its not hipster enough for you.

I got the 300 stars from the last promo but those only gave me gold status, no free items. Some others had the same experience too.

Huh? You redeem the stars for free items at 125 stars apiece. There’s not an automatic redemption that turns your stars into a free item coupon or anything, you just tell the cashier you’re redeeming stars for a freebie so they can hit the correct redemption key on the register before scanning your Starbucks card.

its OK heather. hes a starbucks n00b. TBH his comment was pretty funny. its like you buy a car and ask how come its not driving itself yet.

No, what he is saying is he had 0 stars, they gave him Gold status, the 300 stars are in your history but not available to redeem. Same thing happened to me.

Ah. Strange. Seems like something that would be easily rectified by contacting Starbucks customer service. They’ve always been quick to respond and helpful to me.

If you’re Green Level, it takes 300 stars to reach Gold Level, where the stars mean rewards. He was at 0 stars, got 300 stars from the promo, and reached Gold Level, resetting him to 0 but now Gold Level.

that means u had no status in the beginning bruh. thats why. its like hotel elite status. u start earning some good hit only after you reach the first initial 300 gold status. then ur earned stars can be redeemed.

1/2/3 reloads = 100/200/325 Stars (not cumulative).

Hard pass. Chase Pay seems kind of desperate to increase usage.

As often as Groupon does $5 for $10 gift cards, this doesn’t make much sense for me.

Perhaps this is an okay deal for someone who uses Starbucks on a daily basis.

The Groupon ones have usually been targeted only though. I’ve gotten in maybe 2 out of 20 I’ve tried.

so reload total $75 and get 2.6 free drink/food items. Nice job chase. Nice job.

has anyone done this that wasn’t targeted and gotten their stars?

I did it without being targeted. Points didn’t show immediately but within an hour they were in my account.

Starbucks doesn’t issue stars right away. It resets after midnight.

Good data point, it looks like you don’t have to be targeted to receive this bonus.

I tried it yesterday and no stars so I do think you need to be targeted. Sadly.

And as an added bonus, you don’t even have to buy anything at Starbucks now. Just pack a lunch, go in, use their bathroom, and use their WiFi and never buy a thing.

u must live in a rich urban area. many starbucks restrooms are locked altho its easy to ask for the key or code.

I was referring to Starbucks’ new policy that came about because of the two black men being arrested.
Starbucks just announced that now anyone can come in and sit down and use their restroom and they don’t have to buy anything.
Short the stock, is what I’m saying.

It’s always been that way for my locations. People have meetings, hang out, use the bathroom. Some buy, some don’t and never a complaint from Starbucks.

yea. just like celia said, its always been that way man. since many were locked depending on the location, now i guess some or many locations have changed their policy but i see no change for my fav ones. starbucks has always been a hangout spot and the best ones are in fact in rich areas. so u never need to buy shit and use their wifi and use their restrooms and its always clean. none of that ghetto bullet proof glass shit.

If I don’t get the stars as promised, do I contact Starbucks or Chase?

Chase, but you’d get a complimentary credit.

Do the reloads code as dining?

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