Posted by William Charles on January 3, 2017

Published on January 3rd, 2017 | by William Charles


[Targeted] Citi Sears Offering 10x/10% Back On Gas, Grocery & Restaurants

The Offer

  • Select Citi Sears cardholders have been sent out a targeted spending bonus of 10x Citi ThankYou Points or 10% cash back on the following categories:
    • Gas stations
    • Grocery stores
    • Restaurants
  • You need to spend a minimum of $300 per month in these categories to be eligible and there is a $100/10,000 point cap per month.


The Fine Print

  • Valid from January 1st until March 31st
  • Allow two billing cycles for the points to post
  • This is a targeted offer, you must have received it to be eligible

Our Verdict

There is a reason this card is ranked as our #1 store credit card. Fingers crossed these offers keep rolling in even though they have added 5%/3%/2%/1% categories until the end of the year.

Hat tip to reader @jayesh_patel45

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Was this sent out via email or a mailer…..Thanks

Weird. I had this last quarter as described, but this quarter my min-max is $500-800. Regardless, I’ll take the 10x and 8000 points all the way to the bank. Be careful though folks, the $300 (or $500) min is a hard floor, if you aren’t paying attention you will only get 1x.

For me it is 800 max. It came through email. When you click pay attention to link offer Id is in the link.

It’s 10 *bonus* points, so for gas it’s 15 points total?

..10 plus 1

Yeah, mine got lowered to 8,000 bonus per month max, with a min increase to $500. No issues making that between groceries and dining though.

I also received a one time 2,500 bonus point offer for a purchase of $50 (one time only though) on the same day.

Received my Oct spend bonus on 12/20, so seven weeks, or nearly two months for them to post.

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