Posted by William Charles on September 13, 2017

Published on September 13th, 2017 | by William Charles


[Targeted] Select Banks: Spend $50 On Walmart Grocery & Get $10 Back [BofA, Regions, Suntrust & More]

The Offer

Check your bank login to see if you were targeted (read this post to see what banks share the same offer back end)

  • Earn $10 cash back on your online Walmart Grocery purchase, with a minimum order of $50

The Fine Print

  • Offer only valid on purchases made through
  • Offer valid one time only. Offer expires 10/8/2017.
  • Payment must be made on or before offer expiration date.
  • Offer not valid on prescription purchases.
  • Offer not valid on tobacco products purchases.

Our Verdict

If this is your first time shopping at Walmart Grocery, be sure to use a Walmart Grocery referral for $10 off your first order – find one in the comments of this post. You can also leave your referral there by following the instructions outlined in that post.

A few other notes about Walmart Grocery:

  • Prices match whatever you’d normally pay at that Walmart store
  • Cold groceries are separated for you
  • If an item is out of stock but you ordered it they will replace it with a higher value item for free
  • Cashback portals don’t track on these purchases & items that priced by weight have prices adjusted at pick up
  • You can’t pay with Walmart gift cards

This is similar to the AmEx offer giving $20 back on $100 spend.

9 Responses to [Targeted] Select Banks: Spend $50 On Walmart Grocery & Get $10 Back [BofA, Regions, Suntrust & More]

  1. NBG says:

    Got this on my BoA last week and did a pickup with Walmart. They also give $10 discount on first order.
    Got the email about the CB earned after my pickup.

  2. EmergDoc87 says:

    What are the select banks? Don’t see it on BofA

  3. David says:

    I love Walmart Grocery. So easy and convenient, plus they tend to give you free gifts for your first time or two. The Walmart staff promoting this in-store told me last time that if I have more than 1 email address I could just open up more accounts to keep getting the $10 discount for a first-time customer w/new accounts… kid you not! DP: It works.

    • NinjaX says:

      surprised someone at WM would tell you that, but the multiple personality email ID hack has been around since the beginning of time for anything tied to E-Mail promos so im not surprised WM works too. just like Google Express,, starbucks etc etc. but good DP.

  4. Darvin Ray says:

    I got yhis with my amex offers. Spend $100, get $20 back.

  5. P says:

    I don’t see it in my BofA account but not a big deal. No Walmart Grocery here.

  6. Information Booth says:

    You may not be able to use a shopping portal, but if you’ve chosen Walmart in the Drop app. you may be able to earn points that way. Love in Christ.

  7. Kyle Rowe says:

    Amex offer: $20 off of $100

    First time order offer: $10 off of $50

    When I picked up my first order I also got a $5 off of $50 coupon for next purchase

    Didn’t get targeted for this offer although the only bank I have an account with that’s related is PNC. Going to hit that $100 by the end of the month though for the sweet savings.

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