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Airline Rewards

Published on September 12th, 2018 | by William Charles


The Economist: Sign Up For $12/Twelve Weeks & Get Up to 1,500 Miles

9/12/18: These offers are back again today.

The Offer

Direct links to offers

  • You can currently get a 12 week subscription to The Economist for $1 per week. In addition you can get up to 1,500 miles when you sign up
    • American Airlines: 1,500 miles
    • United Airlines: 1,200 if you’re a credit card holder otherwise 800 miles
    • Southwest: 1,100 points
    • Alaska: 1,100 miles
    • Delta; 900 miles

The Fine Print

  • Eligible on one (1) subscription per loyalty account number.
  • Only eligible on new subscriptions.
  • Only eligible on first month for pay by month subscriptions.
  • Subscription must be active for at least 60 days.
  • Not eligible on subscription renewals.
  • Not eligible on any free products, trials, services, subscriptions and memberships
  • . Not eligible on all retailer marketing subscriptions.
  • Not eligible on purchases made with coupon or discount codes that are not found on this site.
  • Not eligible on gift cards, gift certificates or any other similar cash equivalents

Our Verdict

Keep in mind the account must stay active for 60 days, after the 12 week trial you are automatically subscribed to the regular pricing so make sure to cancel between that 60 day and end of the 12 week period to avoid staying subscribed. Update: You can e-mail in to cancel, this comment has the full details.  I assume cancelling requires a call in, as it does with similar WSJ deals. If you’re organized and value miles highly then these deals can be good value. Personally I find it a bit too much work for the miles involved but everybody is different.

Hat tip to reader Matt W

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You can now cancel by email in the US by emailing

With the following information:

To: The Economist Group
Tel no: [insert tel no if applicable]
I/we hereby give notice that I/we cancel my/our Subscription contract
Purchased on: [insert date of Subscription]
Customer Reference Number: [insert relevant Customer reference number]
What’s this?
Your name (or the customer’s name if different):
Your address (or the customer’s address if different):

Does this extend the expiration of the AA miles?

good question. In recent experience, (any) points activity that posted to my family AA accounts, including cheap magazine subscriptions via AA shopping portal worked to extend expiration dates…. What say others for this particular promo?

Yes this would count as mileage activity and extend the life of your AA miles. The only warning I would give is that shopping portals can be flaky on if and when miles post so if you are really close to the deadline you might want to use some other way to extent their life.

Post is not correct. It is $1/week, so $12 in total.

You’re right, that makes it far less enticing given the hassle involved.

I confirm this DP for the AA portal.

Are they compliant with the new CA law?

Which new CA law?

Effective July 1 Companies offering online subscriptions to Californians must allow them to cancel online.

A new law in CA starting July requires that if you can subscribe online, you must be able to cancel online.

A service subscribed to online is required to have the option to cancel online.

None of those are worth $12 unless you really want to top off your account- or you really want the economist and then this is a great deal. WSJ and Barron’s deals were $1 total.

It’s $1 per week so this is DOA. Would be interested to know if they comply with CA law (which requires the ability to cancel online if you sign up online)

I recently successfully cancelled my sub to The Economist by emailing It’s on their site here:

Please fix this post. The deal is $1 PER WEEK for 12 weeks, so $12 total, not just $1:

On the page with portal links:
$1 per Week for the First 12 Weeks – Print + Digital Subscription.

On the actual portals:
Introductory offer 12 weeks for only US$12

This is a much less interesting offer at that rate.

“Subscription must be active for at least 60 days.”
It seems paying 12 weeks in advance is a must.
Actually, it’s a quarterly subscription. Original price is $45, about 73% off.

I dunno I may do this. I’m trying to top off my AA account and was considering buying miles anyway so this is the cheaper option. Still remembering to cancel between 60-90 days is the real trick

The WSJ and Barron’s posted within 7 days, but this would definitely be a gamble if I didn’t want to waste more than a $

J. Sarayda Shapiro
J. Sarayda Shapiro

I might do this to help me make the 110,000 points required for a Southwest Companion Pass. Now that the Rapid Reward personal card is only a 40k sign-up bonus, instead of 50k, I expect to be a few thousand points short.

Also, The Economist is a really good magazine.

The Premier should be 50k again before the end of the year.

Subscribed on July 2. recently updated that the miles were in my account and were credit on July 3. Miles expiration was extended and this also counts as one of the 5 actions on the other AA promo for 5000 miles

On this deal, it says “Only New Customers”. If someone has been subscribed before, but cancelled, would this now count as new? Or would I need to use a different email address that’s not been subscribed before? The wording is tricky.


I have never flown before. I see a lot of these Miles offers on this site. Am I able to just sign up for one of the Airline programs and start collecting points or do I have to have flown with them first?

I did this deal earlier this can.

Can I do it again with a different e-mail / credit card?

Is it possible to sign up for different subscriptions for each loyalty program? @1cent or less per mile, ill take AA, United and SW.

I did it with Delta. Created a new account to get some bonus miles from a promotion and combined accounts few years later.

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