Topcashback Clarifies Details of Raise Promo [Not Good News]

We wrote about an awesome promo from Topcashback which pays out $10 on each gift card sold on Raise. Only gift cards above $50 are eligible for this deal; lower amounts remain on the $1.50 payout rate.

A Twitter conversation ensued about whether the face value of the card has to be $50 (this was the simple understanding) or the sale amount of the gift card needs to be $50.

The issue has now been put to rest as Topcashback added clearly in the details of the offer that it depends on the final sale amount, not on the face value.

tcb raise clarification

So if you have a $50 Walmart gift card that you sell for $48, you won’t get the $10 cashback, rather the $1.50.

Another thing that is now stated in the terms on Topcashback (which I don’t think was there before) is orders over $1000 are not eligible for commission. Again, this should be dependent on the sale price and not the face value, so if you sell a $1000 gift card for $950 you should be eligible.

See also the previous post for some great tips to get your Raise transactions to track (works for me!).

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Thanks for this clarification.