U.S. Bank Radisson Rewards Cards No Longer Available, Discontinued?

Update: Card has been discontinued, more information here.

The U.S. Bank Radisson Rewards credit cards are no longer accepting new applicants. Landing page and application links have either been removed or redirect to other pages. Originally I thought this was due to the separation of Radisson Rewards programs and that this was temporary but it appears that these cards have actually been discontinued.

Hat tip to Omer S

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Burton (@guest_1357725)
April 3, 2022 01:04

My Radisson Rewards Business Visa is being converted to a Triple Cash Rewards Visa (which I already have :/).

“This letter is to inform you of important changes to your account. The Radisson Rewards Visa Card Program will end and be transitioned to a new card in May 2022…”

Also, no renewal bonus (40k points) if renewed after 4/30 but will give prorated annual fee credit. If you spend 10/20/30k by 4/30 you’ll get your free night certificate(s) as of 4/30.

tassojunior (@guest_1357679)
April 2, 2022 21:21

yes. 4/22/22 Today I got a letter from US Bank that my Radisson will be converted to a USB card next month.
Who get’s Radisson now?

ChannelZ28 (@guest_1357668)
April 2, 2022 20:24

I also got a mailer that my card is being converted to the Altitude Go. It does state that I will be getting a pro-rated refund for the annual fee.

Lochquel (@guest_1356844)
April 1, 2022 11:06

Hadn’t kept on the Radisson Rewards card, but alas they appear dead. US Bank sending letters out confirming change to Altitude Go for Radisson Rewards Visa (personal) and Triple Reward for Radisson Rewards Biz Visa (business). What a whimper of an ending. Largely got for a one time 2 for 1 nights. 🙁

Matt Katakis
Matt Katakis (@guest_1326104)
February 3, 2022 22:58

If you’re traveling to Portland, OR, the Radisson Red is pretty solid. But agree, the real value is in the Radisson Blue properties overseas, though it’s harder to travel there these days. There is also a newer one in Aruba that’s very nice as well.

Omer (@guest_1326134)
February 3, 2022 23:45

Radisson Red in Portland, OR seems to be permanently closed and does not show in a search on their app

everythingbagel (@guest_1326145)
February 3, 2022 23:57
Matt Katakis
Matt Katakis (@guest_1326159)
February 4, 2022 00:50

I stand corrected. I stayed there early 2021. Didn’t realize it had closed. That’s a shame…was a good spot.

havai (@guest_1327440)
February 7, 2022 09:57

indeed….. yet another sad indication of what’s remaining of the Radishack lineup in the ‘merikas…. So many of the once very nice properties left the fold. Sadder still, so many of the once bright lights are aging…. and despite promises of renewal, have been sorely behind the curve. (Case in point — the 40+ year old Radisson @ Melbourne Beach, FL …. Stayed there recently, though was a pain to deploy multiple free nights…. They’ve at last been making progress…. wish them well, but so much more to do… As for the chain…. alas, places like the surreal Country I&S at Kalispell Montana are all too rare….

Still have the suspicion Radisson did this division simply to make it easier to sell off their aging Radishack fare in America… (and this credit card development lends further weight to the suspicion)

CJ (@guest_1326470)
February 4, 2022 17:29

We were in Aruba recently and took a walk down Palm Beach to see the new Radisson Blu. While a nice looking property, it is not on the beach. You have to walk through the Holiday Inn to get to the beach. Then you have to rent beach chairs from a private concession. Why on earth would I want to do that?

Harry Nguyen
Harry Nguyen (@guest_1326061)
February 3, 2022 21:37

Damn, good thing I pulled the trigger sometime in late 2021, idk why I waited 5-6 years to get this card but for what it’s worth, the promo too, I got a stay in Phoenix for 4 nights for about $400, checked IHG, Marriott, and Hilton and so far it was the cheapest! Haven’t seen anything that cheap before and gonna get 40k points worth! I might stay with Radisson if I get more promos or good deals!

rick b
rick b (@guest_1325831)
February 3, 2022 15:17

This card died with the 2-for-1 deal going away. And it died a little more when US Bank got aggressive against MS.

I fondly recall the days of staying in Radisson Blu hotels for about $100/night in MSing costs.

Fathiss (@guest_1325925)
February 3, 2022 17:17

You spent $100 in MS cost for only one night? You’re either mistaken, I read this wrong, or you’re doing something grossly wrong.

Jesse (@guest_1326116)
February 3, 2022 23:17

$10K spend needed for a free night, so $100 would be about 1% (plus you’d get another 50K points which maybe isn’t being counted)

Andy (@guest_1326618)
February 5, 2022 02:35

The original comment mentioned Radisson Blu hotels, and assuming we’re not talking Chicago or the Mall of America, that’s overseas, so it’s only in reference to the points and not the US-only free night certificates that you get per $10k spend.

When this card first came out, top-tier properties were 50,000 points/night, or 25,000 points/night when taking the 2-for-1 into account. That’s $5k of spend per night.

$100 per $5000 would be 2% liquidation. Possible, but unlikely, since Radisson 2-for-1 overlapped with things like Bluebird, which were extremely easy and accessible to a lot of people.

$100/night might have been possible later on when top-tier increased to 70,000 points, and things like Bluebird were dead. Then it’s $7k of spend per night, and $100 there would mean 1.4% liquidation.

While that’s possible, I thought we were talking about the glory days here.

Anyway, I’m way overthinking it and going to go with math error.

Caleb (@guest_1325937)
February 3, 2022 17:31

What was the 2 for 1 deal?

philco (@guest_1325944)
February 3, 2022 17:54

The card used to give you the last night free on stays. So for a two night stay it was 2 for 1. If you had two players then you could rotate two night stays to scale up for longer stays. It was obviously way too lucrative to survive but instead of doing something reasonable like fifth night free they killed the whole thing. They basically made their program less lucrative than bigger programs and with often second or third rate properties.

Jesse (@guest_1326117)
February 3, 2022 23:18

Every award night redeemed came with 2nd night free a long, long time ago.

Joe S
Joe S (@guest_1325726)
February 3, 2022 12:03

We’ve kept one of these for many years, the business one since it’s $60 a year for 40,000 points. Was always hoping a different chain would buy them and I’d get something out of transferring the points. Haven’t used any points since back in the 2 for 1 days, but hoping one day we’ll get a good use out of the points.

CJ (@guest_1325705)
February 3, 2022 11:24

With the split of the Radisson program into two, Radisson has been on my own chopping block. However, I do generally charge $30K a year to the card before putting it in the sock drawer so that I receive the three domestic award nights, as well as 150K Radisson Reward points. That I have felt was worth the spend. However, if USB discontinued the card, it would not break my heart.

FreeFreeFree (@guest_1325695)
February 3, 2022 11:02

I’ve been kicking around cancelling this sucker for years since they got rid of the 2 for 1, which was so long ago I can’t even remember the details except it was a complete steal.

40k for $75 yearly was a decent deal if one is playing the long game and looking at getting some value overseas, but I haven’t even been to a city with a decent/convenient radisson in the states in years.

Definitely curious to see if US Bank will be converting these at some point sooner or later.

Eric (@guest_1325702)
February 3, 2022 11:19

Even if they don’t auto-convert, I’m curious how long they’ll continue to give the 40K (which shows up 2 months after paying the annual fee)… I feel like this is something that they’ll just remove without notification (e.g. “oops, terms changed, sorry”)

iahphx (@guest_1325725)
February 3, 2022 12:02

Yeah, my wife and I have kept the cards to get the annual points bonus, and we’ve sometimes have received retention bonuses. There are more promos these days on the (limited) USA hotels, so you can sometimes find an OK domestic redemption. Like I recently redeemed 20,000 points for a $200 Country Inns. But I won’t be too worked up about losing this benefit. Hoping to use my now considerable points balance at reasonable redemption levels overseas.

Mayne (@guest_1326057)
February 3, 2022 21:31

Radisson Blu Aqua Chicago