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Barclaycard Uber Credit Card: 4% Eateries, 3% Travel, 2% Online, 1% Everything Else; $100 Signup Bonus; No Annual Fee

Uber announced today the details of their anticipated Uber credit card. The card will be issued by Barclaycard and running on the Visa network, and will be available for application on November 2, 2017. Key features include 4% cashback on dining, $100 signup bonus, $600 in cell phone insurance, and a $50 subscriptions (e.g. Netflix or Amazon Prime) benefit.

Card Details

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Uber and Barclaycard have partnered to issue a Visa card which will be available for application starting November 2, 2017.  Card earns the following rewards:

  • 4% back on dining which includes restaurants, fast-food restaurants, takeout, and bars, including UberEATS
  • 3% back on airfare, hotels, travel agencies, and vacation home rentals including AirBnB
  • 2% back on online purchases which includes online shopping, Uber, and streaming services. This includes retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and Macy’s, as well as Netflix, Pandora, HBO Now, Apple Music, iTunes, and Google Play. And also certain online services like Instacart, Shyp, Angie’s List, Handy, Thumbtack, FlyCleaners, and TaskRabbit. Starting December 5, 2017, it also includes: online purchases paid with third party payment methods including PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay. Does not include: online purchases from merchant category codes that include Utilities, Contracted Services, Government Services, or Professional Services.
  • 1% on everything else

Interestingly, the New York Times says to have heard from Uber and Barclays that “point transfers to airlines will be coming in 2018.” That could be pretty interesting, we’ll have to wait to hear more details.

Signup Bonus

The card has the following signup bonus:

  • Get $100 back after spending $500 within the first 90 days

Your 10,000 bonus points will be awarded at the close of the first billing statement after you spend $500 in purchases on your Uber Visa Card.

You’ll apply for the card in the Uber app or online, and the card will be available for you to use immediately upon approval with a virtual instantly-issued card (a few card issuers do this).

Points Currency

The card earns ‘points’ which can be redeemed for cash back, Uber credit, or gift cards at a rate of 1¢ per point. In other words: it’s a cash back card. Cash back can be received as a statement credit or a transfer to your bank.

  • Reward redemptions start at a $5 when redeemed for Uber credit and $25 when redeemed for cash back or gift cards
  • No limit to how many points you can earn
  • Points don’t expire

Barclaycard has stated they would like to airline transfer partners in 2018 as well.


  • No annual fee
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • APR: 15.99%, 21.74% or 24.74% depending on credit worthiness

Card Benefits

  • Up to $600 in mobile phone insurance for theft or damage if you pay your complete monthly phone bill with the Uber card. There is a $25 deductible. Coverage for stolen and damaged cell phones as well as involuntary and accidental parting of your cell phone is provided. Contact the Benefits Administrator at 866-894-8569 or visit for additional details. Once all other available insurance has been utilized, Cellular Telephone Protection will provide coverage up to six hundred ($600) dollars per claim after the twenty-five ($25.00) dollar deductible, with a maximum of two (2) claims and twelve-hundred ($1,200.00) dollars per twelve month period. More details here.
  • $50 subscription credit after you spend $5,000 on your card per year. Eligible subscription services are: Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Music, Audible, Sirius XM, Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, DirecTV NOW, the membership fee for Amazon Prime, and Shoprunner. (This credit only begins in year #2 if you spent $5,000 in year #1.)
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Exclusive access to events and offers in select U.S. cities
  • Complimentary FICO score (like all Barclay cards)

Final Thoughts

I’ve always thought that the various tiered cashback cards are worthless since most purchases fall into the lowest 1% category. This is the first tiered cashback card I’m impressed by:

  • The 4% eateries category is awesome for someone who eats out a lot. Sure, a lot of travelers would prefer 3x CSR points on dining since those points can be worth more than 4%, but for a cashback person this is excellent. The dining highest cash back card that comes to mind is 3.5% on Bank of America Premium Rewards, and that’s only for people who have $100k in BofA accounts. [RelatedBest Credit Cards For Restaurant Spend]
  • The 4/3/2 categories actually cover many/most purchases for a lot of people. Even your typical consumer who will just use one credit card for everything could potentially do well with this card, depending on their spending patterns.

This is the first 1%-base card that I’d actually consider recommending someone who wants a single card, though in practice I may defer to the Double Cash or the Alliant 2.5% card for simplicity (depending on the consumers spending patterns).

In any case, for credit card enthusiasts, it’s not a question of one card or another: someone who finds the card useful can certainly add it to their collection. Maybe it’ll even be available for product change from another Barclay card.

There are a few reasons people might find the card interesting:

  • Get 4% cash back on dining, including international dining
  • Get 3% cash back on travel
  • $600 mobile phone coverage is excellent for a no-fee card; we compared the various credit cards who offer this benefit here
  • $50 streaming credit; we don’t usually see perks like that on no-fee cards
  • It’s a no-fee card that can be used internationally (there are more-and-more cards coming out with this feature)

The biggest surprise to me is that they created a cashback card, not an Uber rewards system. They did not even offer 4% on Uber rides. In other words, the card doesn’t have much to do with Uber. That’s not a bad thing about the card, just an observation.

Uber mentioned specifically that they are focusing on long-term users who will keep this card as their main credit. For that reason they kept the signup bonus small; they don’t want gamers who will signup and leave. That’s also why they nudge you to put your monthly cellular bill ($600 protection) and monthly subscription services ($50 credit) on the card to keep it as your ongoing-use card.


Can I product change to this card?

Currently this is not possible. Customer service representatives are stating that it’s not currently possible so it might be possible in the future.

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This is really interesting. So what falls under “online purchases”? GC’s?

2% isn’t too exciting since you can use Citi Double Cash or Fidelity.

Yea, anyone who gets this will probably get it for the 4% on dining and is not big on points. Cit double cash or the Alliant card will be a better choice for other categories (other than hotel and airfare)

I’m gonna wait to see if they offer exclusives for having the card

This is interesting card and would be more interesting if there is some credit or something if you use the card for Uber.

Interesting. Indeed, the first of the branded non-airline cards I’d consider. 4% dining, incl international is nice. Online shopping has potential too.

Wonder how lenient Barclays will be approving people.

I doubt you can but it would be cool if you could PC to this card..

Could finally do something with my Commence card.

That’s my plan, as well. Going to see if BarclayCard will convert after 11/2.

Not sure I would sign u p for it but maybe if I could product change to it especially if the cell phone insurance is any good.

Covers lost phones which I assume is the reality for most people who need cell phone insurance. How will they prevent people from “losing” their phones.

Very interesting indeed.

You can “loose” your phone with any major credit cards within 90 days, so if people are really going to play evil they have lots of options.

This card has one problem.
Its issued by Barclays.
If you have more then 2/3 Barclay cards
Good luck getting approved.

4% on dining is really nice. Glad I hesitated on the Savor. Perfect timing!

That’s a fair point.
But this is the reason
Why everyone is asking/hoping
That they allow us to product change
to it.

Does Barclays not allow product changes?

Does it have a hard limit on cards?

All my experiences, thus far, have been positive.

I think Barclays will be really skeptical unless you’ve had your other cards for a while. I have four but it was like pulling teeth. Not sure it’s a hard limit but they become very skeptical.

I was allowed to PC to a no AF card with my Wyndham card. The rep also told me when my Arrival Plus AF comes due I can PC to the no AF version of that one also. Those could be considered in the same card “family” though.

I have 4 cards with Barclay. Getting my 4th took a lot of effort, there is zero chance they would approve me for a 5th card. They also wouldn’t grant me new credit only moving my exiting credit limit since my 3rd card. Barclay usually limit you to 3 cards. Even thought it’s not a stated rule.

I’ll say it’s even worst.
If you have recently had more than 3/4 cards this year than Good luck getting approved !!
Last week, I applied for three cards Amex, BoA & Barclay
All approved except Barclays.

Wow… well done Uber and Barclays. The 4% on dining will be my primary use for this, along with the cell phone insurance. Between my phone bill and dining expenses, I should be able to hit the $5,000 requirement, which will net me another $50 in value to go against my Play Music subscription. I predict they will nerf one or more of these benefits in 2-3 years, but I’ll take it while it lasts.

Wow. I don’t use Uber for ethical reasons, but this card is really quite good.

An ethical churner! Hahahahaha
Keep telling yourself that. You’re such a better person.


There’s obviously a spectrum of ethics. This isn’t a dichotomy where you’re either totally good or completely not.

Thanks for being the response I expected, though.

I’m in the same boat. I guess I fall in the typical younger age range habits of “eating out a lot” and “traveling”, so I’ve always imagined a card that did this but have never seen it happen.

I just don’t feel like supporting Uber at all. If Lyft or AirBnB make a card in the same vein, that’ll be interesting, though.

Oh, but ya know, if they made it in metal, I’d sure have to think hard about it!
You all realize you aren’t making Uber richer by getting it, right? It’s no different than saying you support the ethics of Chase or Citi because you have their card.

I think it’s more of a preference thing. I just don’t feel like having an Uber card when I don’t use Uber at all and prefer other services over them. I know the numbers of “reward cash back” make sense, but I like to curate my wallet with things and brands and cards I like! I think what makes this one hard is that I like the 4/3 part of this reward structure which is sort of rare for a cash back card (nothing tied to Uber or some weird reward point system!).

For some reason, I thought these credit card deals have like interchange fees being split up between the card issuer and the brand, or revenue or something being split. I do realize that even if that was the case that one person choosing not to get the card wouldn’t affect the bottom line at all.

I am with you TPdL.

The cobrand cards do split their spoils between the sponsor and the issuer.
So yes, Uber gets a cut on the interchange fee and that is the part I dont want to let it have.
Uber simply has a very unethical practice and a corporate bully, to everybody it encounters – from local governments to drivers to customers and their own employees.
Sometimes some of us DO have some principles to keep even though it does not make any real difference as you say.

Cards like this do erode the value benefit that previously justified keeping AF cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Paying an annual fee to get 3x UR on dining is giving you much less of a boost over 4% than a 2% card. What used to be a no-brainer to keep is probably going to be much less certain unless you’re a big spender.

I’ll wait for a business version of the card, but looks great to keep long-term. I prefer lyft over uber 1000x but I’ll happily take the money back. Nice card if you’re lol/24 I guess.

Are they offering a business version?

Should I go for this card or wait 1 year till I’m under 5/24(4/24) so I can get the CIP? This is so tempting but I’ve already waited 3 months of no cards. I guess overall, this vs the CIP. And also do you think this card can stay around? It seems wayyyyy too good to be true.

1 year is a long time to wait. This vs CIP, CIP is better value proposition but at least once you’re over 5/24 you can just focus on other non chase cards.

yea I agree, this is probably my last chance to get under 5/24 as I’m gonna start churning heavily after that. I guess I’ll sit this one out :p hopefully the 4% sticks around

Same boat. I love the URs tho, so gonna hold it out for CIP for sure. Definitely not worth burning a slot.

4% on dining, I am very happy =)

Since phones are getting to the 1k+ point, I think I may have to signup for this card. I was denied a wells fargo CC due to no banking with WF and too many open cards. This card also covers accidental loss of your phone, which is pretty huge. IIRC, both chase ink preferred and WF personal CCs only cover if the phone was stolen, and you have to file a police report

I could convert one of my 2 ink cashes to ink preferred, but that has a $95 AF AND a $100 deductible.

Id still use my CSR on food since its 3x but each point is worth 1.5 cpp, essentially making it 4.5cpp for restaurants

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