View Your Chase Pre-Qualified Credit Cards

To access the Chase Pre-Qualified web page you  follow these steps from the home page:

  • Click “Product And Services” in the header
  • Click “Credit Cards” in the drop down menu
  • Click “All Credit Cards” in the side menu
  • Click “Check for Pre-Qualified Offers”

Alternatively you can click the following link:


Using the Chase Pre-Qualified offer page will only bring back results for the following cards: Chase Slate, Chase Freedom & Chase Sapphire Preferred. It will not bring back results on any of the co-branded cards that Chase offers. If you have pre-qualified offers you should see a “Congratulations” message followed by the cards you’re pre-qualified for.

It’s important to note that Chase might not give you the best offer available when using this pre-qualified tool (they’ll give you the bonus which is publicly advertised on their website). This isn’t a major issue because Chase will match any larger bonus you see for a period of three months.

If you don’t have any pre-approved offers from Chase you’ll see the following page:

chase no special offers


Is Using This Tool A Soft Or Hard Credit Pull?

Chase will do a soft pull which does not affect your credit score when you use this tool. This is clearly stated on the page itself:

This will not impact your credit score in any way.

If I See An offer How Likely Am I To Be Approved?

Seeing a pre-qualified offer from Chase does not mean you’ll automatically be approved. Chase does pre-qualified offers based on whether they would’ve approved if you had applied when they pulled your credit report. Chase does not necessarily do their credit pull when you use the pre-qual application, if they’ve recently pulled your report they will use that instead. This means that the information they are basing their application on can be outdated. If your credit has changed then there is a chance you could be denied. Read more on this.

Will This Work If I Have Opted Out Of Pre-Approval Letters?

No, you must be opted in to receive pre-approval letters otherwise you will not see any special offers from Chase.

[Read: How to opt out of credit card pre-approval letters]

If I Don’t See Any Offers, Can I Still Be Approved For A Chase Card?

Yes you can still be approved for a Chase card even if you don’t see any pre-qualified offers when you check. It’s important to remember that this Chase tool doesn’t look at all Chase cards, only cards that are fully operated by them (e.g co-branded cards aren’t included). You’ll still have a chance of approval for the cards it does look at as well (see above for explanation).

How Can I See Pre-Approved/Targeted Offers From Other Card Issuers?

A lot of the other card issuers have pre-approved offer sections on their website. Click for our rundown.

How Can I See My Recently Mailed Offers From Chase?

Chase no longer offers this option, any results should now show up on the pre-qualified page. Here is how you used to be able to access it:

  • Click “Product And Services” in the header
  • Click “Credit Cards” in the drop down menu
  • Click “All Credit Cards” in the side menu
  • Click “Check for Mailed Offers”

check for mailed offers

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This link works for Chase rn:

The current link on this page and directions don’t appear to be valid anymore.