View Your Personalized/Pre-Approved Discover Card Offers

Like most credit card issuers, Discover has a way of checking to see if you’re pre-approved for any of their credit cards. This application will also show any personalized offers you have from Discover. To access this page you can click here, or navigate to the personalized offer page from the home page by doing the following:

  • Click credit card home, which is the first link on the far left of the footer links (at the very bottom of the page)
  • Scroll to the middle of the page and click “See your personalized offer”



If you have any personalized offers from Discover you’ll see the following text: “Congratulations, <your name> You are approved for <card name>”. It should also have a specific APR rather than a range. It  should look something like this:

discover pre-approved

Image credit: Memin of creditboards


If you see something that does not look lines of “Here’s The Card We Found For You” with no specific APR then you have not received a pre-approved offer and are seeing an advertisement for one of Discover’s cards instead.



Is Using This Tool A Soft Or Hard Credit Pull?

Discover will do a soft pull on your credit report if they haven’t recently checked your credit report, if they have they’ll just use data from the old report. Soft pulls do not affect your credit score.

Don’t worry, finding your offer will not affect your credit score.

If I See An offer How Likely Am I To Be Approved?

If you see the congratulations message you have a true pre-approval. This doesn’t mean you are guaranteed approval though, it means that when they checked your credit profile you would’ve been approved at that time. If your credit profile has changed significantly since then you could be denied. You can read more about how it works by clicking here.

Will This Work If I Have Opted Out Of Pre-Approval Letters?

If you’ve opted out then you will not see any pre-approval offers from Discover. Find out how to opt out or opt in here.

If I Don’t See Any Offers, Can I Still Be Approved For A Discover Card?

Yes, there is still a chance that you could be approved for a discover card even if you didn’t get any offers from their pre-approval tool.

How Can I See Pre-Approved/Targeted Offers From Other Card Issuers?

We created a central resource for viewing these offers click here to see them.

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