Posted by William Charles on May 14, 2018

Published on May 14th, 2018 | by William Charles


Visa Checkout & Costco Not Honoring $50 Back $250+ Deal For Everybody

Back in March we posted a deal for $50 back when you spend $250+ at Costco using Visa checkout. It was an extremely popular deal due to the fact it should have worked on Costco cash cards. It was so popular in fact that Visa Checkout is claiming that the deal ended early and anybody who placed an order after 3/26/18 at 4:45PM PST is not eligible.

The problem with that is that the promotion was still being displayed as active at that time. I think there was some sort of caching issue as I did see the offer as expired around that time, but anybody who hadn’t visited the page before or visited the page in incognito mode had the promotion displaying clearly. I think the onus should be on Costco/Visa checkout to make sure the cache is cleared correctly and an offer displays as expired if it has ended early. The official terms state that people should receive the $50 back within 6-8 weeks of the promotion ending so I guess they should start posting soon if you’re eligible. I’m not entirely sure what recourse readers have if the $50 promotion doesn’t post to their account, my usual go to is to complain on social channels (e.g Twitter & Facebook) and then escalate from there if the issue isn’t resolved.

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perhaps CFPB? I did file one on PayPal when they mislead me and they paid me ~$100

costco is an awesome company. i wouldnt be surprised if costco footed the bill in the name of customer service because i know Visa wont. why?

VISA IS A BS MOFO PROMO COMPANY. ALWAYS removing offers early due to “Popular Demand” BS reasons. they do this time and time again for all their partners. just wish companies stopped doing business with Visa checkout to make a strong statement. anyone remember what Visa did with the Wyndham promo this year? remember that? screw Visa man.

I love how you never hold back, we always know where you stand NinjaX !

MoreSun haha thanks. yea. many times my views go against the grain but some things just have to be said.

I haven’t received the $50 even though I placed my order before their stated cut off time.

The same.

I’ve been checking other threads in forums and I don’t think anyone has received the $50 credit yet. The title of this is a bit premature IMO, since we’re not sure what will be honored.

Nobody has. My order was placed well before the cutoff time.

Do you have any proof for that, in case that’s needed? My Costco order show only the date but not time. The $250 charge posted on my credit card statement several days later.

order email timestamp

I should have a confirmation email with a timestamp but I’m not seeing it right now actually. I don’t expect them to start lying about when I placed the order to weasel out of $50, the potential litigation cost to them for doing that would be much more expensive! I’ll give it until we’re past the 8 week mark and then I’ll give Costco a call. One step at a time!

We still have a week before we hit the 8 week mark. File complaints after that.

David Lawliet

I called customer service representative to petition to give me my $50 credit even though I made the $307 gift card purchase at 5:05pm 20 minutes late!!

She messaged the managment and they granted my request with no hassle or petty resistance and said the $50 credit will be applied to my Vantage West credit union connect visa signature credit card in 2 to 3 business days!!

Even though Vantage West credit union Connect visa signature credit card only gives 5x points or 5% cash back for in store Costco purchase not online!l

I had made an order at like noon on 3/26 and have been patiently waiting and thought this post was saying that Costco wasn’t honoring it at all. Misleading title. All this is saying is that they ended the promo early and most likely will not honor those orders after a certain time cutoff.

I placed my order at 9:30 pm as the offer link was clearly still working. Working nearly 5 hours after they claim the offer has ended doesn’t sound right. As you say, if it is truly expired, they need to ensure it isn’t showing anymore by ensuring caches are refreshed. Surely this is normal known process they have to use regularly. For example when I use WordPress and update/remove content, it is updated in caches nearly instantly usually or maybe 1 minute later in rare cases. Even where there are far more sophisticated or large caching systems involved, they would have to have a way to ensure the caches are updated when content changes.

If it is still working 4+ hours later, I say a claim of 4:45 pm is thus arbitrary.

After being a few ttimes over the years, I started taking screen shot of anything over $10 or I will print a pdf of the webpage and its fineprint esp with CC Apps.

Costco has excellent customer service, thankfully haven’t had many issues over the years. I
But I fear eventually it may go the way of LL Bean if people start abusing it ridiculous returns.


Even by paying out the 50 to everyone – there is not much Costco loses in this case. People will tend to spend just because they have a cash card and buy stuff even if they don’t really need it.
Plus Costco now knows the true value of its money. The statistic (of how many people are ready to jump in if they just throw a 20% bone for a few hours) they would have collected from this will be priceless to their marketing department.
I’m a member of Costco but do not shop there like a majority of Costco fans. I believe Costco ends up being more expensive than my local grocery store (if you follow the weekly deals and use coupons) for groceries just because of the spending psychology that the warehouse triggers. Unlike most people I disagree that Costco pricing is the best for everything. They do have quality stuff and the return policy is insanely good especially on big ticket items.

I will try to take a full year to spend my 250 cash card. That is the goal.

I hope people don’t claim Costco is the best pricing for everything, I don’t know if such a place exists. That said, I shop at Costco often but not a lot for groceries. I find that TP and other paper goods, along with gas, more than saves enough for the membership. Anything on top of that is a bonus for me. Just picked up an iPhone 8 there tonight for 699, with 350 in credits and 150 cash card. I like deals like that.

Celia, is there a special deal for iPhone 8 at Costco?

I shop at Costco regularly. I definitely don’t buy any groceries there except for frozen stuff that will last a long time. Unless you’re buying for a family, Costco is probably not the right place to shop for that kind of stuff. It’s their other products that make membership a great deal. Just their tire service (winter/summer seasonal swaps) makes the membership worth it. Also, if you wear glasses, their prices are insanely good.

Costco is very good in all of those categories, but web merchants like Zenni Optical beat Costco’s glasses prices by a factor of three or four (meaning you can buy three or four times as many pairs of glasses). Of course, you have to wait for delivery and the customer service is terrible; Costco definitely has a big advantage there.

yes, Harry, you are really going to cut into Costco’s bottom line.


Care less about Costco’s bottom line and more about my own bottom line.

Hey HarryTheFirstHarry,

Here’s a thought, why don’t you just cash out the $250 cash card 🙂 😛

The ability to cash out a Costco cash card ended a few years ago. None of my local Costcos will cash out a card until it gets down to a relatively nominal sum, say $20.

I called Visa Check Out and they told me to call Costco. Then Costco told me to call Visa Check Out. Then Visa check out told me to wait full 8 weeks and if credit don’t show, call your credit card company…..

Oh wow. The fun. Visa is the credit card company lol

Visa is not the credit card company, Citi is.

I checked my email for the timestamp and fall within the time. I’ve chatted with Costco and they said I’ve to wait for 6-8 weeks from the date of purchase.

I called costco and they told me citibank is supposed to issue the credit??? I just don’t have time to deal with this BS.

Hey DoC, thanks for the hat tip.

For what it’s worth, I went to and politely expressed my disappointment via live chat. The chat rep escalated to a supervisor and let me know they’ll credit my card the $50.

I like Costco, and their online customer service seems pretty decent. No need to make a public display via social media.

I tried with Costco live chat just now and they sent me to Visa Checkout.

And did they credit you the $50?

Nothing yet. I put in an online request a couple days ago.

Ok, 8 weeks and no credit. Trying VisaCheckout on Twitter because I’ve got other stuff to do today. If I don’t get it settled that way, I’ll try Costco chat and unless I see multiple DPs of calling in working I’ll file a dispute with the credit card company. Like others I don’t have the time to play pass the blame.

Went to live chat with Costco and they were unusually snippy with me, essentially having a boiler plate copy and paste response to contact Visa Checkout. She went so far as to tell me they know about it and that Visa should handle it. Going out on a limb it wouldn’t surprise me if we don’t see any more VC deals with Costco.

Called Visa and at first was told to wait longer despite it being 8 weeks. Told me to wait until Friday and if not credited to escalate it at that time. I politely told her I’d like to be transferred to a supervisor and at that point she told me she’d look into it for me. After a few minutes of holding she told me they’re aware of the issue and that the credit is “in process” and I should expect it by the end of the week. I purchased early that morning on 3/26 fyi. Guess we’ll see how this pans out.

So before and after escalation, you got the exact same non-answer. Yeah, I don’t think it pans out.

A few people online chatted with Costco and got the credit

The terms and conditions on the promotion said “Quantities are limited” so I think they can actually do this?

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