[Washington State] Free Delta Miles based on Seahawks Performance & More

The Offer

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Delta is offering a free-miles opportunity for those who live in Washington state, based on the Seahawks’ performance this coming season.

  • One mile for every passing yard at a home game.
  • If the fans get louder than a jet on the December 15th home game vs. Los Angeles – causing five opposing team false starts – get 1200 miles.
  • For every 12,000 eligible individuals who register for this Program, each participant will receive 500 miles.

A few other perks for signing up for this promotion:

  • Priority boarding at Sea-Tac all season long. (Note: This benefit may not be available on all Delta flights. 12status boarding at SeaTac will take place after Sky Priority and before Zone 1. It will be active for Delta flights departing from SeaTac from 9/8/16 – 2/5/17.)
  • Sweepstakes – Two potential winners per home game will get SKY360 seats.
  • Free Beer poncho.
  • If you fly Delta for away-games, get free official merchandise at Sea-Tac, while supplies last.
  • Free giveaways at Seahawks home games.
  • Free giveaways at Sea-TAC to participants who fly Delta during select regular season away games.


  • New Delta Skymiles members get 1,200 miles for signing up.


The Fine Print


  • Between 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time (“PT”) on September 9th, 2016 and 12:00 a.m. PT on February 6st, 2017, visit www.Seahawks.com/12Status and follow the directions to register for the Program.
  • Your registration will be linked to your SkyMiles account.
  • Limit one (1) registration per person.
  • Your SkyMiles account address must be in WashingtonIf you’ve moved from somewhere else to Washington, you must change your Delta SkyMiles account address to the Washington address to be eligible. 
  • Must be 18 to register. Must be 21 to get free beer poncho.

Our Verdict

Worth signing up if you’re in the area; hopefully a couple thousand free miles or more.

Hat tip to maxthedrummer on r/churning

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Apparently this is a result of Delta trying to compete with Alaskan, so I doubt we will see such programs anywhere else. 🙁


if you use a WA zip code, you can sign up even if you dont live in the state


Good luck with that. Terms says it will match with your skymiles address.


yea its pretty easy to change that too

William Charles

Probably not worth the risk of adverse action for most people.


i think the worst they would do is take back those points