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Wells Fargo Now Offers FICO 9 to Deposit Account Holders

Wells Fargo first introduced free FICO scores to holders of consumer (personal) credit products who used the Wells Fargo Mobile app in March 2016, giving you the FICO score they used to manage your account. For consumer (personal) credit card holders, this is your FICO Bankcard 2.

Over time they’ve expanded access to those enrolled in Wells Fargo Online, and recently expanded eligibility to anyone with a deposit, investment, or retirement account at Wells Fargo. (First data points on Reddit; footnote 1 at this page on Wells Fargo’s website.) As a result, Wells Fargo account holders without a consumer credit product – for example, consumers that just have a checking account – now have access to their FICO 9 score, updated quarterly, for free.

Note that Wells Fargo account holders with a consumer credit product will continue to only receive the score used to manage their account, but will receive their FICO 9 if the credit product is closed.

While the FICO 9 scoring model is not (by my understanding) in wide use yet, it’s still nice to see some more variety in the FICO scores you can obtain for free.

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h/t u/yt-nthr-rddtr on Reddit

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Thanks for the heads up! Although, it indicates that mine will be updated monthly. When I click on the link below my score that says, “Updated Monthly,” the pop up screen reads:

“If your score is updated monthly, you can expect your new score to arrive on or around the 10th business day of each month.

If your score is updated quarterly or 4 times per year, you can expect your new score to arrive on or around the 17th business day of your update months. Your update months will depend on your specific credit products.”

I don’t have any Wells Fargo credit products, and have both a business and a personal checking account.


Nice to have for those still have their WF account open from the last bonus.
I know many people closed them after bonus posts. I kept it for deposit.

Monthly would’ve been much better though.


Thanks, probably wouldn’t have noticed it without this article!


Good to see Banks start using the “new” FICO9 score system, I noticed this with Penfed CU last month, they started using FICO9 and my score went up to 783 from 656 using the old NextGen 2 score system lol.


Just a quick note that this FICO score feature appears to be available for personal customers only — deposit or mortgage customers.

I and a family member each opened sole prop business checking accounts last month ($300 promo for Choice) and those were our only accounts. Didn’t have the score function in the right hand panel. We each called customer service — got varying answers about needing to have 6 months+ history with WF, another rep said it’s a tech support issue and had tech support call me back, etc. All without result.

Lo and behold, just opened the new $200 personal offer for the Everyday checking last week and the FICO score appeared immediately, for both my and the family member’s accounts. So it looks like the biz checking didn’t qualify for the feature.

For another family member, she doesn’t have any deposit accounts, but has a WF mortgage, and the FICO feature is also available

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