A Comparison of Free FICO Scores from Banks & CUs

After reading yet another disappointing Kristin Wong post (“All the Credit Card Companies That Offer Free Access to Your Credit Score“) over at Lifehacker’s Two Cents, I felt the need to tackle the subject in a more comprehensive manner. The goal of this post is to serve as an in-depth yet quick comparison of what each bank or credit union offers in terms of: type of score, credit bureau, and frequency of update. The focus is on FICO scores offered by having a credit card, but there will be some miscellaneous information included. There will be tables (I love tables), so you will likely want to view this on a desktop (leftmost column is abbreviated credit bureau, topmost row is the FICO scoring model). (This could be considered a companion to our excellent post “Complete List Of Places To Get Free FICO Scores“, though that post does need an update).

Data is compiled from the CFPB’s publication “Where to find access to a credit score” (specifically, the comments of “Notice of a Public List of Companies Offering Existing Customers Free Access to a Credit Score”), from FICO’s list of partners to the FICO Score Open Access Program, from personal experience, and from various places on the Internet.

You will likely want to refer to our omnibus reference “Credit Reports & Scoring Reference Pages” for more information about credit scores & what they mean. In particular, “How Many FICO Scores Are There?” lists the various scores and some of their differences.

This is as complete listing as I could make, but I’m sure there’s plenty of missing information. If you have questions, updates, or additions, please drop them in the comments below!


These banks offer free FICO scores updated monthly, for cardholders of consumer credit cards. Due to the way tables are displayed, I had to split FICO scores and FICO Bankcard scores into separate tables.

2 8 9  ?
EX First Commonwealth1 American Express4; Chase5; Discover6  Wells Fargo9
TU Bank of America; Barclays3; Discover6; Synchrony8 Commerce Bank2
? Citizens; Merrick


Bankcard 2 Bankcard 4 Bankcard 8 Bankcard 9
EX Wells Fargo9 Ally1,10; First National Bank of Omaha7 MUFG Union Bank
EQ Huntington Citibank; SunTrust


  1. Ally, First Commonwealth Bank, and First PREMIER Bank update and display your score quarterly, instead of monthly.
  2. Commerce may update and display your score quarterly or monthly.
  3. Barclays updates and displays your score bimonthly (every two months), or more frequently if something significant has changed on your credit report.
  4. American Express often updates more than once per month, but will only display the most recent score in its history. If you don’t log in and check, you will miss the extra scores.
  5. Chase only provides FICO scores to cardholders of the Chase Slate.
  6. Discover’s Credit Scorecard, which is available to everyone, provides Experian FICO 8. Note that Credit Scorecard updates every 30 days or when you log in again, whichever is later. Discover indicates that cardholders get TransUnion FICO 8 with their monthly statements. Note that this is updated monthly (and displayed on your statement) unless there’s been no activity for 180 days.
  7. FNBO provides a FICO Bankcard 8 score for credit card customers and FICO 8 for consumer loan customers; the latter is omitted in the table.
  8. Synchrony only provides FICO scores for the following cardholders: Amazon.com Store Card, Walmart Credit Card, Walmart MasterCard, Sam’s Club Credit Card, and Sam’s Club MasterCard.
  9. Wells Fargo displays the FICO score that is used to manage your account. For example, Wells Fargo also offers its consumer loan customers (including private, auto, student, mortage, HELOC, etc.) access to a free FICO score, but the bureau, frequency, and type of score is not indicated. (Nor is it indicated for credit card customers—I had to go digging on other sites to confirm). The expansion to deposit, investment, and retirement accounts led to access to a FICO 9.
  10. Ally provides a FICO Bankcard 8 score for credit card customers and a FICO Auto 8 for auto loan customers.

Credit Unions

These credit unions offer free FICO scores updated quarterly. In general, your FICO score is available if you have a consumer credit card with the (F)CU, but some (F)CUs offer it to all members or have other criteria (not indicated due to the general targeted nature of (F)CUs). Navy Federal plans to offer a free FICO score to consumers in 2017, but doesn’t make the table because I couldn’t find any information about it.

2 NextGen 2 5 8 9 ?
EX 1st United CU; America First CU; Community CU of Florida; Elevations CU; Mountain America FCU; NASA FCU; Pennsylvania State Employees CU1; Premier America CU; Stanford FCU; TrueCore FCU Harvard University Employees CU; KeyPoint CU; Star One CU1; Polish & Slavic FCU; Whatcom Educational CU1 MSU FCU
EQ  PenFed2 Coulee Dam FCU; Digital FCU (DCU)1; DuPont Community CU; Fairfax County FCU; Langley FCU1; Listerhill CU; Robins Financial CU Andrews FCU; General Electric CU; Healthcare Systems FCU; State Employees’ Credit Union (NC) Fortera CU
TU Interra CU
? Franklin Mint FCU

Unknown bureau and unknown scoring model: Affinity FCU; American Heritage FCU1; Chevron FCU; Elements Financial1; Firefighters First CU; Freedom CU; Maps CU; Montgomery County Employees FCU; Mutual Security CU; Redstone FCU; Redwood CU; Royal CU; Sharonview FCU; Space Coast CU.


  1. Issuer updates and displays your score monthly, instead of quarterly.
  2. PenFed updates and displays your score when receive updated information in the “normal course of business”.
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Bitholov (@guest_1269693)
October 20, 2021 00:20

It would be nice if someone updated this article. Its topic is the interest, and is no source with current information on the internet.

Greg (@guest_1127349)
January 14, 2021 09:08

It appears Amex has discontinued offering the EX 8 score and replaced it with useless VantageScore.

Jim (@guest_1209524)
June 20, 2021 15:53

EX 8 is still available under Account Services/Profile/View Fico Score

Jeremy (@guest_871511)
January 10, 2020 16:37

If you want to update for Royal CU, they supply free FICO® Score 4 (looks like it is primarily used for mortgages).

Gadget 🕵️
Gadget 🕵️ (@guest_832001)
October 28, 2019 23:28

The standard Experian website only updates your report once a month. In theory, when the report is pulled by a creditor, if it’s after the removal date, the expired inquiries would not show.

Gadget 🕵️
Gadget 🕵️ (@guest_831995)
October 28, 2019 23:12

Currently USAA “Creditcheck” says “Your FICO® Score 8 based on Experian data”

“Starting Nov. 15th, 2019, all plans in the USAA credit and ID protection program will be directly provided by Experian.” Not sure how often it will get an update, but in the past it has been monthly.

USAA is no longer using TU like I reported in the past, but never got entered in the table anyway.  sirtheta  William Charles

Also, NFCU: “FICO® Score 9 based on Equifax data.” Per FAQ, it’s automatically received from EQ once a month.

Gadget 🕵️
Gadget 🕵️ (@guest_832006)
October 28, 2019 23:32

Correction: USAA is no longer using VantageScore like I reported in the past

Nostradamuz (@guest_818065)
October 3, 2019 13:23

Chase Slate Credit Card: no more free FICO score to cardholders. Free VantageScore since June 2019.

Revelate (@guest_765706)
June 1, 2019 17:36

Penfed updated to Equifax FICO 9 back in 8/2018, no longer one of the few using NextGen (Pinnacle 2.0 IIRC) for account reviews and underwriting.

M M (@guest_796839)
August 12, 2019 00:51

Bump. I believe Penfed is Equifax Bankcard 9 now.

Gadget (@guest_689285)
December 11, 2018 17:18

Navy Federal (NFCU) – “FICO® Score 9 based on Equifax data” (VA) Someone reported in 2017 they had Experian, so maybe it’s regional? Or it changed. Or, a typo?

USAA – VantageScore 3.0 from Experian

Nosferatus (@guest_657083)
October 14, 2018 17:15

Ally credit card does not offer any FICO credit score to cardholders.

chaseaholic (@guest_366218)
March 7, 2017 22:50

sirtheta so spicy towards kristin wong!

Chase is opening up their credit journey availability to everyone or more at least now.

also freecreditscore.com gives you your free *official* EX FICO8 + report Q month.

combined with CK you have all 3 bureaus covered weekly-monthly which is plenty.

thanks guys

Gadget (@guest_366821)
March 8, 2017 17:54

A (or at least my) freecreditscore.com login works at experian.com and vice versa, and gives you that same information.

If you sign-up at freecreditREPORT.com, you get a watered down version without the score, and you have to jump through hoops to upgrade. Those hoops are covered in another doc article I believe – I had to do it once. I recall I was able to do online, without calling, by disabling the account and resigning up I think.

Depending on where you live, or who you bank with, most lenders don’t use TU (except barclay), so anything dealing with TU I automatically ignore except to screen for inaccuracies. So, that score on my Discover statement is garbage – Good to know.

What I am taking away is that the FICO 8 found at Discover creditscorecard.com, or Experian.com/freecreditscore.com is what you should look at to get a realistic credit score. They are free, updated monthly when/if you login, and available to everyone. Most people don’t have a Chase Slate, and only some have an AMEX, but those folks can bypass the free sites if they choose. The Readers Choice Award goes to Experian.com/freecreditscore.com to get the FICO score, actual credit report, and dig through the details.