Wells Fargo One Bonus Per 15-Month Rule (Slight Change)

Update 10/5/19: Terms now say ‘may not’ rather than ‘will not’. Not sure if this is really a change or just a lawyer verbiage change for no real reason. Hat tip to reader JC

Update 01/30/18: It looks like the use 15 month language in both places now, so this is really a 15 month rule.

Some time ago Wells Fargo added exclusionary language to their credit card applications. Under the terms and conditions you can find the following:

If you opened a Wells Fargo credit card within the last 16 months, you will not qualify for the introductory rate(s), fees and bonus offers.

It goes into a bit more detail here:

Eligibility for introductory rate(s), fees, and bonus rewards offers
If you opened a Wells Fargo credit card account during the last 15 months from the date of this application you will not be eligible for the introductory APR(s) or bonus rewards offers until the 1st day of the calendar month after the 15 month anniversary.
eligiblity offer

Is This Actually Enforced?

I’m not 100% sure why but I was under the impression that this rule is not actually enforced. This is incorrect, as many readers have pointed out and it is enforced. If anybody knows the exact dates that this type of language was added, let us know in the comments.

Bypass The Rule?

One person was able to get around this by signing up for two cards on the same day. Another reader was unsuccesful in doing this and they were told that their second application was marked as a duplicate.


Does this apply across all cards or is it card specific?

All Wells Fargo cards have this language in the fine print. In addition if you sign up for the Wells Fargo Visa Signature then you’d need to wait 15/16 months to get the Wells Fargo Propel world for example.

Final Thoughts

We will add this to our list of churnable credit cards.

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Has anyone actually received a bonus from Wells Fargo for a personal card more than 15 months from opening their last personal card, but less than 15 months from closing it?

There are a couple old data points of Wells Fargo telling people they count from when you closed/had the last card, not when you opened it:


William Charles Hey DoC, does this rule apply to biz cards as well ? If recently got approved for Propel World, would I be able to get a bonus on the Business Platinum Credit Card (spend 5k, bonus 500) if I apply and approved in a month or two ?


Anyone know if this applies to WF business cards as well. Was going to open a WF Business Platinum.




There should be plenty of DP’s in that thread. Please check for DPs before you ask questions that have been answered before.

EDIT: What makes it worse is that there are MULTIPLE DPs on this page.


@ William Charles

It looks like the terms have been updated again. They now say “Eligibility for introductory rate(s), fees, and bonus rewards offers
You may not be eligible for introductory annual percentage rates, fees, and/or bonus rewards offers if you opened a Wells Fargo Credit Card within the last 15 months from the date of this application and you received introductory APR(s), fees, and/or bonus rewards offers, even if that account is closed and has a $0 balance.

You may not qualify for an additional Wells Fargo credit card if you have opened a Wells Fargo credit card in the last 6 months.”

As such, the terms are more ambiguous than in the past since they replaced the words “will not” with “may not.” However, the issue I am confused about is whether this now means if you are approved for another card prior to the 15 months that you will receive introductory rates and signup offers or whether some people may be approved with a promotional offer and others denied the promotional offer.

Gadget 🕵️

LoL… “May not” sounds so much nicer than “Will not”.

Just FYI, to tag someone, when you type the @ sign and the name, don’t use a space, and you have to click on the person you want to tag (except for Will). So, to tag you, JC, I typed @ sign, no space, JC, clicked on you, and your @guest number populated. That number correlates to the message number.

Nice research, overall. Guess we need some DP’s! William Charles


It sounds like the limit depends on when you opened the card, not when the bonus posts. Is that correct? It would make a big difference, particularly with the Visa Signature, where they consider the 5X on up to $12,500 of supermarket and drugstore spend over the first 6 months to be a bonus.


That seems correct. I have the Propel World and would very much like to get the Visa Signature in addition, to redeem for 1.5% on travel. My WF banker inquired and confirmed: that the earning on the Visa Signature for the first six months is considered “bonus”. So I can either forego the bonus and apply after 6 months of the Propel World application, or would have to wait out the 15 months to receive the bonus.


@william charles
does anyone know if this crosses over between business & personal cards?
if i recently opened the cash wise, can i still receive the biz platinum bonus? thanks!

Stefan Krasowski (Rapid Travel Chai)

Opened personal and business checking earlier this year. Today in branch applied for pre-approvals for Propel and Business Platinum. Both approved.

Got back home and tried for the Visa Signature. Denied for too short of history with prior Wells Fargo card. More history than one hour needed.


Is this rule just for personal, or does it apply to mixing business and personal credit cards?

Chex Party Mix
Chex Party Mix

I applied for the propel world $400 bonus and the $500 biz card bonus in 2/2018 and got both of them.




product change for Wells Fargo account DOES impact new card bonus so keep this in mind everyone!


For business cards, a 12 month rule applies. Found nothing about 15 months.

From Business Plat.
“This offer is not available if the business already has a Wells Fargo business credit card or had a Wells Fargo business credit card opened or closed in the immediately preceding 12 months.”