Posted by William Charles on July 25, 2015
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Published on July 25th, 2015 | by William Charles


What Happens When You Have Two Active AmEx Offers For The Same Store?

Recently there were two American Express sync offers for Staples, one was publicly available (spend $100+ and receive $20 statement credit) and the other was targeted (spend $250+ and receive  a $75 statement credit). One reader asked what would happen if they spent $250 or more, would they receive both offers (e.g $95 statement credit)? the first one that was enrolled? The last offer they enrolled in?

I didn’t know the answer to that question, but like all good Doctor of Credit readers they tried it out and then reported back the results. They were able to successfully get credits for both offers with a single purchase.

I doubt this happens often, but regardless it’s good information to know. Thanks to reader @gconnery for letting us know their results.

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Happened to me with Best Buy last fall!

I was about the wrote the same thing. I received the $25 and $30 credit on a $300 purchase at Best Buy. Unfortunately I was only able to get this combined offer on 1 of my Amex cards as I had used the rest before I found about the $30 offer.

Should be “to write” instead of “the wrote”. It’s so annoying when I notice a mistake right after clicking on “Reply”.

Yeah this also happened when there were offers for Fios and paying phone bill. Double credit as long as you spend the min amount! Great deal.

This just occurred for me, as well. Certain restaurants have a specified AMEX deal and they also often appear on the various Restaurant Weeks in their respective areas.

In NYC, summer restaurant week is in full swing and there is an offer on Molyvos Greek restaurant whereby you will get a $20.00 credit if you spent $100.00 or more. In addition, there is the usual restaurant week promotion of get a $5.00 credit if you spend $25.00 or more.

Purchasing an $100 gift card at the restaurant — during the operative times when they are offering the special RW pricing — netted both an $20.00 and an $5.00 credit, thereby making an $100 gift card purchase only $75.00 OOP = 25% savings.

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[…] What Happens When You Have Two Active AmEx Offers For The Same Store? […]

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