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Published on February 17th, 2014 | by William Charles


Which Banks Are Sensitive To Inquiries?


Just about to drop a round of apps out. In general, which banks are most sensitive to inquiries? That is to say, which banks should I apply to earliest in the day, and which ones could come after that?

This question comes from reddit user ericphilbin.


Below is a small list of banks which are known for being inquiry sensitive. These are in no particular order because it will really depend on what your individual credit profile is like. Remember that if you are denied for a card, to call the reconsideration line and state your case. When doing so it’s important to have a solid reason as to why you want the card (e.g the card offers no annual fee, or no foreign transaction fee is a good reason. Having a massive sign up bonus is a bad reason).  If you are applying for multiple cards from this list in your app-o-rama, we suggest applying for them in order of importance.

  • US Bank
  • Barclays
  • Citi
  • Chase
  • American Express
  • Bank of America

And some smaller banks/credit unions you may not have heard of:

  • Comenity Bank
  • Penfed
  • FNBO

6 Responses to Which Banks Are Sensitive To Inquiries?

  1. Albrecht says:

    Oh, yeah. After my app-o-rama in 2007, Chase canceled all my acounts, forfeited earned bonuses and blacklisted forever. This bank has a really black heart, so to speak.

    • Bob says:

      Ok this is an old comment but I need to say this for posterity. Chase does not shut down for no reason. You were not shut down for your app-o-rama. There is always more to stories like this. Late payments, other derogatory items on credit report, cycling credit limit, too much MS, etc. etc.

      • James says:

        Yes Bod, Chase does that, I had perfect history with them, P E R F E C T, and opened 3 accounts and the closed them all.

  2. Brian says:

    Elements Financial denied my wife a card. She has “young” credit and not enough positive posts on her credit report even though there are no negative entries. Also too many inquiries in the last 6 mo.

  3. Brian says:

    Capital One also denied me a reservation code with too many inquiries in the last 6 mo.

    • Brian says:

      Sorry, denied me a card even after being mailed a reservation code for a Quicksilver $150 cash back vs. the standard $100.

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