Posted by William Charles on May 18, 2015
AmEx Offers

Published on May 18th, 2015 | by William Charles


Whole Foods AmEx Offer: Spend $75 Receive $10 With #AmexWFM

The Offer

  • Receive a statement credit of $10 when you spend $75 or more at Whole Foods Market with an American Express credit card that is enrolled in this AmEx Sync offer. You can use #AmexWFM to register your cards via Twitter.

The Fine Print

  • Valid until July 17th, or until the quota is reached
  • Not valid for e-gift card purchases. Gift cards purchased online, phone orders for gift cards and Gift card reloads are excluded
  • Online transactions which are paid online and shipped to a residence are excluded. Trucks, Instacart, Wine Club by Whole Foods Market, and Whole Journeys™ (travel), charity organizations, and foundations are excluded. Local Producer Loan Program™ are excluded as no purchases are made in-store or through Whole Foods Market’s official website. Orders that are placed through the website for pickup at the physical locations are included.
  • Offer valid in-store at Whole Foods Market or online at

Our Verdict

As always you’ll get the best value out of these deals if you actually need to shop there. Whole Foods doesn’t sell any third party giftcards, but that’s ok because SaveYa is currently paying 90.5% of facevalue for Whole Foods gift cards. If you purchased one $75 gift card here is your profit:

  • Purchase one $75 gift card (-$75)
  • Receive credit card rewards points (value varies)
  • Receive $10 statement credit (+$10)
  • Resell for 90.5% of facevalue or $67.875 (+$67.875)

You’d spend a total of $75 and receive $77.875 back plus credit card points. Not a huge profit margin but still useful for generating a little spend and works out quite nicely when you scale with multiple cards. The main downside is that the gift cards cannot be purchased online so you’ll need to go in store. Thanks to Noah of Money Metagame for making me realize in store gift card purchases do count.

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I love the website and I’ve gotten really good info here. I don’t want to preach, but I’ve always thought that people that do a bunch of these to make $2 / deal are wasting the deals for people that actually shop there. I wanted the iTunes deal so I could actually buy music, but missed out because I was a little late and presumably (as with most Amex Sync offers) they were snapped up by the auto sync people that wanted to make $1.50 per offer. But that’s just my two cents.

I’m back off my soapbox, keep cranking out the posts, I love the info.


All you need to do enroll in the offer right away and then you can take your time to shop. Once you are enrolled, Amex cannot remove you from the offer


I forgot to open two browsers before adding the offer to one of my two cards. Is there other way to add it to my other card?
Besides, one of the card has the Whole Food’s offer that can simply be added to the account but the other doesn’t. Do I have to sync the offer to that card?

Rob T
Rob T

i’ve been waiting for this deal to come to stock up on whole foods GCs. I usually shop there and I’ll buy close to $1500 this time and it should cover me for a few months.

Kent C
Kent C

Even if you resell these cards, you’re only making 75 miles or 75 points per card. That’s about $1.00 a card profit for the time sending these cards, postage, etc. There is one good benefit of using AMEX cards you wouldn’t normally use – you reset any expiration dates for the miles/points which is meaningful but not a game changer for most here. Amex is now putting in “no gift card” rules in terms for more of their offers. Lovely.

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