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Published on November 17th, 2017 | by William Charles


Wyndham & Total Rewards Partnership (Points Transfers Now Live)

Update: 11/17/17 you can now transfer points between the two programs. Transfer rate is 1:1 and you can transfer a maximum of 30,000 points in each direction. Hat tip to reader Jack B

Update: 9/18/17 you can now earn and redeem Wyndham points at select Caesars entertainment hotels. Hat tip to reader Celestino.

Wyndham Rewards & Total Rewards have launched a new partnership. Effective tomorrow you’ll be able to status match between the programs.

  • Wyndham Platinum = Total Rewards Platinum
  • Wyndham Diamond = Total Rewards Diamond (Total Rewards Seven Stars will also earn you Wyndham Diamond status)

Some things to note:

  • Must be 21 years old to be a Total Rewards member
  • You must complete the status match each year (just linking your accounts again).

Other Benefits Coming

There are more benefits coming from this partnership later this year. They include:

  • Transfer of points between the programs at a 1:1 rate (maximum of 30,000 points transferred in each direction)
  • You’ll be able to book Total Rewards properties for 15,000 points per night

Our Verdict

Total Rewards Diamond/Platinum status is quite valuable as it includes a complimentary trip to their Atlantis property in the Bahamas. The Total Rewards credit card also frequently offers lucrative spending bonuses so this new partnership might make that card worth picking up so you can redeem the points for Wyndham free nights. The SPG & Total Rewards partnership recently ended so this new partnership isn’t a huge surprise.

What are your thoughts of this new partnership?

Hat tip to TPG

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Never thought my Wyndham Diamond status would get me much…guess I will have to read up a little more on the worthwhile Total Rewards Diamond benefits.

what that hell are Total Rewards?


Google is your friend, although it’s probably not bitter enough to last as one…

@bob a pretty darn good hell that will save a lot of money if you are traveling to Las Vegas

I’m Wyndham Diamond so hopefully this will get me Total Rewards Diamond. Main benefit for me would be access to Diamond Lounges in casinos in Vegas, but I never stay there so discounts would not be a benefit. More of a MLife customer.

Are you saying that by having Wyndham Platinum Status, I would be able to get 2 free nights at Atlantis (solely by doing the status match)?

Booking those weekend nights in Vegas at 15k Wyndham points is a nice perk. Wonder how they will tier our the points. Can’t imagine Harrah’s and Caesars costing the same

this relationship will last a year tops. they will readjust just like Mlife Hyatt. Its a no brainer.

MLife extended platinum status for another year even though the partnership said we should now be gold.

I do not think you can redeem the points at Caesars. Only Harras, Flamingo and Rio, which are pretty much the same quality.. Check the link on top of the post.

aw crap. cmon. better enjoy the dilution while it lasts. gee, why not just have Wyndham also reciprocal match to AA Executive Platinum while youre at it…

PS. everybody diamond means nobody diamond. AKA hilton.

Wow, thanks for the news/alert Doc. Prompted me to check our family Wyndham status (for the first time). Happens my wife’s WyndhamR account has Platinum status simply from having the newer Barclay’s WR’s credit card…. wow. Another older family WRs account has an older version of the card — which apparently didn’t (yet) get the Platinum status….

Nasty Footnote, those mentioned resort fees for Atlantis…

$49.95 plus a $3.75 VAT charge per room per night, totaling $53.70 per room per night

PER NIGHT. Ruins the whole thing.

53.70 per night still sounds cheap to me.

yea but you get a shitty trash room far away. theres really no point. just go on your own with your own choices.

Total Rewards Diamond lists ‘No Resort Fees’ as a benefit so shouldn’t that apply to the Atlantis trip ?

atlantis is not total rewards. thats why. its a partner like avis or hertz.

but let me clarify:
Beach Towers – waived resort fee. Coral Towers – resort fee

I did something that I think was a mistake. I called and asked about Platinum status for my Wyndham card. I was told that was not available for my current card with $69 AF. I was told I could upgrade it for just $6 more a year and get Platinum status, which I accepted. For this $6 I also would receive 6,000 points each year from CC + 3,000 pts from Wyndham website. $6 for 9,000 pts sounded pretty good to me.
Later I realized I probably could have re-applied for the new version of the card and gotten the bonus again! Has anyone tried this yet? I guess the up-side is there was not credit pull or new card to note on credit report.

yea u fuked up. you missed on the bonus points for this round by upgrading, but oh well. just churn it. close open close open.

Did you also go from 2X to 1X on spending?

Your older card version was supposed to give you 15K anniversary points instead of 9K (6+3). Am I mistaken?

Weren’t you getting 15K points annually for the annual fee?

I’m curious as well… do Diamond members pay resort fees at Atlantis?

Beach Towers – waived resort fee. Coral Towers – resort fee

NinjaX; I have read all I can find and it looks like the Diamond says 4 nights at Beach towers, no mention of upgrades or coral towers. Where are you finding the waived resort fees info? I sure cannot find that.

This commenter says resort fees waived is no longer offered; jeremy says: February 8, 2017 at 1:11 pm

best to is to just call and verify. you have to call to book anyways. this could be YMMV now. people went this year and last year with waived resort fees. but either way, resort fee or not, the “free” towers are complete shit. obviously the alternative is $300 to $700+ per nite for better towers. so ur choice.

Can a diamond bring 2 kids along at no added cost?

no clue wat ur referring to man… atlantis?

Yes Atlantis

yes but go call. shit changes all the time. it should be free though. if not, just be sneaky and dont tell them.

Aren’t there wrist bands, therefore impossible to sneak people in?

i dont know how old ur kids are but it depends. the extra cost is $50/person. the standard occupancy is 2. apparently there are wristbands, but i didnt get shit. it looked to me like you just walk in honestly. if you stay there then you have access to everything. as i said, go call and ask. however, if you want to be safe, you can declare ur kids. i dont have kids so i cant say for sure but i paid $50/person for 2 extra people 4 total in a room cuz i didnt know. it didnt look like it mattered. same with any hotel.

you can book caesars properties on wyndhams website. However, you can not do this on the mobile app yet. so cant be used for masterpass promo yet. also note all caesars properties have a daily resort fee about $39/NIGHT

I booked one of my Wyndham stays with Masterpass (under the promo) from their website. Worked just fine..

Yeah not sure why you’re under the impression you have to use the model app?

i asked cs, if they are correct. this is the response i got when i asked if the caesars properties are eligible

I received your information and regret to inform you that the Caesar’s properties are not eligible for the Masterpass promotion. These particular hotels are considered earning partners, not participating hotels

Key USABLE Benefits of Total Rewards Diamond:

1) Resort Fees are waived !!! ($32-36/night – Las Vegas hotels) Mid-week the resort fee can be higher than the “on-sale” room rate at the lower tier casinos.
2) Diamond Lounge access – nice lounge in many casinos, free booze where state allows, appetizers. Some LV and Atlantic City Lounges have a $10 charge if member doesn’t have at least 25,000 Tire Credits.
3) Free self-parking and valet parking (Almost all hotels on the LV strip now have parking charges)
4) $100 Celebration Dinner (not sure if this applies to Status Match. ANY DATA POINTS OUT THERE?)
5) Comp or deeply discounted rooms offers in the mail with very little casino play. Possibly even with no casino play for new members – no data points to confirm this.
6) Priority Line in casino restaurants and shows – handy on busy weekends.

Yes. I did a status match and received a celebration dinner.

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