[YMMV] Amazon: Add Any Discover & Get $10 Promo Credit

The Offer

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  • Amazon is offering some users a $10 promo code when they add any Discover card.
    • Sign in to your Amazon.com account.
    • Click the ‘Add a Card’ widget from the advertisement and enter your debit card details.
    • Upon successful registration of your card, the credit will be applied to your Amazon.com account.
    • To redeem the credit, make subsequent eligible purchase(s) using any valid payment method.

Our Verdict

We’ve seen other similar deals:

There is probably a Visa deal as well, if anybody sees it then let us know in the comments below. If you don’t see the offer try removing all your Discover cards and waiting to see if the offer appears. Full list of Amazon deals can be found here.

Hat tip to reader Mawn

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If you return the item, how do you claim your $10 back because amazon will not refund the promotion money.


You don’t lol. Don’t return.

Matt D.
Matt D.

Is this widget on the app or the website? I’m always unsure which one to check for these promos but I don’t see Add a card widget


I found this on website when I added stuffs on my cart.