Posted by William Charles on January 25, 2018

Published on January 25th, 2018 | by William Charles


[Dead] American Express Delta Gold 75,000 Miles + $50 Offer – No Lifetime Language [PUBLIC LINK – 24th January Only!]

Update 01/25/18: Offer is dead.

Update 01/24/18: Really not sure how we missed this but reader Robert published this link that will work for anybody. Click here to use that link. Keep in mind this offer expires on January 24th, 2018 so you don’t have long to apply. I’m not sure what timezone American Express goes by, or if the expiration date will be enforced.

Update 01/23/18: Reposting as this is due to expire tomorrow. Try this link or this link to see if you are targeted.

Update 01/07/18: There is now a new link and more people seem to be targeted as well. Probably worth trying both links (other one here).

Originally posted on November 14th, 2017. Reposting on December 20th this because it seems like a new batch of people have been targeted for this promotion. Check your e-mails or try the link below. You should also try logging into your Delta account as some people are seeing it directly there.Hat tip to FuRyluzt


The Offer

Targeted bonus sent out via e-mail. Subject line is Earn up to 75,000 Bonus Miles and More with this Special Offer. You can also try this link to see if you’re eligible.

  • American Express is offering a sign up bonus of up to 75,000 miles + $50 statement credit on the Gold Delta Skymiles Personal & business credit cards. Bonus is broken down as follows:
    • Earn 50,000 bonus miles after you spend $2,000 or more in eligible purchases with your new card within the first 3 months of card membership
    • Earn an additional 25,000 bonus miles after you make an additional $1,000 in eligible purchases within your first six months of card membership
    • Earn a $50 statement credit after making your first Delta purchase within six months of being a card member

Card Details

Our Verdict

The best public bonus has been 60,000 miles + $100 statement credit with the annual fee waived. This is $50 less but an additional 15,000 miles so significantly better. This is the best offer we’ve seen on this card. Officially American Express doesn’t match sign up bonuses if you’ve recently applied, but they do sometimes offer courtesy points. For your best chance it’s recommended to call and escalate to a manager if necessary. For more tips when it comes to American Express please read this post.

If you have a need for Delta miles then this is a good offer and I don’t see it getting any better than this in the short term so I’d recommend applying. I won’t be adding this to the best credit card bonus page due to it’s YMMV nature.

Hat tip to readers elegua, rct12345, Mitchell W, Justin S, Jeffrey H & brodouevenchurn

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Thanks for pointing this out. I took another look at my email with the subject “Mark: Earn 60,000 Bonus Miles and More with this Special Offer”, and I couldn’t find any lifetime language there. 60k after $1000 spending. Hooray

I applied for the public 50k a year ago, but am not seeing any lifetime language on the 60k personal/business targetted email. Where would it be located if it was once in a lifetime?

In the teensy tiny print at the bottom. Should be footnote 1. Footnote 2 deals with the $50 credit. Just to be sure I read through all of the notes & it wasn’t on the email (mine, at least)

Will, i got the email for both, Personal and Business:


Also my offer starts with this:

If we in our sole discretion determine that you have engaged in abuse, misuse, or gaming in connection with the welcome bonus offer in any way or that you intend to do so (for example, if you applied for one or more cards to obtain a welcome bonus offer (s) that we did not intend for you; if you cancel or downgrade your account within 12 months after acquiring it; or if you cancel or return purchases you made to meet the Threshold Amount), we may not credit the welcome bonus to, we may freeze the welcome bonus credited to, or we may take away the welcome bonus from your account. We may also cancel this Card account and other Card accounts you may have with us.

Scary isn’t it??

When I tried booking through delta I got this weird offer

Earn a $200 Statement Credit and 20,000 Bonus Miles
Apply for the Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from American Express

but I also got an email couple of days ago for 60000 Miles & $50 credit for 1000 spend

Seeing same thing

Got the message:

“To receive your Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card offer, you must log in using the same SkyMiles® account number located on the email or letter where you received the specific offer.”

So I doubt if anyone without a mail would be able to get it.

I’m having the same issue. Got the offer in mail.

i had the exact same issue.

did not get offer. super bummed 🙁

Same here.

Same here.

same here

SAD! I just applied for the 60k bonus.

me too, Matt….me too 🙁

Me too.

Tried calling in to get matched and denied as expected.

What did they say? I wanna to call in as well. But after seeing your post, I think that it might not be necessary.

I got a 50k +$50 for 1k spend offer as well. I don’t see any once in a lifetime language.

E-mail is from AMEX or Delta?

And nothing for the Delta Platinum?

I think delta accounts linked with existing amex delta cards would not show the targeted offer.

I haven’t tried this but I suspect registering for another account using the same name might work — maybe next time if not this one.

I got the 75k personal offer as well. I just canceled the delta gold card earlier this year. Has anyone tried to churn this card for the second time?

I’m getting the card, after cancelling my Gold Delta this summer. I had one year free and one year paid on the old card. AmEx has assured me I’ll get whatever was offered me, which was the 50K + 25K. We’ll see.

Please let us know how it goes. Thank you so much, Ella!

I just did the platinum offer that came out about the same time with no lifetime language for 70,000 and got the bonus with it being my second delta plat.

Well no luck here. Thanks for sharing though.

I got a mailer for this same thing yesterday. Might have to bite as it’s been over 6 months since my last app and I could use 75k Skymiles…

Have people been able to receive bonus points again when targeted without the once in life time language?

I want to know this too.

I received this offer on phone and computer. I’ve had both the Delta Gold and Platinum I read the terms and all hyperlinks relating to rules and found no reference to previous holders being excluded. I called the customer Service number on the back of my old canceled Delta Gold card and asked the CSR if I was missing something and Am Ex or Delta were reaching out to old customers with a repeat bonus to get them back. He also reviewed the POID offer number and said he didn’t see any language preventing a repeat bonus for people who the special offer was directed to. The offer had my name and SkyMiles number on it.I had been receiving text offers for a AmEx Delta cards repeatedly in recent month and I called two months ago and asked if I could get those bonuses and was told no and referred to such language in the offer. So I applied and was immediately approved for the card and an email today said it’s on its way

Don’t call the bank!

Have you got the bonus miles in the end? Did Amex decline your welcome bonus?

Just got the postcard offer in the mail for 50K + 25K + $50 credit for a Delta purchase.

I don’t see any limiting language other than the initial “Abuse/Scare-Tactic/We’ll Take Your Stuff!” warning.

I’m not sure if it’s worth taking a chance on it because I don’t want to add a card to my 5/24 if I end up not getting the miles… but with first year free and 75K for only spending a total of $3K in 6 months, that’s pretty appealing to me.

I was on the same boat till last week. Applied for Chase Marriott, got approved then only I went with the Delta 75k offer. If you don’t already have a delta card, Why would you doubt not getting the miles?

Because I had the Delta Gold a little over a year ago and cancelled it. My doubts are because I”m wondering if simply lacking the wording that says once per lifetime will permit me to actually get the miles.

I’ll probably try for it, but I’ve never tried to get a second AmEx bonus once they came out with their once per lifetime rules.

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