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Published on May 28th, 2017 | by William Charles


American Express Personal Delta Gold – 60,000 Miles + $100 Statement Credit

The Offer

[No direct link, see how to get this offer below]

  • Receive 60,000 Delta miles after $3,000 in spend within three months of account opening, receive a $100 statement credit after your first Delta purchase. Annual fee of $95 is waived the first year.

Card Details

How To Get This Offer

  1. Go to
  2. Search for and select any flight
  3. On the next screen you’ll see the offer below the standard booking (see above)
  4. Click ‘Yes! I’d like to apply now for a Card and then complete my booking”
  5. Apply

Our Verdict

Offer most likely expires on July 5th, 2017 as that’s when the public 60,000 + $50 offer expires. This is the highest we’ve ever seen this bonus so if you’re interested in/need Delta miles then now is a good chance to get this card as I doubt we will see a higher offer in the short term.

As always before applying for this card or asking basic questions, I’d recommend reading through these things everybody should know about American Express credit cards. If you’ve recently applied, remember that American Express doesn’t usually match sign up bonuses if a higher one comes along but they will sometimes offer courtesy points. You generally need to call and request speaking to a manager as frontline reps/chat reps can’t issue points.

Hat tip to Miles to Memories

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A typo in the verbiage, as you wrote “50,000 Delta miles” via force of habit.

it is 60k miles on the graph.
Still the miles are not so good, it is so hard to use it.

Worst case they are flat 1 cents with “pay with miles”. So this is a signup bonus of $700.

Yeah, I known these Delta deals sound good on paper, but in my humble opinion, Delya miles are almost completely useless

Delta is the biggest carrier and you can redeem miles in almost every situation. How are they worthless? Even if you’re not in a Delta hub?

Like LRDX said, they are at WORST worth at least $600 in points at once cent per mile. I presume that effectively means no blackout dates, AND you’re not being ‘shit-routed’ like with United… ‘1 Stopover to Europe, sure, 60K each way!’ Oh you want the saver fare? Its 25 hours and has 3 stop overs.

Well for starters I’m in a Delta hub so the miles are worth a lot. I haven’t traveled like most here, but am getting up to speed on the different programs. It sounds like AA miles are hard to redeem. I have yet to search for a destination, and have been doing a fair amount of it for research, where Delta doesn’t offer miles redemptions. So at least I can go for free where I want, when I want. I still don’t know if criticisms are valid for Skymiles valuations “Skypesos,” as I read that a lot, but from my experience, Delta’s been good to deal with.

Plus, there are four flavors of Amex Delta cards. I’m far above 5/24. I’m not getting United miles anytime soon. But again, from my airport, United doesn’t have great options, and even when they have options, the prices aren’t competitive. I can take a Delta flight one-way for the same price as any United flight with one stop, in almost all cases.

Southwest isn’t a good option for us. Almost no direct flights from our airport. So even when we had RR miles from Chase cards, not good options. Delta is far and away the best option for us, so yes Delta cards are awesome. I referred my wife for the Gold card, so picked up 70k skymiles.

We just did a redemption to DC for about 1.5 cpp–Skymiles direct flight.

are you from DTW by any chance?. Everything you said applies to me lol!


Hey Chuck, Will,
I messaged you first and then posted this to reddit. Miles to Memories picked up my post from Reddit:

Thanks again for the great website!

If I already have an amex gold delta because I downgraded from an amex plat delta, but never reaped a signup bonus from it, can I still apply for this bonus?


Thanks — it worked! People who think DL miles are “worthless” need to look again. Yes, they are not THE best miles, but they can come in handy in certain situations. Considering we only have 3 network carriers in the USA, it’s crazy not to have options on all three if you’re a frequent traveler. For example, I recently flew back from Hawaii on DL on a peak day for only 5,000 more miles than the “saver” level when all the other airlines wanted 2x for the flight.

I have 4 Amex CCs. Should I try to apply? If I get denied, it’s only a SP anyway, right?

Just an FYI, I think you may need to have the flights booked between two locales within the USA, or maybe if your departing airport is within the united states. I’m currently located overseas and I could not get the offer to show between two international destinations even though there were delta partner flights available, but I changed the combo to two US airports and it popped right up. I often have issues doing MS/Churning internationally – some cards won’t even let you apply if they see that foreign IP.

If you have the gold card, are you able to refer someone so they can get the 60k +$100 or 60k + $50? If so, how do you do that?

Declined because I had applied for both HH cards in May 🙁

Thank you for applying for the Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card. We value your Membership and appreciate your interest in another American Express Card. We regret we are unable to approve this request.
The reason for our decision is that you have reached the maximum number and type of Cards that we will approve within the period of a few months.

Q: I thought that AMEX had a max lifetime limit of 4-5 cards. Any idea about their limit within a few months??

Correction: When I said Lifetime above, I meant 4-5 cards at the same time.

And this is what I found for max limit within a few months – 3 or more within 90 days will probably be declined

My American Express Gold Delta is uip for renew……it is $95……If i do not renew, do I lose the remaining miles? Thank you

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