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Published on January 21st, 2018 | by William Charles


[YMMV] U.S. Bank FlexPerks Travel Rewards Visa 25,000 Points After $500 In Spend

The Offer

Direct link (check for pre-approved offers)

Card Details

  • Card earns at the following rates:
    • 2x FlexPoints on the category you spend the most on (at gas stations, grocery stores or airlines) and at most cell phone service providers during each billing cycle.
    • 1x FlexPoints on all purchase purchases
  • $49 annual fee waived first year

Our Verdict

This card usually has an increased offer during the winter and summer Olympics, I think we will see this return this winter so I’d recommend waiting to ensure that offer comes back before signing up for this card. The standard sign up bonus on this card is 20,000 points, but you received 7,450 bonus points last winter Olympics and 14,800 last summer Olympics (number of bonus points is based on number of medals won). If you can get this 5,000 point base increase when/if they offer the Olympics bonus then even better. Keep in mind that FlexPoints are now worth a maximum of 1.5¢ per point as well. As always read these things everybody should know about U.S. Bank credit cards before applying.

Hat tip to lionsfan_88

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If you have one of these cards, can you be approved for another one and get another bonus? I tried to PC but was unable to.

What if you cancel a card? Can you get another bonus immediately after?


Iam seeing it pre approved.

FYI to the n00bs here. you will get shut down.

Thanks for the warning but which noobs? Why would someone just started on the journey get shut down? Are you talking ms?

The last 2 olympic ones were on $2k spend, this is $500. Substantially higher IRR for the non-churners and low-spenders, although it is a hard pull either way for the churning crowd.

I am only seeing this offer requiring $2,000 spend

Horrible experience with Olympic bonus: I got the card during the promotion last time, I was dubious the application was the one since it did not show the Olympic bonus on the landing page so I called and was assured all was fine. Then after the spend they refused saying I did not apply under the correct link ! I argued and argued with several people on several calls, emailed them the offer, etc. wrote a letter, everything. No budge. They seemed totally unreasonable people to me.

And so I doubt your item about them post-matching offers is correct. Be careful to use a link with the Olympic bonus landing page.

Welcome to USBankland!

it says I’m pre-qualified for Altitude Reserve, Gold FlexPerks, and this 25k for $500 FlexPerks offer. Which one should I go for?

Same question as onsale, what does 25000 flex points equate too?


yikes, only 15k points or $150 for me.

Saw this offer but instead did the pre-qualified offer for Altitude Reserve. Put my stats in the comments on DoC’s AR page. But wanted to mention the verification person who called a day after my app was submitted (had an address issue) said “You should hear back from underwriting by the end of the business day” and then said “oh, I see you’re pre-approved you should get the card in 2-3 days”. So, if you are worried you won’t be approved, pre-qualified might get you around that!

I looked at your post for the last Winter Olympics promotion on this card. At that time it was for 20,000 Flexperks plus medal bonuses which ended up equaling about 7,500 Flexperks. The minimum spend on that offer was $3,500. So this 25k/$500 offer is probably superior for most folks. My wife saw it and applied but mine is 25k/$2k so I held off. She has not yet been notified of a decision. I hate to poke these guys too much based on what I’ve seen for recon calls, apparently they can get angry and shut everything down.

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