Posted by William Charles on October 19, 2017

Published on October 19th, 2017 | by William Charles


[YMMV] Uber Offers: 20% Back At Nordstrom

The Offer

  • Some people are seeing an offer on Uber Offers for 20% back on Nordstrom purchases when you use a linked card. Others are seeing only 1-5%.

The Fine Print

  • Limit of $20 back per transaction

Our Verdict

You can only use Visa cards for Uber offers, so your best bet would be the Chase Freedom currently offering 5% cash back on department stores. That makes this 20% back in Uber credit and then another 5%/5x Chase UR.

Hat tip to reader Eric

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Will online purchase work?

I don’t see Visa local offers in my settings. I have a Visa cc added.

So buying $100 is an option’ I assume? Can I buy at purchases are processed by CashStar, so probably not.

How about the regular purchase on

All merchandise at is processed by cashstar? Or just gift cards? Is there any reason in-store GC purchases won’t work?

I should have been more clear here… GC purchases are processed by CashStar.

Normal clothing etc is a purchase. I just did a test order with a jacket and it didn’t process the bonus right away, I’m going to see what happens when it ships.

In-store GC purchase should work fine clothing purchases are billed as “NORDSTROM DIRECT #0808”

Just purchased online $95+tax>$100, got Uber credit instantly.

I’m showing 1% back on my account…

What is odd, is that when I click on the terms this is what I see.

Use an enrolled U.S.-issued Visa card via your Uber app to spend at Nordstrom by the end of this month to earn 5% back in Uber credits. Maximum $20 Uber credits per purchase. Minimum spend is $1.
Visa branded debit cards include another non-Visa network. Your debit transaction may not be processed by Visa, but instead may be processed by a non-Visa network. Only debit transactions processed by the Visa U.S.A. network are eligible to participate in Visa Local Offers. Transactions processed over a non-Visa network, will not receive Uber credits.
When paying with a debit card, select ‘credit’ or ‘cancel’ and do not use a Personal Identification Number (PIN). Your transaction may then be processed over the Visa U.S.A. network, but not in all cases.
Not all merchant locations may be monitored by Visa. Delivery services are not eligible.
Subject to General Terms below.

@P – Once you enable Visa local offers in your settings, go back to the home page (with map). You should see it at the bottom of the screen and can drag up to see eligible locations.

Does anyone know if gift cards purchased in store work for the credit? Its pretty easy to spend more than $100 at Nordstrom. Maybe I can ask them to split the payment over several cards worst case scenario lol.

So is it 5% per the terms and conditions or 20% and has it worked for anyone?

Can confirm purchased in store $100 gift card at Nordstrom in Pittsburgh. Received $20 uber credit. The offer is 20% and I did see the terms and conditions also showed 5% but I received 20% back in uber credit.

I showed 20% on mine, I purchased a $262.75 item and I received 2.63 or 1%… sounds like its glitchy

There is language that specifies you can earn max $20 uber credit per transaction which is why I just purchased $100 gift card. Either way it does sound like you were shortchanged. Maybe reach out to Uber about it, although that’s always a process.

Thanks for the DP. I tried an online gift card purchase yesterday and have not received the credit (I don’t expect to by now).

I can confirm that in store GC purchase worked. Does the Uber credit expire though?

Hi how do you go back to check what retailers at what % uber credit? Was able to it the list initially, but unable to see the list after opt in the reward program. Tried optting out then optting in, still cannot see the list.

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