Posted by Chuck on June 23, 2017

Published on June 23rd, 2017 | by Chuck


12% Cash Back at with Topcashback, 11% with BeFrugal, 10% with Ebates

Update: BeFrugal is now offering 11% 12% and Topcashback now increased their rate to 12%. Expiration is tomorrow 6/24 for the TCB rate.

Walmart has an increased shopping portal rate today of 10% at both Topcashback and Ebates. Expiration unknown.

10% is a pretty incredible rate for a store that sells just about everything. If I had a large purchase to make, I’d certainly be looking at prices to see if they are competitive so as to lock in the 10% discount. Looks like that’s almost the best rate ever.

Exclusions from Ebates: Apple Watch, newest model iPhones, Walmart Grocery to Go, cellular purchases, prepaid phone cards (Straight Talk), prescription drugs, travel, financial services, tires, Walmart Connect Internet Service, gift card/online gift cards and ShippingPass subscription. Also, Cash Back is not available on orders deemed by Walmart to be for reselling purposes.

Exclusions from Topcashback are similar to Ebates though they don’t mention Apple Watch explicitly. TCB mentions a different exclusion if you are ordering from outside the USA. (I imagine VPN should solve this problem.)

The Ebates deal is part of a larger Double Cash Back offer today at many stores: is 2% instead of 1%, Groupon is 6% You can see the full list of stores here. Looking at a few of these rates, none jump out as incredible, aside from the Walmart deal, but there may be a some other good deals too.

If you’re signing up for a new portal account, here is my Ebates referral link and my Topcashback referral link and my Befrugal referral link.

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Frito Pendejo

Discover has 5% cashback on walmart, is it stackable? If so thats 15% off, or 20% if you have a 1st year discover IT.

It’s 5%? Isn’t that only through their own portal? If so, I don’t know much about stacking portals, but I have no clue how you’d do that

Frito Pendejo

Pretty sure it discover promo says if you buy something from within an hour or whatever after selecting the deal ( and setting cookie?) it gives you 5% back. I don’t see why you couldn’t double dip

When you use the ebates/topcashback portal it’ll overwrite the Discover portal cookie


Buy a Sam’s gift card for 5% off (Discover) and use at Walmart.

Befrugal is 11% now for Walmart

Befrugal closed my account without warning and won’t pay me what I’ve earned so I think you should avoid them.

TopCashBack did the same to me. I hadn’t purchased anything through their portal since October 2016. When I tried to access today, my account had been closed and my balance (almost $18) was gone. I can reopen an account but will not get my balance back.

Was your account dormant in that time? While TopCashback does not require you to make purchases within a set period of time, you do have to periodically log in: “In order to minimize our administration overhead, or for any other reason, we reserve the right to terminate dormant accounts. In order to keep an account active and ensure it doesn’t get marked as dormant, we do not require purchase transactions, but we do require you simply to log in to your account at least once every six months” (Terms and Conditions, 4. Dormant Accounts). And if that’s the case, here’s why you balance was gone: “If your account is terminated or disabled for any other reason, then your cashback will be forfeited and any further transactions which might otherwise become credited to your account will not be deemed to be applicable” (Terms and Conditions, 2. Cashback Rewards, (d)).

Does this work with in-store pickup?

Wow, thanks for the heads-up! Now is it possible to combine TopCashback and Ebates in a single shopping cart? They continually seem to boot out the other, based on my attempts.

No that isn’t possible

Topcashback is offering 12% on Walmart through tomorrow.

Anybody have any idea what Walmart considers a high volume order?

Does it work on gift cards of any retailers or gas stations purchased at

Topcashback says “gift cards” and “prepaid phone cards” are excluded.

I used BeFrugal and got 11% off a Walmart order today. Love it!

If you bought something last week (like that Walmart laptop) via TopCashback last week there is still time to do a cashback match to Befrugal’s 12%

does this work when buying from third party sellers? For example, a lens sold and shipped by Focus camera?

I ordered a ladder that was $109.05 – $47.59 pick-up discount – $10.90 discount = $54.60; yet my Ebates cash back was $10.91, which is 10% of the full price. I wonder if that will stick.

Thanks! I ordered a really cheap twin over full bunk bed for the kids to use at my parents’ house. It was $120, probably thanks to the Walmart Amazon price war.

I moved away from TCB as they do not pay for many of your purchases even after you notify them with all documentation. Or they will take 3-5 months to credit or respond to your claim. There service has gone from good to worst.
Compared to that Ebate has immediate credit. they response within 1 day. I choose Ebate even if it provides 1/2 of rebate then TCB.

dude. wtf. TCB went back down to 10%?! 12% supposed to be expiration today 6/24 for the TCB rate.

I needed $99 dollars

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