Posted by William Charles on December 15, 2016

Published on December 15th, 2016 | by William Charles


More $10 Uber Codes For Different Cities & Existing Users

The Offer

  • You can currently get $10 code for Miami & $20 for NYC uber rides. We now have more cities offering deals:
    • $20 off New York City, NY promo code: LIGHTNYC16
    • $10 off Miami, FL promo code: LIGHTMIA16
    • $10 off Columbus, OH promo code: LITECOL16
    • $10 off Louisville, KY promo code: LITELOU16
    • $10 off Philadelphia, PA promo code: LITEPHL16
    • $10 off Atlanta, GA promo code: LIGHTATL16
    • $10 off Denver, CO promo code: LIGHTDEN16
    • $10 off Minneapolis, MN promo code: LITEMSP16
    • $10 off Houston, TX promo code: LIGHTHTX2016
    • $10 of Dallas – Fort Worth, TX promo code: LITEDAL16
    • $10 of Pittsburg, PA promo code: LITEPIT16

The Fine Print

  • Valid until 1/1/2017

Our Verdict

I’m sure there are more cities this works with – let’s get testing and post your results in the comments. Follow us on twitter and I’ll tweet out whenever we find a new code. Best option is to try LIGHT###16 and replace ### with your city code.

Hat tip to keepsmiling123 on DDF

14 Responses to More $10 Uber Codes For Different Cities & Existing Users

  1. milesjjcc says:

    For minneapolis- LITEMSP16.
    Thanks DoC

  2. Jerry says:

    Houston is LIGHTHTX2016


  3. GeriJ says:

    Not good in Reno

  4. Julian says:

    NYC worked for me. But a friend just a while ago got the “Promotion Redemption Limit Exceeded.” So I think thats it for the NYC code. Thanks DOC.

  5. PSJc1eAmawCjwfbdf says:

    No luck with LITEBOS16 or LIGHTBOS16

  6. Jay says:

    LIGHTHTX2016: “Promotion code is not valid.”

    Ah well

  7. Nate says:

    Columbus is dead. (Redemption limit exceeded)

  8. Larry says:

    Philly is working and what I need. Thanks!

  9. AL says:

    the ATL one is dead

  10. Harrison says:

    Philly gone

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